Council of Social Sciences Pakistan.

Council of Social Sciences Pakistan.

The Council is a service-oriented, non-profit, non-partisan, and autonomous organisation of social s


Lost Heritage

FINAL FRONTIER: In the western region of Indus River, the Sikhs had built 27 forts to halt the perennial invasion of the Indian sub-continent through the Khyber Pass. This is a journey to the ‘Final Frontier’ in Pakistan!


Center for Culture and Development (C2D)

Dr. Nadeem Omar Tarar responding to some critical questions on the relationship of Pakistani Culture with tradition, religion and non-Muslim heritage. You are welcome to comment and critique!


Reminiscing Pakistani Culture | Dr. Nadeem Omar Tarar | TEDxNUST

Dr. Tarar's talk is about Pakistani culture, forgotten Pakistani art and his work on the history of the National College of Arts, Pakistan and Pakistani cult...


Defeating Terrorism to Promoting Tourism: Pakistan’s Promise for Cultural Diplomacy Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts,” wrote famous American writer Mark Twain in his 1869 travel book, The Innocents Abroad.  Pakistan was a prominent tourist destination in the days of overland journey connecting P...


Govt plans to preserve two historical sites in Islamabad, minister says

Through research and advocacy of V President COSS, Dr Nadeem Omar Tarar, the Minister for Information, Ch Fawad Hussain made a commitment to conserve the Islamabad's monumental heritage!! ISLAMABAD: The government is working on a plan to preserve and renovate a historic building in Sarai Kharbooza and a...


Please bookmark the date! Exploring the avenues for cultural diplomacy between Pakistan and Central Asia


Center for Culture and Development (C2D)

Sadly, the funerary monuments of Lal Mahara do not have any descriptions, nor do any historical records exist to lift the veil of anonymity on those whose memory they perpetuate. Local legends allude to the possibilities of the funerary architectural complex of Lal Mahara being a war memorial to early Muslim nobles and princes, who may have lost their lives in a battle, possibly at the hands of the Mongols who had begun ravaging the Indian hinterland. Those killed were honored by the Sultans of Delhi through the creation of these monumental mansions to house their remains. Perhaps military historians can scrutinize the early history of conquest and lay bare the true identities of those early Muslims who laid down their lives, to establish and protect their homeland in South Asia.


Council of Social Sciences has moved to its new location, F 8 Markaz!


The Executive Committee of COSS with Dr Ishrat Hussain,discussing ways and means to keep going forward.


Cultural gap

Where cultural factors are acting as barriers, it becomes even more important to understand and transform them. Taking alternate cultural logic obliges us to explore how local norms, values, and belief systems can be deployed as an aid in the process of modernisation — in order to develop an approach that can be effectively used by traditional and religious communities Where culture acts as a barrier it is important to understand it.


Sexual harassment

It is an obscure fact of our national history that nearly all our human rights bills have been tabled by women parliamentarians, aided by rights activists. Pakistani women have struggled very hard to achieve legal emancipation; however, there is still a long way to go to achieve emancipation from the clutches of a patriarchal, social and cultural order. There is still a long way to go to create enabling work environments.


Engendering rights The pejorative status of transgender people is a colonial relic we must discard.


Role of faculty in budget preparation stressed Islamabad - The role of faculty must be included in the preparation of education budget as academicians are the major stakeholder of the institutions, an


Net dangers

A nationwide campaign anchored in schools is needed to make children aware of the potential risks of the internet. Digital literacy should be an essential part of the curriculum from the early years in school, so that children recognise and avoid the dangers on the internet. A stakeholder consultation comprising of parents, IT experts, government officials, and school officials is required to equip our young people with online literacy so that they can benefit from the brave new world that technology has opened up. Nobody is watching over children browsing the web.


DailyTimes | Debating the devolution of HEC It is popularly believed that the regulation of higher education if devolved to the provinces will lead to slackening of checks and balances in the universities. The devolution of educational governance of the country is hyped up as fragmentation of national standards of higher education. It is also...


The Executive Body of COSS holds its monthly meeting, chaired by President COSS, Dr Javed Ashraf (VC, QAU).


COSS Executive Committee meeting chaired by President COSS, VC Quaid Azam University.


PTV News Official Website

Social Science take on the water crisis in Baluchistan.


Dr Nadeem Omar Tarar, Vice President COSS speaking on the role of social scientist in the resolution of water crisis in Baluchistan.


ISPR Hilal Magazine - Cementing the Friendship Bond: Pak-China Cultural Ties

Reflections on triangular cultural relations between Pakistan-China and Iran.


An upcoming social science event in Islamabad.


Council of Social Sciences, Pakistan
in collaboration with American Institute of Pakistan Studies held a dinner-reception to bring together the community of social scientists to meet American novelist Paul Herding.


Management and social sciences: truth behind research publications Management and social sciences: truth behind research publications - I By Dr Ayub Mehar ARTICLE (July 12 2008): To achieve the objective of...


Social scientists can boost economy of country Educationists stress the need for promoting social sciences


HEC contribution for social sciences promotion lauded ISLAMABAD – Development of social sciences is imperative for development and progress of any society. Strong democracies and developed nations have a long history of social science research culture in


The Role of Science and Technology in Society and Governance - Toward a New Contract between... Representatives from Mexico, the USA and Canada met in Alberta, Canada, to examine the impact of scientific change on society and its governance. Preparing for the 1999 World Conference on Science, the group looked at many aspects of the links between science and society — strengths, weaknesses, ben…



Ijtihad » The Role of Social Scientists in Muslim Societies This article was published in the May 2004 issue of Islamic Horizon (USA). It was previously published by Islam21(UK) and The Globalist.


Need for social scientists Need for social scientists Editor's MailAugust 24, 2011 BY Pakistan Today The scope of social sciences amongst the youth of our country has been on a declining trend for a very long time. There has been a complete absence of social scientists in our society and this is one of the causes of the circu…


Social Sciences in Pakistan—a bright future | Opinion Maker By Shafei Moiz Hali According to a survey based on education conducted by Gallup, the higher education for our youth is divided in to two broad disciplines


Dear COSS Members,

In response to my email of 16 January seeking nomination papers for the vacant seat of Secretary General of COSS, only one nomination paper was received.

Nominee: Dr. Nadeem Omar Tarar
Nominated by: Dr. Zarina Salamat
Seconded by: Dr. Saif Abbasi

Dr. Nadeem Omar Tarar therefore stands elected unopposed. Congratulations to him. We hope to see COSS reach newer heights under his able leadership.


Dr. A. H. Nayyar
Election Commissioner


Let’s put some life into Social Sciences: IUCPSS Let’s put some life into Social Sciences: IUCPSS City Islamabad2 mins ago BY INP he Mardan Declaration on strengthening social sciences released by the Inter University Consortium for Promotion of Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities (IUCPSS) Pakistan has been widely appreciated by academicians and th…

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