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A place to learn about, discover, and share the wonderful art of magic. We are an institution for the discovery of and enlightenment on the principles of magic.

Our website serves as an online academy offering instructional videos and other educational media for learning about the art of magic. As an educational platform featuring a curated library of tutorials and promoting discussion within the community, with an expansive network of students from around the globe, Art of Magic is the premier resource for learning about the art of magic and an exciting destination for magicians old and new.

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Thank you to everyone who participated in our “What Does Magic Mean to You?” contest 👏! Congratulations to , who was selected at random to win a Level One 🏆. ⁣

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Welcome back to our weekly contest! Win an Mystery Deck today! To participate, simply take a guess as to what deck you think is wrapped inside the Mystery deck, and tag one friend in the same post, allowing more people to know about this contest. Also, you must be following . The first person to guess the deck correctly will win, and they will be shipped the deck for free! Each person is allowed a maximum of three guesses, but it is important that for each comment, they only include one deck and tag one person. Thus, if one wants to take the maximum, three guesses, they must have three different comments (each comment including one tagged person and one guess at the deck). If one makes more than three guesses or does not separate their guesses into multiple comments, they will unfortunately be disqualified for the week. It’s also important that if the deck one guesses has multiple colors, they distinguish which colored version they believe it to be. We will announce the winner mid Saturday! Start commenting for a chance to win, and good luck!


This multifaceted project is the latest collaboration between Glenn Kaino and Derek DelGaudio, who work together as the conceptual performance art duo A.Bandit to make magical art which has been exhibited and performed in venues that span a diverse range of cultural activities. A Secret Has Two Faces introduces their pioneering work in the fields of art and magic and contains interviews and stories from noteworthy practitioners within both fields. It will be a generous access point into the normally secret practice from which A.Bandit operates and will contain several secret elements and magical features that distinguish it as a type of performance, in and of itself. Available on with immediate shipment.

Liquid Shift 15/06/2018

Just Released!

Liquid Shift A single-card shift done at lightning speed. Inspired by the Cardini Change, also known as Pughe's Pass, we are thrilled to have Liquid Shift apart of our catalogue of sleight of hand techniques. Like many difficult sleights, this one is going to take lots of practice. What took Jamie years to perfe...

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Our goal has always been to elevate the Art of Magic and the public’s perception of our art. In 2018, the United States Postal Service is commemorating the Art of Magic, and we’re excited to have them on our team. Artwork by Jay Fletcher.

What is A Secret Has Two Faces? 12/12/2017


Read about it now.

What is A Secret Has Two Faces? A Secret Has Two Faces is more than a magic book. It’s more than an art book. It’s a performance piece in and of itself, that meets in the middle of the two. The reader will learn more about art and magic by reading between the lines. What’s unwritten is as important as the words on the page, ...


Tony Chang may be our generation's greatest sleight of hand philosopher, and with this collection you'll be able to spend over 2 hours jamming on difficult sleight of hand, performance theory, routine construction, finesse and nuance, and more.



An old and closely guarded technique, used by hustlers and cheats to control cards. No gaffs, preparation, or special decks. Do you have the knack? Sit down with Jeremy Griffith as he walks you through the techniques and his favorite applications for "ripping" the deck.

Also included are a strategies for controlling multiple cards during a shuffle and cut sequence, and Ron Conley, a living legend in the Gambling Protection industry, sits down with Jeremy to discuss brief work and some of the nefarious techniques professional Cardmen used at the card table in his first ever digital release for the magic community.


A SECRET HAS TWO FACES explores the pioneering work in the fields of art and magic of conceptual art group, A.BANDIT and contains interviews and stories from noteworthy practitioners within both fields. It will be a generous access point into the normally secret collaborative process between Derek DelGaudio and Glenn Kaino and will contain several secret elements and magical features that distinguish it as a type of performance, in and of itself.

Timeline photos 23/11/2017

Some of the best minds in art and magic come together to examine life.

Review: IMPOSSIBLE - New York's Night of Magic 22/11/2017

Don't miss our newest blog post, a review of the inaugural performance of the Conjuring Arts Research Center's new show, IMPOSSIBLE.

Review: IMPOSSIBLE - New York's Night of Magic When people think of magic and magicians, Las Vegas immediately springs to mind. Though many of the innovators and masters in magic are located in the Desert of Dreams, a place with equally as much innovation and as many deep traditions of magic is New York City. Magic is strong in “the city that ne...


For those of you curious about A SECRET HAS TWO FACES, available for preorder this Friday.

Timeline photos 21/11/2017

“The result of what happens when magic meets art and ideas come to life.” -

Derek DelGaudio's Broadway Show Left Stephen In Awe 07/11/2017

In Case You Missed It: Derek DelGaudio's appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Derek DelGaudio's Broadway Show Left Stephen In Awe 'In & Of Itself' performance artist mixes storytelling, magic, and whatever it takes to leave Stephen speechless at the end of a show. Subscribe To "The Late...

Derek DelGaudio – Invisible Dialogues 06/11/2017

TONIGHT! Don't miss Derek DelGaudio on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Derek's groundbreaking show In & Of Itself has been extended to May 6, 2018, and you can watch the trailer for his recent talk at the 2017 Future of Storytelling Summit below.

Derek DelGaudio – Invisible Dialogues 2017 Future of StoryTelling Summit Speaker: Derek DelGaudio, Writer, Performance Artist, Magician In & Of Itself Show: Derek…


Looking for something spooky tonight? Here are some ideas for strange and curious happenings on this All Hallow's Eve.

Creepy Magic Tricks for Halloween A collection of card tricks to perform this Halloween. From the Haunted Deck to Rising Card, Ricky Smith offers insightful feedback to a few of his favorite tricks featuring an


Brazilian magician, Daniel Prado, lectures on his professional repertoire with nearly two hours of performance and in-depth explanation. Daniel discusses magic theory, the history and sources that inspired his five various routines, and of course, his phenomenally diabolical methods. Learn it at


Jordan Gold teaches visually impossible, stunning effects on


Chris Severson brings you 6 brand new flourishes designed to give you a wide variety of different techniques. Everything from two handed cuts to card shots, in over 45 minutes of detail.
Chris's style and flow is beautiful to watch, and his flourishes are rhythmically hypnotizing. Sit down with Chris to learn finesse at the fingertips, at


Jack Carpenter, Seattle magician and underground card man, sits down to share some secrets from his personal repertoire. These are tools that Jack uses to wow audiences and fellow magicians across the globe. Learn it on


A timeless color change performed and executed in a classical style with all the modern touches that make it so smooth and deceptive. Learn from one of the smoothest workers of all time, Lance Pierce, on


Two effects for the price of one. A thought-of playing card is sandwiched between the Jokers and then shown to be an illusion of the mind. Learn directly from Paul Wilson on


A hands-off piece of astonishment. Performed anytime, anywhere. Learn it at ArtofMagic.


"Steve Reynolds’ approach, handling, and timing for the classic Zarrow Shuffle is as good as it gets, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching his masterful ex*****on of this challenging false shuffle...over and over again!" - Steve Forte

Learn all of Steve's work on this elusive technique on Art of Magic.


If you haven't already, watch Guy Hollingworth perform a visual miracle - The Reformation. A signed selection is torn and visibly restored - piece by piece - at the fingertips. Download this and Guy's long out of print videos, The London Collection and Routines, on Art of Magic.


ICYMI: Perfect, instantaneous double lifts and turnovers. In over 2 hours of extensive and minute detail, John will walk you through the techniques and applications he has developed for the last 30 years. Learn his incredible techniques on

The Magic of Mike Pisciotta 25/09/2017

Wishing a very happy birthday to Close-Up Magician of the Year and friend, Mike Pisciotta. Learn several of his beautiful routines on Art of Magic.

The Magic of Mike Pisciotta Mike Pisciotta is a magician based in Los Angeles, CA. Mike serves as the resident bar magician for the Academy of Magical Arts at the world famous Magic Castle


The newest trailer for Richard Turner's DEALT Movie. Head over to our blog to watch him teach you 3 powerful techniques for becoming a master in your craft.


Lee Asher, one of the "upstart youngsters" that brought visual, eye-popping card magic to the forefront, developed this simple, highly deceptive sandwich routine that works as both a stand alone piece or as a part of a larger routine. Learn it at

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This multifaceted project is the latest collaboration between Glenn Kaino and Derek DelGaudio, who work together as the ...
The Curiosity from North Dakota
The Illusion of Impossibility
Halo Change
Technique Cardistry
Carpenter's Sleights
Triple Change
Bullet to the Brain
The Zarrow Shuffle
The Reformation