My Nursing Journey

My Nursing Journey

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Where do I even start?


I feel like I need to sleep for a whole week to feel semi-human again.

I went into this placement expecting to enjoy certain aspects of it and dislike others but overall did not think it would be for me. After just over 2 weeks of alternating between casualty and trauma, I have absolutely fallen in love with it and I am now considering it for my future. I have some eventful memories from this placement. I had the chance to see all sorts of patients since everyone starts by us. There was definitely a lot to learn.

On Wednesday, a lovely Dr. allowed me to suture (just two lines🙈). It was a totally different experience from suturing a mannequin. And I later observed a closed reduction procedure.

The other skills that I got to perform for the first time on a real human included the insertion of a Foley catheter and ECG. Felt super cool placing the leads and electrodes😎Although I do not know how to interpret it🙃. There is also a huge improvement in my history taking.

And yeah, just like that we are wrapping up 3rd year-first semester✨

I am going to take a few weeks off to catch up on Zzzzz's and recharge!

I shall see yall soon God willing.

Take care,

Yours in service,
Student Nurse Masimini🫶



Hey all👋
I hope you are all doing well
It's been a while since I have touched base,

So so much has happened since I last posted,.
Ereng ke le squize in!

This is an overview of what I got up to on my first placement of Year 3.

I've spent the first 2 weeks of April in Paeds.
The ward was divided into 3, medical, surgical, and ortho.
It is safe to say I love Paeds Nursing. There was so much to see and each day was different. I really felt I fit in quite well.

Paeds Nursing is not all about giving cuddles and it is most definitely not all happy happy, it can be hard to see the little ones in pain, with nasogastric tubes and catheters on their bodies and oxygen prongs up their noses, and when the Doctors insert IVI, my heart😭🥺, but all of this is needed to keep them in optimum health.

Here's some of the skills I got to perform:
-More involvement in admissions and discharges
-Administering oral meds, injections, and IV meds
-Priming the line and setting up the flow rate
-Administering oxygen
-Administering Nebs
-Health Education (One of the best things I got to do, I strongly feel that I am an educator at heart hey)
-Transfers to theatre
-Stoma care
-Discontinuation of IV
-Tons of wound dressings🙃
-POP care
-Changing IVs
-Removing nasogastric tubes
-I even answered the phone (This was such an achievement for me as I was petrified of answering it)

This is of course just a very small list of the things I got up to and learned immensely from. There is much more that I have missed in this list.

The GI unit is more of an independent theatre. This is where procedures such as endoscopies are performed.

An endoscope is a special viewing instrument that the doctor uses to see the inside of your body and it is connected onto a TV screen. Different instruments can be inserted through a port of the endoscope allowing the Dr. to perform certain procedures for example biopsies, (this is the removal of tiny pieces of tissues which are examined in a lab so that a diagnosis can be made). My role in the unit comprised of making sure we have the right patient, asking if they have been NPO, ensuring that the informed consent form is signed, correctly positioning the patient, placing the linen saver under the patient's head to collect saliva, placing the mouth guard between their teeth and gums to prevent the patient from closing their mouth and biting the endoscope, spraying the back with a local anesthetic, to make the area numb, monitoring the patient's vital signs, sometimes id administer oxygen, etc.

Every now and then the Dr. will request me to hold the endoscope, if you have ever been summoned to hold the endoscope, you know that I was sweating the whole time!! But I got used to it over time.

Not going to lie, I like the idea of working in theatre, although I have not been to MAIN/CENTRAL theatre, the problem is ISQEDA SIYASHO🥶The Nurse be like grab a gown Masimini, lapho the gown is so light material.

All in all, It has been lovely and refreshing to have something other than wards as a placement.

Boy oh boy I think I have found my home guys!!🥹😍.
Ko Casualty go busy neh but it is organized chaos. And I so love it!! The downside of it is that I am constantly faced with death on a daily basis, this is where you see that Nursing is difficult, more especially in Accident and Trauma nursing, Sometimes it gets so hard that I just want to go to another room to cry off after an unsuccessful resuscitation because God decided otherwise. At the same time, I need to go on for the sake of those who are still alive.

Despite the scariness of it all, Emergency and Trauma nursing is in the lead, followed by Paeds, Community nursing is somewhere in between, and right at the bottom we have General Nursing aka Medical and Surgical wards.

All in all, I am grateful for having been afforded the opportunity to follow a career that I love and the mentors that have been enthusiastic to teach me and answer my never-ending questions. Indeed it takes a village to raise a Student Nurse. We come to clinical areas with our heads full of theory😂and leave there having mastered so many skills that can only be attained through experience.

I am learning and growing so much, facing my fears, and embracing all of the learning opportunities. Which is exactly what being a student nurse is all about:).

That is all for my update.

Let me go pull the blanket as I prepare for my night shift.

Yours in service,
Student Nurse Masimini

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Ngyezwa kthiwa anisangazi🥹

Photos from My Nursing Journey's post 21/03/2023

21 March 2023 || Be Right Back || Taking a Break || Ramadan

Hey my loves🤍
Hope you are all doing well.

I have decided to take some time away from my page.

I am going to miss you guys.

My email still works, feel free to email me.

I love and treasure you all.

Shap Shap.

See you soon, God willing


19 March 2023 || Let's Catch Up || Update

Hii my loves💜
How are you? I would honestly love to know.
Feel free to share in the comments.

I have been slacking here🥹, Busy Busy Busy!

The third year is in full swing, only two weeks of the block left until we are out on clinical placement.
By the way “I am no longer with Medical and Surgical wards, I am now with..Paediatric wards, Casualty and Theatre”. There is levels to this thing heyy😅

This month has been really hectic, with lots of mandatory lectures.
The sheer amount of content we have covered so far is super overwhelming.

We had case study presentations for unit management and leadership. We were divided into 3 groups; My group presented on staffing, scheduling, and delegation. It was interesting to learn from each other!

I welcomed the new month with a GNS test and had been so nervous and anxious ever since. There was a lot of pathophysiologying. Kept thinking, oh no, I should have written this intervention for this particular critical concept, some rationale were shaky shaky, ended up sending myself into total stress thinking that I did not perform so well! I cannot even tell you the relief when I got my script back on Friday😍.

This coming Wednesday I have a CPR training and am booked for a simulation class. Next week I am writing GNS and Unit Management and leadership.

While other kids are enjoying their long weekend, it is literally just studying, studying, and studying on my side.

Hopefully, it will pay off.

PS: I just had to post this pic, I miss my navy and white😩

Loves please be safe🤍

As alwayssss,
Love, Light, and Blessings


14 March 2023

"Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do"

Words to live by this week, and always!

Happy Tuesday everyone💜


28 February 2023 || Clinical Skills Laboratory || Simulation Classes

I often doubt myself and my abilities, yet I look back at the things I was in awe of older nursing students knowing and realising that I actually know those skills now🥹❤️

Starting from a completely blank slate, not knowing how to meter bed corners during bedmaking skills, and struggling to measure manual blood pressure (this skill had me in a chokehold in my first year)😩😅 but here I am just over 2 years later practicing suturing🪡. Emphasis on 'Practice' because my suturing "is not make sure" but practice makes perfect, I will get there✨

I have developed so much and have an ever-growing confidence since starting my degree.

I'll give myself a pat on the back❤️

Have a great day my loves,

As alwayssss..
Love, Light, and Blessings


19 February 2023 || First Week Of 3rd Year🥹❤️

Happy Sunday💜

Whew! What a busy week.

It feels so surreal to have made it this far.

Hearing the lecturers say "Welcome to 3rd year" with big smiles on their faces was just so special🥰

We had a two-day extended orientation which consisted of going through our respective modules course oulines, assessments, lecturers expectations,...

I definitely feel that the degree has been turned up a notch or two!
Seems like this year I will live and breathe Nursing.
Not much time for anything else😩

We have already covered two conditions for GNS and hunnieyy, the stuff we are learning is deep knowledge GNS level (which makes me excited but super nervous as well).

That's all for my update.

Have a lovely week my angels🤍

As alwayyyss,
Love, Light and Blessings


12 February 2023 || Chapter 3/4📚

The journey continues.....

Hi third year, what do you have in store for me!?

Long time, No see!
Hope you are all doing well🥹🤍

After a long lovely two months of holidays, We are back at it.
My student Nurse brain was slowly turning off.

Tomorrow marks the start of a new academic year which means new experiences and opportunities for growth.

I am a huge ball of nerves right now but I am soo ready to give this year everything I have.

I have said to myself many times that there will be ZERO procrastination this year and I am going to work HARD.

I've got this. You've got this. We've got this.

To those who've already commenced, when was your first day back at school?
How did you feel the day before?

Have a great week ahead loves🌸

As always,
Love, Light, and Blessings

PS: I got this lovely pic⬇️⬇️⬇️ from Pinterest and was like why no use it🥰


11 January 2023 || A New Chapter📖

Hello 3rd Year!🥰

The happiest Wednesday because 11 January 2023 means one thing.........

I am now a fully registered 3rd year Nursing student!🥳💉🩺😍

Third-year theory classes will commence in February God Willing.

This semester I will be taking the following modules:
Unit Management and Leadership
Medical and Surgical Nursing 2- Theory
Medical and Surgical Nursing 2- Clinical
Research in Nursing

If you have survived the above-mentioned modules, what tips/advice do you have for me? Please comment below⬇️



Sis is finally done with second year!

Today marked my last day of clinicals as a second year nursing student🎉. I literally SCREAMED in small letters when the clinic manager signed me off!😂🙈

I am not one to mention the clinical areas I am allocated at but this will have to be an exception, the KINDNESS and SUPPORT the staff at RedHill Clinic showed me was outstanding. Every student deserves a placement of such a high standard. I am immensely grateful for their patience and for pouring into me. May they be blessed.

So much has happened this academic year but I cannot believe I am halfway to becoming a qualified Nurse.

I am proud that I have made it thus far in my nursing journey
One day I will be the FIRST FEMALE GRADUATE in my family. One of the very few to have even completed high school.

Thank you all for being part of my nursing journey!
Thank you for your continued support and for bearing with me when things got tough.

I am so excited to enjoy some well-needed time off and see where the third year takes me🩺💊💉

Please take care of yourselves and be safe.

Bye for now😊🤍

As alwayssss
Love, Light, and Blessings



-ENGLISH AND BIOLOGY/PHYSIOLOGY: (C) symbol in SG and (D) symbol in HG


Photos from Life of A Nurse's post 06/12/2022

Limpopo College of Nursing
Diploma in Nursing Applications Are Open


06 December 2022 || Clinical Placement || Day 6

Another day done and dusted👏

When one thinks of Nurses and Nursing in general, one of the first things that come to mind is injections💉.

Well, today I immunised little ones 🥹🤍And boy oh boy it was so riveting!

The looks oEnzo gave me😭😩😂Shame mahn, Askies


05 December 2022|| Clinical Placement || Day 1

Done for the day❤️

Clinic life = Soft life 🤍

Photos from UKZN's College of Health Sciences's post 23/11/2022


Photos from My Nursing Journey's post 23/11/2022

23|| November || 2022
School of Nursing and Public Health
2022 Peer Wellness Mentors

"In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us" ❤️

Photos from My Nursing Journey's post 23/11/2022


Heyy my lovelies🥰
I hope you're all doing well❤️.

....And just like that, second year is almost over.

I cannot actually believe there is just a few weeks left of second semester, I don't know where the time has gone, it feels only 5 minutes ago I applied to Uni and was complaining about Chemistry and Anatomy.

To say the least, this semester has probably been the hardest of 4
The last few months have been hectic. My mental state was pretty bad, I've had no motivation at times, the workload on the other hand😩,...I have also neglected this page😭.

All in all, I have grown and learned that I can actually handle much more than I thought I could.

I have just about a week to reflect and digest this academic year as a whole, I will then close it off by completing my clinical placements and obtaining the required hours. (From the 5th to the 14th of December)

And yeah, that's it my loves.

As alwayssss
Love, Light and Blessings

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05 October 2022 || Austerville Community Intervention || Child Abuse and Neglect Awareness Programme

Heyy my loves❤️Kade nganigcina, hope you are all doing well😊.

IT'S A WRAP!!!🥳🥳🥳

This adjournes our community placement❤️✨️🥰and I am absolutely OVER THE MOON❤️🤗. It has been an eventful experience with many ups and downs. 06h30 bus pick-ups, community health needs assessments, community profiling, health promotion/education talks, project proposal, alot of back and forth, fatigue, tears, laughs and a few moments of wanting to quit...but it's doneeee!!! And chileee it was done well!!!❤️✨️🥰🔥

As alwaysss,
Love, Light and Blessings


12 August 2022 || Back In My Navy and White

Heyy my lovelies❤😍
I hope you're all doing well.

It's my second Friday in the hospital since last year December and I've already learnt soo much!

I am thrilled to be at such a great hospital and a ward filled with Nurses who are eager and willing to teach.

I can happily say that this placement is a total different vibe to my last one❤

What I appreciate the most is that I am actually treated like an important piece of the puzzle..a part of the MDT and not just a mere Student Nurse. Whenever there is a procedure that I have not perfomed before, I am given an oportunity to not just observe but take part in it! I soo love this for me🥺❤

As alwaysss
Love, Light and Blessings


KZN College of Nursing
Diploma In Nursing Applications Are Open
Closing Date: 31 August 2022

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24 July 2022 || Quick Update || Clinical Placement

Heyy my lovelies❤😍
I hope you're all doing well.

I realised I've not posted on here for a while so I figured I should probably do so. Where do I even start?

So for the past 2 weeks I was on clinical placement(local municipality Clinic). I've had an okayish time. I have learnt lots and I feel like a real qualified nurse now😂. The staff was helpful and willing to teach. I absorbed lots of information. May they be blessed.

Here's some of the areas I worked in the clinic:
-Well baby Clinic
-Family Planning
-Chronic Care
-TB section
-Minor ailments
- HIV Counselling and Testing

Second Semester is scheduled to commence tomorrow.

This semester I'll be studying the following core modules:
-Community Based Nursing
-Medical and Surgical Nursing 1-Theory
-Medical and Surgical Nursing 1-Clinical

Electives(We have to choose one of the following modules):
-Psychology/ Sociology

May this semester be kind to me🤲🏾

As alwaysss
Love, Light and Blessings

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04 July 2022 || WORKSHOP || QUICK UPDATE

Good Morning my loves🌸
Hope you're all doing well.

For the next 5 days I'll be attending an HIV|AIDS Counseling Workshop which counts for 40 hours, so attendance is imperative.

The Worskop will cover the following:

From the look of things, it seems like it's going to be quite an intense workshop..

So I'd still be around, but not as active.

See y'all then.

Have a blessed week!

As alwaysss
Love, Light and Blessings


Gauteng College Of Nursing
Diploma In Nursing Applications Are Open!!📢📢📢

Admission Requirements:



Senior Certificate:
-English HG D or SG C
-Mathematics HG D or SG C
-Biology HG D or SG C
-M score of 17

National Senior Cerificate:
-English level 4
- Life Sciences level 4
-Mathematics level 4 or Mathematics Literacy level 5
- Life Orientation counts half the score
-APS 27

National Vocational Certificate:
-50% in Fundumental Subjects( English First Additional Language, Maths or Maths lit, Life Orientation)
-60% in Vocational Subjects (SA Health Care System, Public Health, The Human Body and Mind and Community Orientated Primary Care)

Current Grade 12 learners must meet the NSC requirements in their Grade 11 final results.

Closing date: 31 July 2022

Link to apply⬇️⬇️⬇️

Photos from Nurse Zee's post 02/07/2022


Not my FAV getting recognised as ONE OF THE 200...Yesss...200 YOUNG SOUTH AFRICANS FOR 2022🔥😍👑🥳

You are amazingg and continuous congratulations for all the incredible achievements Nurse Zee.

I am so damn proud of you!!!



University of Fort Hare
Bachelor of Nursing and Midwifery
Applications Are Open!!📢📢📢

Admission Requirements:
-Mathematics level 4 or Mathematics Literacy level 5
-Physical Sciences level 4
- Life Sciences level 4
-English level 4
- Life Orientation level 4
-Any other 2 subjects from the designated list

Admission Point Score: 28/29

Online Application is FREE whilst Manual Application is R120 for South African Citizens and R500 for International Students.

Closing Date: 31 October 2022

Link to apply


Nelson Mandela University
Bachelor of Nursing (Extended Programme) Applications Are Open!!📢📢📢

Duration: 5 years

Admission Requirements:
-An applicant with NSC Grade 12 Mathematics requires a minumum Applicant Score of 330
-An applicant with NSC Grade 12 Mathematics Literacy requires a minimum Applicant Score of 345
-NSC achievement rating of at least 35% for Mathematics or 55% for Mathematics Literacy
-NSC achievement rating of at least 50% for Life Sciences
-NSC achievement rating of at least 40% for Physical Sciences

How to calculate Applicant Score:

"Your Applicant Score (AS) is calculated using six subjects. Please note that Life Orientation (LO) is excluded.

Write down your Grade 12 subjects and the most recent percentage (%) obtained in each subject (NO Gr 12 March results).

You MUST include the results for the following three compulsory subjects: 1) Home language; 2) 1st Add. Language; and 3) Maths; or Maths Lit; or Technical Maths.

For applicants with seven Grade 12 NSC subjects, your AS is calculated by adding the percentages for your six 20-credit subjects (Note that the Life Orientation percentage is not included as it is a 10-credit subject). This gives a score out of 600.

For those applicants taking eight or more subjects your AS is calculated as follows: add the percentages obtained for the three compulsory subjects (the two languages and Mathematics, Technical Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy), plus the percentage(s) for any subject(s) required by the programme, together with the percentage(s) for the next best / highest subject(s), to a maximum of six subjects.

In addition, for those applicants from quintile 1 to 3 schools who attain 50% or higher for Life Orientation, 7 additional points are added to their score out of 600 to arrive at their final AS.

Compare your AS & subject requirements to the minimum needed for the qualification you want to apply for.

If your Applicant Score (AS) & subject requirements are below the minimum required, you will need to consider another qualification for which you do qualify."

Online applications for our Bachelor of Nursing degree & Bachelor of Nursing (Extended Programme) closes on 4 August 2022 (Early applications) and 30 September (late applications). Places are limited, so it is in your best interest to submit your online application and ALL supporting docs before this date. Follow our four-step application process:

Discover our Undergraduate Programmes:

Discover our Faculty:

A students experience:

Nursing Science: Nelson Mandela University


University of KwaZulu-Natal Bachelor of Nursing Applications Are Open📢📢📢

Minimum Requirements:

🩺A National Senior Certificate with English and Life Orientation level 4 , Mathematics/Mathematics Literacy level 3 and Life Sciences level 4 .You DON'T need Physical Sciences .

🩺30 points excluding Life Orientation.

🩺Remeber Nursing must be your FIRST CHOICE!!

Documents Required:

🩺Certified copies of your Identity Document
🩺Grade 11 Report
🩺Grade 12 June/Trial Report (if you have not written your final examination)

Closing Date: 30 September 2022
PS: College of Health Sciences DOES NOT accept late applications!!!

Application Fee: R250 (South African Citizen)
:R300 (International applicants)

The application form and payment must reach the CAO before the 30th of September.

Payment Options:

🩺Online with your credit card
🩺At any EasyPay outlet (Shoprite, Checkers,Pick 'n Pay, Boxer,Woolworths,etc)

Please use YOUR UNIQUE EasyPay Number as a reference when making payment.

Link to apply:

Photos from My Nursing Journey's post 27/06/2022

27 June 2022|| WHERE HAVE I BEEN

Heyy my loves ❤🥺😍
Hope you are all doing well.

It's been a hot minute🥺

Sorry for the long silence on my side recently but I want to Normalise taking breaks.

My first semester as a second year Nursing student was quite a slap in the face....even a punch in the face if you may, because sometimes it sure felt like one! The combination of personal and academic issues was very overwhelming. I really had to decide what to prioritise and unfortunately this page was at the back burner. With the addition of the devastating floods that sadly affected many of us, everything just became too taxing.

Don't get me wrong, I really love this page and the community built here, it is beautiful, something that just adds joy to my life, but as much as I love it, somethings just had to come first, and with me being mentally and emotionally drained for what felt like aeons, I just could not sum up enough energy to write an update, even a short paragraph!

Reflecting back, the past few months have been really hectic and kept me on my toes.

Test after test, skill after skill, presentations, assignments, community placements over long stretches of time(8 hours), health promotion/education talks, PHYSICAL WRITTEN EXAMINATIONS, and on top of all this MY JOB (Which I was super excited for at the beginning, but that excitement waned a little as the days went by). I remember waking up and having something to do every day..literally no day offs.

My poor, overworked and sleep-deprived brain and body was very much confused from the manageable first year I successfully completed to the shock-blast that is second year. I have never experienced this level of stress before.

I am grateful to God to be done with the first semester and for my support system that helped me pull through.

May second semester be kind to me🥺🤲🏾❤

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