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We are about culture, ethics, lessons from the elders, and more The Journey of a servant of life to find the meanings of life.

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Honor and Respect,

One of the main principles of Vodou is peace. Being at peace in life is a giving. Some will never experience it. Throughout the history of the Sèvitè in Haiti, we’ve been through many turmoils that could've turned us very sour towards one another and also the world but instead none has turned us, in general, into vengeful lots. The elders said, “fish are born in the ocean, but that does not make them salty.” Though our environment is embedded in the chaos of the time, we’ve learned to cope. The elders also say, “M ap bwote dlò pa kiye pou m plenn kanari mwen.” to illustrates that life is hard but we can make it work. Little by little we can build the life we want. Life is short, there is no need to waste it in chaos, find your peace and build your legacy and your heritage. You’re here to fill a void in this existence, make it impactful. Don’t waste it by becoming part of those who’re only here to make noise.


Honor and respect,

“Good morning and good night” is simple conducts we should all apply in our daily lives. It is neglected today simply because this generation hasn’t been taught how fragile life can be. Acknowledging each other’s presence daily is the proper etiquette our elders taught us growing up. Today, let us reflect on life and its uniqueness. No matter how powerful you might think you are, the most powerful of all sits on the thrones of the Bawòn. Image how many powerful individuals who’ve walked this earth before you, today we can only speaks of them in the past tense. All had to kneel in front of the Bawon. Be humble and respect each others presence in our lives.


Honor and respect,

“Plan for what is difficult while it’s easy, do what is great while it is small.”

An elder recently reminded me of time. The elder stated that, ‘when you’re young, all you have is time. When you’re old, all you’ll need is more time.’

As we roam here, we’re trading our most essential asset in life daily, eventually we’ll fight to gain more of it later. If you’re still young, don’t waste time on the things which are worthless and eventually regretful. Live life and plan ahead while you have plenty of time so that in your later years the small amount becomes greater.


Honor and respect,

In the pursuit of abundance, we some times forget the ground which we stand upon. The shiftiness of the time, nothing is ever as it seems, like the four ways of Mèt Kalfou, the only guidance which will carry us out is our decisions. This is the realm of Kadya Bossou, once the decision is made, the only thing left is to fight to bring it to the existence. Here, there is up and also down. Change occurrences which will comes and go, the turbulence within our existence today and the effectiveness in our decisions which will shift our stance tomorrow. The only way to go forward successfully is to be grounded. Have a plan, stick to it. Be determined, be motivated. Like the bull who’s fighting for his life, the ground is unstable but once the bull stabilize he’s stance, he becomes Kadya Bosou with all his might and bring forth the abundance he sought for.

Good luck to you.


Honor and Respect,

It has been awhile since I have posted anything on here, living through the experience has kept me extremely busy and listening and advising others have helped me grow. Here’s a little advice I’ve gotten from an elder recently.

Today’s message is learning to let go of the scarcity mindset. This is what’s been keeping you from achieving your goals and certainly from enjoying this beautiful world with its plentiful experiences. Understand the abundance present here and your stake in it. Grasp control of the moment and wield it to your liking. Live! Go outside, love the ground you’re standing on. Live life like it’s going to last forever, no need to rush it, lives in abundance. Soon enough the door to exit will come but enjoy all that’s in front of you before you’re standing in front of this door that has a huge sign that reads ‘EXIT’ all the while looking back in regrets. What could’ve happened is never what forms and build our experiences here, instead look at what you’re doing.


Onè, Respè

Irrespective of everything, you’re still you. Remember, you’re only here to explore this reality. Don’t let confusions and negativity prevent you from experiencing life and expressing it positively. In a daily basis, those who are meant to exit, exit! If you’re still here exploring it, that means you’re meant to. Thus making you unique, one of a kind. Make your time here impactful! don’t sway, stand firm; positively balanced, face the sun.

Art by Didier Civil


Onè, Respè

Equilibrium within Vodou

The song says: Anba dlo lwa yo ye

There’s no need to look outside or up in the sky, just seek within, there you will meet with your Mèt Tèt. Through its clarity, you will begin to shape your reality.

A Sèvitè is encouraged to be coherent. Be it in the presence of fear or otherwise, employ tranquility. Life is lucid, it requires us to translate it in the same manner. Be clear minded and intentional so not to get infuse in the daily confusions thereof. If negativity is relevant likewise positivity. If one is more prevalent than the other, disorder will be the norm. A balance outlook of one’s experience is which must be attain. In this sense, through the guidance of Gran Chimen a balance outlook is formulated. If you look around you, everything is well balanced, that in itself, is the meaning behind what the Lwa incorporates throughout.

Remember: si Kalfou pa bay, simitye pa jwenn.

Onè Respè

Timeline photos 20/09/2021

Nothing comes without any great sacrifice. My kin say, “it is within roads which are tight you can capture a wild horse.” For us to gain control of our destiny we must be able to strategize a plan. Ogou is the Lwa of such domain, he who knows the way of offense also know defense, both is done with strategic means. “Ogou Feray, si w montre m tire manchet, fò w montre m pare.” The knowledge of knowing and understanding. In the end it is our actions which creates our experience. Like my elders always say, our destiny is within our own two hands. “After the dance, the drums are always heavy.” You were born to walk, but it was never guaranteed. It can be say it was our willingness which pushed us to stretched our muscles. So, it is our purpose to build ourselves up as we see fit, but make no mistake of how heavy a burden it is. One of our founding fathers once stated that, “We have dared to be free. Let us be so by ourselves and for ourselves.” Being free requires from us our utmost dedication. Dedicate ourselves upon building our experience within the existence. The journey will be long and fill with dangerous circumstances, but it does not mean we cannot persist till the very end. Therefore, we’ll gladly say the journey requires persistence. What we'll encounter along the way will be what comes to shape the reality of which we’ll come to build our own experiences on and how we’ll utilize our ability to persist.

260 years today His Imperial Majesty, Jean Jacques Dessalines, was born. Let us celebrate.

Art by Ulrick Jean-Pierre of Dessalines, the founding father.


Onè, Respè

Since a lot of us neglect the importance of Wanga in our communities and what it can accomplish once we’ve come to be aware of its presence within us and those around us. Some of us loves to confuse it with magic which creates illusionary imaginations which then prompt us to confuse reality with superstition. Magic has nothing to do with Wanga. Wanga is a science which requires us to understands its principles, regulations, etc. which constitutes therein. Although many has translate it in the European’s languages and worldviews as simply as magic but it goes beyond that word; and in our own perspectives and understanding of it, its a science in its own right but can even go beyond the understanding of today’s science. We want to share this today pertaining to Wanga.

Suppose we’ve come to know the difference between what is true and what is false, such as superstition and reality, and understand where the two meets. We would come to know and comprehend that the Lwa (s) cannot serve us if we do not employ our very own intelligence at the forefront. That is, the Lwa are here, within and around us; they are what we know, if we refuse to work with what we know, we will always pursue what we do not know. Not acknowledging their significances in our daily lives will prompt us to start viewing the Lwa(s) as fearful creatures which will establish the tendency to fear them to always be present within us, it will capture our full attention; even make us forget our very own conscience. Our intelligence can then be seen as ‘evil,’ simply because we’ve come to fear it. Thus, fear has come to punished even our own intellect and has imprisoned us within this illusion, therefore we’ve begins to forget ourselves in the absence of our balance perspectives of reality. This is to not demonized fear but to highlight its role in our very own self destruction if not manage properly.

We say: Kouzen,
M ap monte nan mòn,
M pwa l kase fèy pou m benyen tchovi yo
3 fèy
3 rasin
Wanga santibon pou n pwoteje eritye yo

We do not say: I will pray to the Ancestors so they can make the Wanga for me or bless us through magical means. It’s clearly stating that we will initiate the act in order to protect the children and our heritage.
The Lwa has giving you all the responsibilities and they also recognized that you’re the only who can initiate the protective procedures for yourselves. You’re the one who can awaken the Wanga which sit within you. You can do the Wanga but you must first recognize that. Therefore, understanding yourself is knowing your potentialities. Praying does not break chains, only through our intelligence can we do that and did that. It’s what liberated people and make them the master of their own destinies. If the conditions are met, you will be the one who can employ your intelligence. The Lwa is fluid, it will assist you but they won’t do it if you’ve no understanding of them and/or yourself.

Therefore we say: Kriye pa leve lanmò,
Si kriye te leve lanmò;
Grann mwen ta mouri leve.

Crying like praying is the action of those that hopes for the betterment of their conditions but unwilling to act. Hope is for those who are afraid to work with their intelligence to construct their realities, like those who prays every day to a deity to bless them with foods etc. but forgets that it’s planting the seeds so that it can grow for them to harvest it that will make possible the consumption probability and/or distribute it with one another.

For you to stand up, you must have enough maturity. When you’ve deploy your intelligence, that’s when you will begin to live. Look within, you will find patience, intelligence, what Ayitian call ‘don,’ which the Lwa bestowed but only be accessible to you through your hardwork, and the willingness to initiate actions. All are what we need to construct our happiness which sits within the power of the Wanga that sit within all of us and throughout. Transform it and you will have what the Europeans come to understand simply as “Magic.”

Art by Adam Leontus


Onè, Respè

Recently one of my elders stated that: tout moun se moun. In reflecting upon this thesis, we first wanted to analyzed the notion behind the statement and how this understanding played a major role within the early Ayitians outlooked on life and their uprising during the preceding epoch, but since we’re currently experiencing extreme traumas, we’ll simply minimize it as follow.

In our understanding of nature’s fundaments, we’ve come to understand that no one should be left behind for the egotistical ambitions of just a few. “Everyone is of equal values,” is the philosophy which persisted through the centuries within our outlooks on life which goes way back before the Africans in Ayiti were known as Ayitians and to this very today. Through all the challenges we’ve encountered, none could’ve stopped us from seeing the richness within each other and the many different nanchon which we represents. It’s says, ‘tout moun se moun men tout moun pa menm.’ Within that, “…tout moun pa menm,” gave us this Ayitian identity of today. This is the basis of our Ayitian Vodou’s philosophy. After the birth of Ayiti, the pioneers who birthed the new nation constituted it within the core of their new established government. This philosophy, the elder says, came from our ancient way of life in Africa. When we had no one but ourselves to reflect upon; we seek the unity which constitutes our lots, with many differences at that, we saw the richness which presided therein which enabled us to eventually come to term with each other. The elders emphasized this with, “Men anpil chay pa lou.” Many hands, the load is not heavy. If we did not looked toward each other, we would’ve perished in those dire times.

Today, we only have each other. For as long we keep seeing the little differences which constitute therein, we’ll never embrace the richness thereof. So we must acknowledge that we can’t and won’t all interpret reality in the same notions; although we’re all experiencing the same reality, one way or the other but not in the same way. In order to make this heavy load much lighter, we must start seeing each other when we look at one another instead of an alien that has no emotions, comprehensions, and/or experiences. We are each other’s richness, likewise each other’s impoverishment. Within you is a piece of the universe, once we bring each pieces together, we’ll accomplish whichever we desires.

These are the teachings which my elders wanted me to share today with all of you. In Honor and Respect I now leave you.

Painting titled: Murder in the Jungle by Wilson Bigaud


Honor and Respect

To be faithful to the ancestors and nature, is to be faithful to oneself. With that in mind, Let us celebrate the date our ancestors chose to bring about a new age for our kin which this month we’ll be honoring their sacrifices and uplifting their memories in respect.

Recently a mentor stated: Our arrival is celebrated, but our departure is highly discouraged.

My elders says: enter with honor so that you can exist with respect. Before the Bawon all life is cherished, celebrated, likewise judged. In front of Mèt Kalfou it is tested. It is within this contested grounds we formulate our daily existences. Life is full of uncertainties, only thorough analysis can you come to fully perceives it in its totalities. If you come with honor, you’ll know who you are then you will conduct yourself with respect and cherish equilibrium. Honor and respect means that: you’re an honored guest, therefore we’re expecting of you respect in returns. Thus, those of us who serves, most of all, life, we cherish nature, ourselves, and the ancestors. Listen, no one ever makes it out here without going through all those which are expected and those which are not. These grounds are contested, there will be temptations, temporary distractions, but you will always find your way as long you employed disciplines. With clarity you will be determined. With principles, you will be upright and loyal. Methodically you will excel daily. These are the teaching of the elders.

Again, honor and respect.

Art by Patrice Piard

Timeline photos 11/07/2021

“ Breathe! Everything that’s going against your very existence will eventually be combated; sooner than later you must make a decision but don’t let it be in a haste and prompt your demise…”

Breathe! Everything that’s going against your very existence will eventually be combated; sooner than later you must make a decision but don’t let it be in a haste and prompt your demise. The anger you’re experiencing, control it. You must make a decision, but let it be decisive. This is why we call on Kadya Bosou, the strategist. Those who have their emotions and anger controlled and balanced decides the routes of their reality. This is what we call the one who has matured. For the last 200 and plus years, we have been acting like children only to throw our kin into the fire pit. Now, only children react without a clear strategy once their emotions have been stirred enough. Thus, the saying: the fish entrusted water only to get boiled by it. Kadya Bosou was the one who created the route for the success of the King who put an end to slavery in the Dahomey Kingdom. He did it after weighing the reality at hand, only then did he created a winning stratagem. You have all that you’ll need but you must grow up and learn to incorporate them.

Art by Hector Julio Páride Bernabó

Timeline photos 10/07/2021

“Understand the reason of why you are here and what you must do before you react…”

Before you act, calmly observe the situation.

Understand the reason of why you are here and what you must do before you react. Therefore, you must understand yourself before you execute such task. There are those who react, put tears in the eyes of many only because they failed to analyzed the situations beforehand. To understand the depth of the reciprocation to our actions, we must be aware of why we must act to begin with. Don’t let some faraway entity(ies) play you like a puppet on a string. These group(s) will control all of your actions, make you commit atrocities against yourselves and your kin for the sole purpose of say, “entity’s(ies)” benefits. The elders had always say, “The fool gives, pity the imbecile who doesn’t take."

These are the actions of the reactionist, his or her drives is solely based on emotions. Don’t become the foot soldiers of others and becomes a reactionary pundits to bring about their success while condemning yourself into slavery. In these dangerous grounds, the result will be your destructions. If you must live like you suppose to, if you must protect your family like you should, protect your homeland like the whole entire universe depends on it, it’s within the intelligence the Lwa bestowed upon you that you must utilize and make it becomes the wanga to consolidates your sovereignty. We must all sit down and analyze ourselves to understands our circumstances, calculates our responses and construct a methodologically action plan before we put it into practice.

Unfortunately, there will always be many of us who’ll never rise up and see the great potentials which sits within them, but that will never take away the intelligence which sits within us all waiting to be awaken. Awake yourselves and start the work, don’t get stray by those who’re still sleeping. Your purpose is in front of you.

Timeline photos 09/07/2021

Honor and respect

As the smokes gets heavier within much confusions, our analysis not to long ago stated that we should prepare for the expected and the unexpected. And to “…never confuse reality with predictions. Whatever happens and will happen will come into existence through your actions and inactions. Be responsible!”

Today, let us reflect on one of Ayizan’s teaching which is accountability. Accountability is the most important pilar in keeping a community, a society, civilization united and stable. Ayizan teaches that for a house to stay intact, we must always nourish this important pillar and responsibly manage our affairs daily.

In the process of bringing our people together, responsible, able, and most importantly stable, accountability must always be accounted for and guarded. Stay strong my people! Don’t get submerged into the confusion which will inevitably impose much more chaos within our midst.

Prepare for the Expected and Unexpected

Se gran chimen m teye,
Tout moun pase yap ri mwen,
Se gran chimen m teye,
Lapli tonbe, mwen pa mouye

Those who never pay attention never see the expected nor the unexpected. They’ve never analyzed their situations, so they’re always caught by surprise. Unable to conduct themselves as they’d preferred in the end prompted them to blatantly gave up. They’ve victimized themselves, without any opposition, they simply flow with the tides. They’ve accepted the conditions of becoming mere pawns in the grand scheme of those who’ve prepared for their demise. They’re the employees of their destructions. They’re utilized wisely.

The wise prepares for the most likely and the unlikely. Be aware of the seasonal changes. Expectedly, during these occurrences different circumstances arise, never get caught in the middle of the Kalfou unprepared to not get victimized by your own inactions. Therefore, you must utilize Mèt Kalfou’s wisdoms wisely. Be prepare for both the expected and unexpected. Living unexpectedly is like living without memories, in such a state you’re more likely ready for self destruct than self fulfilling. Those who solely moves with the flow never intend on gaining the upper hand in their daily affairs because they’re always comprising themselves before they even engage in the fatal fight for their self development. Do not burn out all your fuel before you’ve make it to your point of destination.

The unexpected will arise but can be overcome, it’s an inevitability. The expected is your preparedness today which will enable you to construct the formation of your daily affairs tomorrow. Tomorrow can unfold however the circumstances present itself, but if you’ve prepared, you’ll be ready to explore it. Never confuse reality with predictions. Whatever happens and will happen will come into existence through your actions and inactions. Be responsible, don’t put your fate on how much fortune you’ve got, create It. You have the power of creating your reality however fit and also destroying it, use it wisely and don’t compromise yourself. Don’t get caught by surprise once the turbulent storm arises, face it as you’ve planned.

Timeline photos 09/05/2021

... they’ll attempt to shoot you just anywhere but, only if they’re able to control you emotionally.

Calm yourself, slowly inhale and exhale, your life is under your control. Your life will be whatever you’ve let manifest. Therefore, start within and don’t give in.

Once everything calms down, once you’ve made it to the other side, don’t forget to reanalyze your experiences. Remember, everything you’ve experienced was the confusion. To see through the confusion screen in its totality, you must be able to analyze it carefully. Don't let your emotions create decisions in your behalf. He who sees clearly is he who does not let his emotions take him just anywhere. Be the leader of your life, home, family, etc. Your emotions are what create the tendency of fear in you. The wise leader avoid becoming the victim of such. Fear is what’s giving others priorities over your head. If you can calmly execute each steps, you will be able to formulate and finalize your own survival. Like a bullet, they’ll attempt to shoot you just anywhere but, only if they’re able to control you emotionally.

Ahead, we’ll eventually start seeing clearly.

Kafou a Pou Nou 2 · Wawa vodou d'haiti #1 31/03/2021

Remember, you must be the center which uphold dignity. You are the personification of our universe. You must never sleeps on your honor, let it permeates throughout to the degree that it becomes respect itself. In Ayiti, when we meet each other, we greet one another with honor and respect. Simple words which shows our appreciation towards life.

Look at our state today, tell me if we’ve not fallen asleep on these principles?

Onè Respè

Kafou a Pou Nou 2 · Wawa vodou d'haiti #1 Kafou a Pou Nou 2 · Wawa vodou d'haiti #1,Kafou a Pou Nou 2 · Wawa,Kafou a Pou Nou 2 · Wawa racine kanga, racine kanga Kafou a Pou Nou 2,rasin kanga Kafou a ...

Timeline photos 09/03/2021

An elder stated recently that: Vodou isn’t a religion. Many who were listening disagreed with the premise. But the elder is correct while those who disagreed are also correct. Let me explain.

The Vodou the elder speaks of isn’t the one you’ll find in the many Lakou of today but, the one that involves in scientific studies and its break throughs. To make this clear, we can look back during the Revolutionary period and how the Africans utilized their scientific knowledge to gain the upper hand in the war for their liberation. When Ayiti had tourist back in the 50s and even earlier, all was after what Vodou had proven during that Revolutionary period to be the norm and which could contribute to their scientific world. With the knowledges they’ve occurred many became millionaires, father of this and discoverer of that.

Now, the vodou which those who disagreed with the elder speaks of is the ceremonious type of vodou which has infested our lots today, all superstitious, lazy, and lacking the will to innovates.

In all, we can take this small African nation’s experiences and analyze the over all Africans’ perspective of today and how they’ve severe their connection with themselves and the universe. They’re more focused on entertainment than they are with education. If you’ve witness the miraculous Wanga of Ogun, Gran bwa, Kouzen Azaka, etc.., you’d think it has nothing to do with scientific innovation but merely magics. You’d say the Africans in Ayiti who used their knowledge to turn a person into the Zombie state is evil while ignoring the knowledges behind it which western scientist today use everyday in all of their hospitals. But if you’re interested in entertainment all you’ll seek to understand is how to get the attention of spectators and or how to become rich while ignoring the innovative aspects of our lots. Africans used to sit down and study their surroundings and innovates, now more of our kin are interested in being cool so that we are noticed rather than understand our own selves and innovate. Let’s go back to who we were so that we can move forward.

Timeline photos 05/03/2021

The Lwa teaches us to utilize Wanga as a weapon for our accomplishment, not our enslavement.

Many misunderstand the utility of Wanga by solely focusing on the personal gain aspect of it while ignoring the overall social benefits when utilize properly. A Wanga shouldn’t be viewed solely as magic nor some magical means to get whatever which requires nothing from you in order to accomplish your desires. It is, in another words, technology/ science / knowledge which can transform and/ or redefine our entire existence as we’ve come in contact with it. Today let us remember; as we’ve come to disregards the teachings of our ancient ancestors, lest we forget that what they’ve known for ages are still prominent and capable of changing and uplifting our standard of living if we choose to follow the principles they’ve left behind but do not forget only the individuals who are capable, trustworthy and willing to put in the work can obtain these knowledge and make them available to all and applicable to our daily experiences.

Ceremony petro vodou 23/02/2021

If truly you’re tired of your condition, the power to break it apart, down into pieces to reconstruct it for the better is in your hands, in fact it is your duty. But if you keep ignoring the principles which is set in place for you to succeed, failure is of your own choosing.

“Mwen kriye onè
Onè lamezon,
si se granmoun ki la,
map rantre.
Si se timoun ki la,
map vire dò m m’ale.”

Ceremony petro vodou

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