SIPA-Food Systems Group

SIPA-Food Systems Group

The mission of the SIPA Food Systems Group is to provide a forum to explore issues of food security, nutrition, agriculture, and ecology.


"We need to change our mindset and see agriculture as a business. Governments should focus on those bottlenecks impeding farmers' access market designing an enabling environment like access to credit and infrastructure such as roads in rural areas" Former Nigerian Minister of Finance


"Deliver solutions leading to improved farmers' living standards, linking better food production to better food consumption"

Food from where we stand! 31/08/2017

Let us start the 2nd year by sharing some yummy local dishes from your Board, whose members have been spread around the world over the summer!

Now it's your turn to share your pictures of meals from your summer placements to be featured on our page. Send us a PM, and we will be happy to share them!

Timeline photos 10/04/2017

Such a sunny and wonderful Saturday at Millbrook Winery, where we learned about wine production and enjoyed some cheese and wine tasting.

Timeline photos 03/04/2017

Come and join us this saturday to our trip to an organic winery Upstate NY. No deal can't beat this one and it will be a nice opportunity to learn more about organic production and to enjoy the first days of spring!
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Photos from SIPA-Food Systems Group's post 01/04/2017

Thank you to all those who came on Thursday ! Hope you enjoyed the talk, the food and the wine as much as we enjoyed hosting you 🔝🍷🍲

Eating the drought: How much water goes into your meal? 23/03/2017

Curious about the water footprint your regular meals imply? want to measure how much water you have been saving by doing the Challenge?
Here is a friendly and fun tool that will help you to estimate these numbers and become more aware of this issue.

Eating the drought: How much water goes into your meal? California's crippling drought has prompted conservation efforts, such as replacing grass lawns and minding how long you leave the tap water running. But what about the food on your plate? Agriculture uses 80% of California's water supply, and producing what you eat can require a surprising amount o...

Photos from SIPA-Food Systems Group's post 09/03/2017

Thank you to all those who came yesterday to our first Food4Thought Series Event!
Amazing talks and, even more, amazing audience...stay tuned for our next events and don´t forget doesn´t go on spring break!

Timeline photos 06/03/2017

This Wednesday come and join us for our Food4Thought Series on Fighting Food Waste. Tristam Stuart and Transfernation will be sharing their experiences!
Lunch will be provided by Eat Offbeat

Timeline photos 27/02/2017

We want to engage you, our thoughtful foodies, on reducing the foodprint caused by meat consumption. Even just one month can make a difference, and we promise to provide you recipes and resources to keep you motivated! Choose on a specifc product or group of products and join the challenge!

Timeline photos 23/02/2017

Ugly Vegetables: Lovely and Happy
Six billion pounds of U.S. fruits and vegetables go unsold every year, often for aesthetic reasons. Learn how this ¨uglies¨can feed millions around the world:

Timeline photos 15/02/2017

Wishing all our members a (berry) Sweet Valentine's Day!

Timeline photos 13/02/2017

Happy beginning of the week foodies!
Craving for coffee? Be aware of what you consume. Here is a list of the most sustainable coffee businesses in the US:

Timeline photos 09/02/2017

When talking about food systems, what are the dimensions involved? Why should we care? Check out this infographic prepared by our team to learn more!

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