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ulexproject.org offers high-quality residential group training courses. The signature trainings draw on the best of that work.

Supporting activists, change makers, and organisations that are working for progressive social change. The Ulex Project is a non-profit training centre and hub of collaboration, based in Llleida in Catalunya. Working with a talented pool of facilitators and trainers we’ve been innovating and developing trainings for social movements since 2008 . Our work has informed and inspired training initiati

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How do you tackle POWER, PRIVILEGE, and RANK in your organizations and learning spaces?
Share your insights below 🗣

These concepts are important in our work as Ulex because we strive to reclaim power together and foster empathy and connection. It is not always easy to work with power dynamics in organisations and educational spaces. Brave space concept helps us to create educational spaces and social movements that can be transformative.

Don't miss out our upcoming video series.
At the end of the series we'll share a gift with you! A toolkit to create your own brave learning spaces with session plans and skills to manage difficult conversations in group settings.

Photos from Ulex Project's post 12/03/2024

• How to strengthen safety and care in actions groups?
• How to create safer spaces?
• How to radically nurture the well-being of each person in the collective?

To apply - link in bio

With the Holistic Security Programme prepared by a training team rooted in social movements of Central and Eastern Europe you will:

- explore the importance of personal and collective safety at emotional, physical and cyber levels;
- learn to identify the risks and threats we and our groups face;
- learn to develop systems of social care and self-care in our contexts, collectives and movements to combat various forms of repression and violence;
- research, strategise and plan with us for social, environmental and economic justice.


Under the cobblestones, the beach❣
Dear organiser, change maker, leader - we have a gift for you on Friday the 13th 🙌

Visit the space and start building up your skills to create resilient movements with distributed leadership.
🤝 https://leaderfulorganising.sutra.co/ 🤝

We have worked together for 3 years to help you design change❣

At the end of 2020 Ulex Project with other 3 organizations based in Europe (LABO (Belgium), and Zelena Akcija (Croatia), ECON ) joined forces to tackle some hard questions on what was keeping social movements from having bigger wins in a wide range of struggles for social and ecological justice.

Searching for answers, the project partners soon after started a two-year-and-a-half journey exploring new ways for social movement actors to relate to building power as well as to leadership development. This exciting journey, included doing participatory research as well as running several week-long pilot trainings, has led to the creation of a brand new curriculum, a complementary trainer’s handbook to support implementation, a toolkit and an online blended learning space to develop skills for leaderfulness in social movements.
You can find all the materials in our online blended learning space. This space is designed for you to help drawing a path for yourself or for your organisation to develop necessary skills for becoming leaderful in social movement organising.

There are lots of additional materials for different types of learning needs and training manuals and tools for trainers.




Dear friends we are excited to share an upcoming residential training with you.

‘CEE ACT' is a 4 day training in Romania from 20 to 25th July, organised by Greenpeace CEE. ( CEE is Central and Eastern European Activists )

Successful applicants will be able to choose from a number of tracks and activities and trainings include: scouting, climbing, kayaking, arts or extended direct action trainings.

The training is free and accessible and it will be fun!

Deadline for applications is the 15th June and spaces are limited to 100 so DON’T DELAY APPLY TODAY !

Successful applicants will be hear back by the 27th June 2023.

The application form with all the details inside can be found here
https://cryptpad.cz/form/ #/2/form/view/qK34MYvQiQ+n77TUR2qbkJl7IYZtL+xtB4NL+ynRV2w/



Calling all Experienced Europe based activists….

A rare opportunity has arisen for additional participants to join us for a 2 week long residential Ecology Of Social Movements training in Catalunya in June.

- Are you an experienced activist or organiser involved in movement level thinking and practice?
- Would you value an opportunity to inquire deeply into how our organisations and networks relate to the wider ecology of our movements ?
- Do you like to analyse how our movements relate to wider struggles in the ever changing cultural, socio-political and ecological context?

Then this may be the perfect training opportunity for you !

Date: 10th-24th June
Location : Ulex Training Centre Catalunya

More About the Training:
Participants will engage in deep analysis of their own movement practice and ecology. Along with fellow activists and participants from the year-long Movement Learning Catalyst Programme.

They will gain skills and understanding to make their activism and organising more powerful and transformative

Ulex operates a solidarity economy ( https://ulexproject.org/a-gift-economy/) We urge you to apply if you are an experienced activist /organiser based in Europe and able to dedicate 2 weeks to this intensive residential training.

More info can be found here - https://ulexproject.org/courses_events/the-ecology-of-social-movements-2-2-2/

From the Roots Up: Politics, Nature Connection & Collective Action 21/04/2023


From The Roots Up: A participatory peer networking & training event.

Exploring the power of nature connection and ecological learning for collective action.

WHEN: 30.04.23
WHERE: Totness, Devon UK .
Sign Up Here - https://bit.ly/3Gzx397
FACEBOOK EVENT LINK -https://www.facebook.com/events/174546775458639/

Nature-based practice can support us to reclaim a healthy and integrated sense of self – rooted in the ecological, biological, sensory, and emotional, as well as rational dimensions of our lives. It helps us to reconnect with the sources of nourishment and inspiration that can flow into us from the web of life. And at its most potent, it can support deep shifts in perspective and experience that take us beyond narrow human-centred views of the world with the gradual emergence of what is sometimes called “ecological consciousness”.

🌱How can we ensure that the transformative power of this kind of education carries people beyond personal concern to strategic organising and action?
🌱How does current activism and nature-based education perpetuate or repeat patterns of extraction, separation, power over and human centricity?
🌱How can we make this work truly empowering, inclusive, and transformative?
🌱What is emerging in the margins where the overlapping of different practices, themes and lived experiences are acting as fertile ground for change?

Drawing from a wide range of sources, we’ll explore how we can harness direct experiences of an ecological paradigm towards the transformation of our relationships with the world, in ways that are radical, explicitly anti-oppressive and politically informed.

From the Roots Up: Politics, Nature Connection & Collective Action Exploring the power of ecological learning & connection to support radical action - panel discussion, participation & peer networking event

Photos from Ulex Project's post 29/11/2022


This is a unique opportunity to be part of our upcoming Movement Learning Catalyst - A year long particpatory learning project created for activists, grassroots and community organisers and social movement mobilisers. Designed and delivered by Ulex in collaboration with European Alternatives , European Community Organizing Network - ECON and Maynooth University - International.

The content of this hybrid course will be built based on applicant's needs and interests. Please complete an application if you would like to be part of the consultation process to shape the course curriculum.

Applications by 5pm CET Tomorrow - 30th November 2022.


Our friends PIRC Public Interest Research Centre are hosting an online session at 12pm GMT on Thursday 24th November to discuss how to diversify, democratise and decolonise narrative and communications work in the UK.

They say:
Our societies are built on narratives. These narratives—of our past, present and future—provide the scaffolding for our political systems, our social structures, and our own thinking.
The old narratives told us things would only get better; if we work hard, we’ll do well in life; and some of us are better than others. These narratives have failed us. Across the world, we see a rise in authoritarian, nationalist and isolationist narratives which have terrible impacts on the lives of women, people of colour, LGBTQ+ people, Gypsies and Travellers, migrants, workers, and the environment.
We need new narratives, to help bring new worlds into being. And we need new spaces, strategies and ways of coming together to build those new narratives. Otherwise, in the words of our friend and associate Elena Blackmore, “we’re likely to be recreating the same old familiar patterns”.
At PIRC, whilst we are a small organisation, we know we have power and resources as one of the few organisations in the UK funded to support narrative change work. We also know that knowledge and funding have historically been gatekept by a privileged few, including ourselves. How do we change that?
Register via their website to join the conversation ! https://publicinterest.org.uk

Cities overcoming neoliberalism 18/11/2022


Le città vinceranno il neoliberismo – Azioni locali per un'economia globale più egualitaria

Cities overcoming neoliberalism – Local actions for an egalitarian global economy

Genoa, 19th November 2022


A day- long online seminar consisting of Q and A's lectures, discussions and more! Hosted by our friends and partners che osa, to present ideas and good practices from across Europe and promote a more egalitarian and democratic economy. The sessions will be streamed throughout the day in English and Italian Live on Facebook and Youtube . Please register via the link above to participate!

Cities overcoming neoliberalism International convention: local actions for an egalitarian global economy

Photos from Ulex Project's post 04/11/2022

💥Exciting News💥

Applications are now open for
The Movement Learning Catalyst
A Year Long + Hybrid ( digital +in-person ) training programme designed to find new & transformative ways of working across difference, developing competencies for transversal & transnational organizing, connecting across issues & designing responsive strategies to challenge the interlocking systems of oppression .

Course Structure:
• On-line Modular Curriculum & Workshop/Seminars.
• International
Residential Trainings: Linked to Ulex Project’s Ecology of Social Movements trainings .
• Regional In- Person Gatherings.
• Peer-to-Peer Learning Circles: structured small group spaces for ongoing inquiry & reflection.
• In- Person Group Visits: We will support participants in visiting each other’s projects to get a clearer sense of diverse working contexts & cultures.
• Personal One to One Mentoring: one-to-one mentor time with course facilitators.

This project is a collaboration between European Community Organizing Network - ECON
EuropeanAlternatives Web & Maynooth University
More info - https://ulexproject.org/courses_events/mlc_year_long/
📸 ECON EuropeanAlternatives Web & Ulex Project

Strengthening the Ecology of Social Movements: week-long residential course in Catalonia — Why Social Movements Matter 27/09/2022

Our Strengthening the Ecology Of Social Movements Training runs 22 to 30 OCT 2022 and will be held at the extrordinary Vidalia intentional community.https://www.vidalia.coop/home/

Read this article by one of our long time collaborators Lawrence Cox for a more in-depth insight into the training.


Strengthening the Ecology of Social Movements: week-long residential course in Catalonia — Why Social Movements Matter From 22-30 October, experienced activists from social movements across Europe will be coming together at the extraordinary Vidàlia intentional community (1 hr north of Barcelona) to work on developing alliances, learning from each other’s struggles and creating a better world

#PakistanIsOurStory 06/09/2022


Our friends at Climáximo are organising a day of Solidarity.
Their call to action says this:

“On 9th September we will take to the streets in solidarity with communities affected by the floods in Pakistan.

One third of Pakistan is under water, thousands of people were killed, homes and land destroyed. Pakistan is one of the least responsible countries for the climate crisis, yet is suffering the hardest.

The fossil fuel industry and the capitalist system are directly responsible. We must stop the climate criminals. We will fight for the elimination of fossil fuels and for climate reparations, starting with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) unconditionally cancelling Pakistan's debt payments. We demand climate justice for Pakistan.

Come stand with us in international solidarity with Pakistan and protest and show the world that Pakistan is our story too.

Full details of the event and how you cn get involved here:

Details of Leeds, UK event:

Can also add:

#PakistanIsOurStory GLOBAL DAY OF SOLIDARITY ACTION – 9th September Scroll Down A third of Pakistan is underwater, thousands were killed, homes and land destroyed. Pakistan is one of the countries least responsible for the climate crisi...


This week it was the UN ‘International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples’. “A day recognising the legacy & impact of colonialism on Native communities, & celebrating the achievements, cultures, teachings, & collective power of contemporary Native peoples.”

Today and everyday we celebrate the hugely influential Zapatista Movement & their fight for indigenous rights in Mexico.

On Jan 1st, 1994, in the wake of the NAFTA agreement, the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) occupied several towns in Chiapas, Mexico, after years of advocating the state for social change & being ignored.

They declared that true democracy lies “where the people are, and not ‘up there’ at the top of the institutions” They were shouting, “¡Ya basta!” Enough is enough!

Mexico has the largest indigenous population in Latin America & Chiapas has the most multicultural & multi-ethnic population of the country. Chiapas’s indigenous people have been excluded from governmental decision-making process, from having their basic human rights recognised & from accessing services.

EZLN demanded that the Mexican Government put an end to indigenous segregation & oppression. The predominant communities that form the EZLN are the Tzeltal, Tzozil, Chol, Tjolobal, Zoque, Kanjobal and Mame.

But they spoke to the oppressed people of the world saying :

‘A Zapatista is anyone anywhere fighting injustice....We are you. Marcos is gay in San Francisco, black in South Africa, an Asian in Europe, a Chicano in San Ysidro, an anarchist in Spain, a Palestinian in Israel, a Mayan Indian in the streets of San Cristobal, a Jew in Germany, a Gypsy in Poland, a Mohawk in Quebec, a pacifist in Bosnia, a single woman on the Metro at 10pm, a peasant without land, a gang member in the slums, an unemployed worker, an unhappy student and, of course, a Zapatista in the mountains of Mexico."

A prominent aspect of the EZLN's ideology was indigenous feminism seen in “The Women's Revolutionary Law” 10 laws, focussing on reproductive health facilities, access to technology & education, small business support, independent decision-making, & not being physically, mentally or emotionally abused.

The Zapatista have published & distributed four books, under the heading ‘Freedom According to the Zapatistas’,
They are:
I) Autonomous Government I
II) Autonomous Government II
III) The Participation of Women in the Autonomous Government
IV) Autonomous Resistance

You can engage directly with the work of the Zapatista through their own communication channel “Zapatista Connection”- https://enlacezapatista.ezln.org.mx/category/archivo-historico/

And here is an interesting essay about indigenous feminism and the role of women in the Zapatista movement.

Photos from Ulex Project's post 04/08/2022


This month our book club recommendations are magazine publications created by collectives of writers, educators, artists & activists.

They are :
Fight The Fire -https://www.fighthefire.net
Interface Journal - https://www.interfacejournal.net
A Liberatory Vision- https://buildingthefuturenow.org/zines/politics-and-principles-of-coil/index.html
Eko Magazine -https://www.ekozineonline.com/ and Briar Patch Magazine -https://briarpatchmagazine.com/

We feel these publications have a common thread that binds them: They all seek to challenge dominant, oppressive narratives, speak truth to power, share activist struggles, co-create liberatory visions, disseminate social movement theory, instigate conversations that challenge apathy & promote social, racial & environmental justice , embrace emancipation & the pursuit of joyful completeness.

Here is a more in-depth write up on 2 of them.

Fight The Fire (https://www.fighthefire.net ) “Fight the Fire is a new magazine written from an ecosocialist perspective coming from the frontlines of the climate justice movement.

“We are running. While we catch our breath between the many things that are happening, we need to think about what we’ve been doing and look into the future. Until we win, everything we do is just practice, and we constantly need to keep focus: try, fail, analyze, improvise, improve, escalate. What will it take to change the system? Who will do it?
What future are we going into”

A Liberatory Vision : A Publucation by LACoil and APP ( Another Politics is Possible) as 'Building the Future Now' .

"The writers of this publication are people who are also asking ourselves these questions. We are involved in struggles for justice in Los Angeles, in New York and in places in between, and we are writing this because we hope the thoughts and experiences we share here will help to spark dialogue about how to build the world we all want. We offer our vision of a different world, not as a promise of a place that is far off in the distance where one day we hope to dramatically arrive, but rather as a set of principles and values that guide us in our practice of liberation now.

We want to talk about how to build movements and organizations that both challenge current conditions and practice liberation. We practice liberation now in order to build experience with holding power differently in our own lives and communities, to reclaim our agency, creativity, humanity, dignity, and our capacity to love and be joyful.

We want to build movements that are capable of interrupting existing systems of oppression, exploitation and domination, and radically shift the ways that we think, relate and live. We understand revolution as a process rather than an event and are working to build movements that transform power, rather than merely seizing or democratizing power in its current forms."

Please support all of these project through purchase of their publications or donation 🙏

PIRC | Strengthening the stories that unite us... 15/07/2022

Dear UK based friends.

Our partners Public Interest Research Centre ( on twitter) are recruiting for two roles: a Community Lead and a Fundraising Lead. Could one of these opportunities be the perfect fit for you, or someone you know?

"For over a decade PIRC has been supporting movements for social, economic and climate justice to map, develop and strengthen compelling narratives that transform culture and policy. They work collaboratively across the UK and Europe, embedded in social movements, using participatory tools and methodologies. In this time of multiple crises, where people’s beliefs and world-views can become more open to change, where previously entrenched cultural narratives can shift, they are working to diversify, democratise and deepen civil society’s crucial work in this area"

The roles are based in Machynlleth (Wales) in the UK, or there is a possibility to work remotely from the uk *

You can find both job descriptions on their website:

*Please note - Applicants will need to be based in the UK and have a valid work permit.

PIRC | Strengthening the stories that unite us... For over a decade PIRC has been supporting movements for social, economic and climate justice to map, develop and strengthen compelling narratives that transfor



Our friends at Skills For Action ( A Network of Action Trainers in German speaking countries) are hosting an online event for trainers & people interested in training work. At this session they will be showcasing their newly translated Training Resource Manual - linked here


Tuesday 28 June 2022 at 7-9 pm (CET)

If you would like to participate in the event. Please register by sending an email to [email protected].

Here is a video ( in German ) with some more info on the resource. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9YoF0T2yrY


Do you want to be part of a team that uses activist education to challenge the interlocking systems of oppression that undermine social justice and ecological integrity?

Do you want to be strategic and foster the ambition to have a powerful & transformative impact in your work?

We are looking for a project coordinator to join our core team.
Application Deadline is 28th June.

More details and full job description is available on our website-https://ulexproject.org/working-with-ulex/

Please share and tag your friends in the comments below and help us spread the word!


“Right now, a pan-European alliance of activist training groups and academics is working on a project to deepen strategic thinking and the capacity for alliance-making between social movements across many different countries”
A nice piece written by Lawrence Cox about ‘A Movement Learning Catalyst’ that Ulex are co-designing with pan European partners.

Read the full article here -https://wagingnonviolence.org/rs/2022/05/movement-learning-vital-long-term-success/

Communications strategy training attended by two of our volunteers - Friends Of the Earth Malta 06/05/2022

Historical stories provide deep undercurrents of understanding of our national and global psyches. And within this ecosystem, our movements are telling stories of need and despair, hope and change” Nice Friends of the Earth Malta artcile about our recent ‘Narrative, Framing and Story-based Strategy Training’


Communications strategy training attended by two of our volunteers - Friends Of the Earth Malta Communications strategy training attended by two of our volunteersApril 28, 2022April 28, 2022 Narrative, Framing & Story-based Strategy Training We witness the power of narrative and story on a daily basis. Division and hatred are spread by the press and sometimes politicians. The issues of the day...

Jobs – Movement Hub 04/05/2022

Dear Friends!

We would like to share with you two exciting job opportunities of behalf of our friends and partners at Movement Hub.

The first job position (Transformative Press work for the
Climate Justice Movement in Germany) requires high proficiency in spoken and written German.

The second position (IT and Graphic Design) doesn't require fluent German

Deadline is the 9th May 2022.
Primary work location is Berlin and/or Leipzig.

Read more about both these opportunies here:

Jobs – Movement Hub Jobs Jobs Wir haben zwei aktuelle Stellenausschreibungen. Bewerbungsfrist ist der 9. Mai 2022. Bitte bewerbt Euch per Mail an [email protected] . 1. Transformative Pressearbeit in sozialen Bewegungen 2. IT und Grafikdesign IT and Graphic Design

Sessions — Regenerative Activism 20/04/2022

The 2nd instalment of
Titled ‘Forging and Sustaining Vision’ starts today at 18:00 BST.
JOIN US! To hear from leading thinkers such as Satish Kumar, Farhana Yamin, Brooke Lavelle and Zack Walsh.

Sessions — Regenerative Activism SessionsWeekly dialogues and a half-day integration workshop, run as a series. Please note that all timings are in BST, i.e. London time. All sessions are live but will be recorded. Recordings will be sent to you upon registration.  Wednesday 13 April 2022, 6pm - 7:30pm BSTRekindling Radical Imagin...

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How do you tackle POWER, PRIVILEGE, and RANK in your organizations and learning spaces?Share your insights below 🗣These ...
We’re looking forward to welcoming you at   #regenerativeactivism 2022! ⚡️JOIN US!⚡️ and hear from a host of acclaimed  ...
Friends from Community Action Training (CAT) are currently seeking contributors for a blended learning programme to supp...

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