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Numerical Methods All Lectures Using Mathematica Video Lectures...

Numerical Methods Lecture 1: Errors
Numerical Methods Lecture 2: Bisection Method Using Mathematica
Numerical Methods Lecture 3: Secant Method Using Mathematica
Numerical Methods Lecture 4: Regula−Falsi Method Using Mathematica
Numerical Methods Lecture 5: Newton−Raphson Method Using Mathematica
Numerical Methods Lecture 6: Gauss−Jordan method Using Mathematica
Numerical Methods Lecture 7: Gauss elimination method (with row pivoting) Using Mathematica

DU CS Lectures: Numerical Methods All Lectures Using Mathematica Video Lectures

Timeline photos 08/02/2015

Hello Friends...

Ab hmko protest krne ki permission bhi mil gye hai...

Sb ko aana hai...
vishwavidhyalaya metro station pr monday 9th feb @ 9:00 am...

Timeline photos 06/02/2015

Guys !! 20 july 2014, when FYUP was scrapped so that Now we are the unique batch, jinke na aage koi hai aur na peeche.. Bt ye jo hai iski bhi koi market value nhi hai... Bcoz it is not A.I.C.T.E Approved.. Now the time has come and the deadlines are set u.e we have to take the A.I.C.T.E approval upto 20th feb and the clg principals are not supporting us.. Just faculty are supporting us jinke hath mai kuch nhi hai.. So we have made the union of students and we had spread our arms in 17 colleges and they are supporting us.. And how you can support make the videos, write the text, make the trailers for appeal of A.I.C.T.E. Approval.. All these things must have venue of protest, date and timings.. And they are as vishwavidhyalaya metro station on monday 9th feb @ 9:00 am sharply.. Reach there in the huge amount.. Bcoz we all have to take the initiative...


Ek bund b usne na pii, Par vo
kehlaya h

How many of uh going fr d movie ??

chle jao aj e..coz #21 ko toh result aa he rha hai....



Operating Systems : DU Question Paper, Question Paper and Solution

Data Communications and Computer Networks: Paper 1 , Paper 2, Paper 3

Operational Research : Paper 1 Paper 2 New paper 1 New Paper 2

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Selfie Frenzy Entries! :) 05/11/2014

I have participated in selfy pic competition. Please like the pic to make winner. in 2 steps.........Step 1: click on this link and Like Photo.

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Our group is the best one because we play together ,eat together,dance together and beat the birthday boy for the celebration ...................
we plan for the next day for the happiness not for the study ...
we fight together for the no reason and again shake each other hand for the best reason that is friendship ........that is happiness .....
that is to take every next breath with together on the cost of unity.

Pic Title: 3 idiots


Os Program 6

Write program to implement FCFS scheduling algorithm..

void display();
void getdata();
void waitTime();
void turnAroundTime();

int n, a[100],b[100];

int main()
printf("***** FCFS ( FIRST COME FIRST SERVE ) SCHEDULING ******\n\n");


void getdata()
char c;
printf("Enter the number of process ");

printf("\nDo you need to enter the arrival time of process [y/n] or [Y/N]\n");

for(int i=0; i


OS Program no. 1.3

Parent will wait for the child to complete

int main()
pid_t pid;

/* fork a child process */



OS Program no. 1.2

Same program differmt Code...

int main()
int pid;

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For 80 - 125 Roll no.


Program no. 1.1:
(using fork() and/or exec() commands) where parent and child execute: same program, same code.

int main()
pid_t pid,p;

Photos from PGDAV Computer Science's post 24/08/2014

Assignment of OS......


कंप्यूटर इंजीनियरिंग की लड़की को किसी लड़के ने
छेड़ा ,.....
उसका गुस्सा ऐसे निकला ....
अरे ओ !! पेन ड्राइव के ढक्कन , पैदाइशी Error
Virus के बच्चे , Excel की corrupt file . .
अगर 1 Click मारूंगी तो ज़मीन से Delete हो कर
क़बर में Install हो जायेगा .!
समझे !!!!


Breaking # News: DU FYUP
1. DU Server Link 1: http://
2. DU Server Link 2: http://
3. DU Server Link 3: http://

Timeline photos 14/05/2014

New Registration Process in DU.......

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