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Today's question, from an RRT graduate, interested in advancing into the Sonography career pathway:
"Is a Bachelors in Radiology Technology enough to become a Sonographer?"

The online comments in 'Just Sonography' point toward accredited Sonography Schools as the Next Step. But this very long Story gets much more interesting as you dig a little deeper....

Ultrasound imaging set out to sea in the 1960's launched in the Radiology Department. Obstetric applications followed Abdominal and a multibillion-dollar industry was birthed across the land: in both the medical device and clinical service industries.
Doppler was married to high-detail vascular imaging and echocardiography in 1978, and it was then, as they say, "Off to the races.." Insurance payment in dollars for these new procedures leaped upward from simple double digits by nearly tenfold. A new generation of people to staff this new service emerged... and the movement to organize and control it all began in earnest.

In 1983 the Society of Vascular Ultrasound authorized the first Vascular Ultrasound credentialing exam. The failure rate was around 70% that year and it hovers around 40% to date. In 1989, the Feds began the process of linking Vascular Ultrasound reimbursement to credentialing, and in 1991 they incentivized Facility Credentialing as well, through the ICAVL (now expanded into the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission).
Somewhere within this history lesson, the American College of Radiology (originally and long-involved in the Vascular Sonography turf war) chose to create their own Vascular Ultrasound credential to build a separate (and less onerous) path to their own People's proper practice and performance. The ARRT Sonography Exam credential was created: for the separate fields of vascular, abdominal and obstetric sonography.

At this turn, it gets--and at least through 12/31/2018-- remains most interesting.

If you're counseling a colleague or considering the RRT-pathway to ultrasound credentialing, spend some time with these documents:

1) The Public Position by the ARRT on the Sonography Credential: (Interestingly, they frame out the process in the three E's: education, ethics, and examination... don't recall ever seeing the concept put so succinctly, particularly with regard to the second E.)

2) The many Postprimary Pathways (following the RRT credential) including vascular/abdominal/OB sonography: Though echocardiography isn't an option, it's interesting that the RRT can--and often does--ultimately grow to serve in cardiology, in the Heart Cath and Cardiac Nuclear Medicine Lab. Interesting again, to see the blending of the perceived separate turfs among radiology, cardiology and vascular medicine.

Finally, inspect the education requirements for the Sonography Exams at this link. You'll see the didactic pieces AND the detailed hands-on performance elements that must be achieved, observed and checked-off before taking the written exam. The minimum number of repetitions is 1,372. Notice the precise wording: repetitions, not specifically separate patient exams.

There's mention of a Program Director or Faculty Member to proctor each one, but no mention of a specific training experience (such as an accredited ultrasound school) requirement. Now quoting directly: "Completion of each procedure must be verified by a certified and registered technologist, certified sonographer, supervisor or licensed physician." The process and documentation are completed by the Proctor online through the candidate's My ARRT account.

(This document is current until 12/31/18 and we'll update here with any changes.)

(This one's in force through 12/31/2019)


The ARRT exam was created originally in response to a perceived fairness issue surrounding the ARDMS' evolving prerequisite criteria alongside the original separate creation of a unique Vascular credential by yet another group.

Medicare (now CMS) declared in the early 1990's that all vascular ultrasound procedures would require the service be provided by a credentialed sonographer (and nearly all private insurance companies followed). To obtain and sustain work in the Vascular Ultrasound field, you'll have to be credentialed. There's presently no enforced U.S. law that prohibits you from doing it, you'll just be doing it on a cash basis or for free.

The SVU Vascular credential was absorbed by the ARDMS. The ARRT and ARDMS still position themselves to their own advantage, but the benefit is ultimate to the Patient and the Field. As a side note, A THIRD agency offers a Vascular Sonography credential (and a number of other cardiology-oriented exams): Cardiovascular Credentialing International. It's fascinating to know that CCI was the first among them all to become credentialed as a credentialing agency (by ten years), in spite of the fact that many in the non-cardiology ultrasound field consider the credential somewhat second-tier. All federal, state and private payment providers recognize any of these three organizations as equally acceptable and proper.

So, for now, the road to the Credentialing Exam Room is-- for now-- different from the ARRT and ARDMS/CCI groups. Though the ARRT pathway presently circumvents a formal, accredited* school experience (*requiring a minimum of 18 months), changes might come as soon as this year's end. But for now, there IS an alternative to enrolling in Ultrasound School, provided you're already an RRT.

If you're headed toward the ARDMS' or CCI's offerings, check their sites for the current prerequisites. And know that the exam you're going to take is going to test you not only on what you know and remember but also on how to THINK.

And most fascinating of all:
The pass/fail rate among them all has remained virtually unchanged over many decades... in spite of the inevitable proliferation of Registry Review courses, Associate, Bachelors, and even Masters (and at least one Ph.D.) Degree programs.

All learning is good. never stop. Ask questions of your colleagues every day--learn how to think at least three ways about everything. And be sure to claim the credential that will open the most doors for you in Service to others.
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Get 20 credits for ARRT* and Canadaian Provinces!
The mobile-friendly continuing education course for Radiologic Technologists is an in-depth discussion of Medical Ethics. In particular, the ethics of the application of X-ray to the human body, X-ray administration, X-ray management, and what social and legal issues surround those practices. Click here to know more https://ce4rt.com/ce-credits/ethics-for-medical-imaging-professionals/!


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