The Old Sergeant Perspective

The Old Sergeant Perspective

Commentary on today's events from the perspective of an old retired Air Force Master Sergeant.

FBI Now Have HIT SQUADS 07/09/2023

Uh oh. I did a video with a MAGA hat on. Hope the jack booted thugs with badges don't shoot the cat. It seems half the country are now terrorists in the minds of the deep state. They have to justify their existence and if a few right wing extremists, (read believers in America's founding documents), have to die so be it. A few less Republican voters.

FBI Now Have HIT SQUADS Join OUR TRIBE: Mask: Code: Black_ScoutMIRA ...


Why real men are not joining the military.

Target Rich Environments 18/04/2023

Target Rich Environments Commentary on two actions we must take as Christians considering today’s increasingly hostile environment.

Tranquility 25/02/2023

One year ago at the start of the war I posted this song. It seems appropriate to post it again on the one year anniversary.



I have been targeted by a group of leftists and I expect I will be banned from YouTube soon.

2038 13/10/2022

2038 A short hopefully fictional story of humanity’s future.

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