Mindful Ecotourism

Mindful Ecotourism

We lead mindful hiking adventures that explore mindfulness, ecology and peak experiences.

We did our first ecological learning adventure in the spring of 2015 in Vancouver's Stanley Park. Since then, we have hosted adventure tours, workshops, documentaries and retreats all over the world. We believe it's time for a new generation of leaders to step forward and create a sustainable world that doesn't borrow recklessly from future generations.

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"Our fear is not of the unknown but of letting go of the known. It is only when the mind allows the known to fade away that there is complete freedom from the known, and only then is it possible for the new impulse to come into being.”

— Jiddu Krishnamurti


That sounds about right 😂

Flora, Fauna, Funga | Documentary | National Geographic 13/03/2024

Flora, fauna and … funga. Good to see Fungi getting a little more respect!

Flora, Fauna, Funga | Documentary | National Geographic This short film follows Chilean mycologist Giuliana Furci’s search for new mushrooms in far southern Chile, on the main island of Tierra del Fuego. She’s joi...

Fractals In Nature: Develop Your Pattern Recognition Skills 10/03/2024

Learn some fun and playful fractal gazing activities for improving your pattern recognition skills.

Fractals In Nature: Develop Your Pattern Recognition Skills One of the reasons why spending time outdoors is so therapeutic is because the natural world is filled with fractal patterns that relax our minds and bodies.


The Opabin plateau lookout above Lake O’Hara, one of the most beautiful places in the Canadian Rockies.

Photos from Mindful Ecotourism's post 20/02/2024

Moose Mountain, apparently it is supposed to look like a moose but I don’t see it.

An Indigenous First Nations History of Calgary, Alberta 10/02/2024

Learn about the history and culture of First Nations in the Calgary area.

An Indigenous First Nations History of Calgary, Alberta As for an indigenous name for Calgary, the name Mohkinstsis (MOH-kin-stiss) is an anglicization of the traditional Blackfoot name for the area.

The Spiritual Practice of Awe 11/01/2024

“Wonder requires a person not to forget themselves but to feel themselves so acutely that their connectedness to every created thing comes into focus. In sacred awe, we are a part of the story.”

The Spiritual Practice of Awe My faith is held together by wonder—by every defiant commitment to presence and paying attention. —Cole Arthur Riley, This Here Flesh Writer and liturgist


The Banff Wildlife Crossings Project was implemented in Banff, Alberta.

Combined with fencing to keep the animals off the road, the structures have reduced animal-vehicle collisions in the area by more than 80% (>96% for elk and deer alone).

More details/photos: https://bit.ly/46Xp1Sq


Just below the bends in the river the water becomes calm and reflective like glass.

Why ecotherapy is the wellness trend you need to try in 2023 30/06/2023

Ecotherapy's unifying premise is that humans flourish in nature, and that connecting with the natural world can help us to feel happier, calmer, and more resilient against the stresses of life.

Why ecotherapy is the wellness trend you need to try in 2023 A new wellness trend is reverting back to Mother Nature to find the best medicine for the mind and body

Integrating After Peak Experiences 27/06/2023

Peak experiences and creative flow states can open our eyes to new possibilities.

Integrating After Peak Experiences To stabilize your process, incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine.

People who spend 1.5 hours per day in outdoor light have lowest risk of depression, study finds 19/06/2023

"The researchers said a lack of outdoor light might negatively impact the neuroendocrine system. Serotonin is a chemical that influences our mood, and sunlight helps regulate its production. When we don’t get enough outdoor light, it can disrupt serotonin levels, leading to changes in mood, especially during certain seasons. Lack of outdoor light exposure can also reduce the production of vitamin D, which has been associated with depression and its seasonal patterns."

People who spend 1.5 hours per day in outdoor light have lowest risk of depression, study finds A new study has found that people who spent an average of 1.5 hours per day exposed to outside light had the lowest risk of depression regardless of their genetic predisposition for depression. People who spent more or less time outside had higher risks of depression. The study was published in Tran...


One of the biggest Dryad’s Saddle mushrooms that I’ve ever seen.

Dryad’s Saddle (Polyporus squamosus) is one of the most common edible and medical mushrooms. They are found growing on decaying stumps and logs in the Spring.

According to ancient Greek myth, dryads were woodland fairies or tree nymphs and they would fly around the forest on the giant cap of these mushrooms when people weren’t around.

Rethinking Weeds 18/05/2023

Learn about the medicinal value of many common weeds such as Dandelions, Japanese Knotweed, Goldenrod, Burdoch and more.

Rethinking Weeds Greater awareness of these ubiquitous healers can have implications for ecological restoration, reverence for nature, regenerative living, and environmental justice. By Vanessa Chakour

King Charles: Pagan Green Man? - Counterpoint: Navigating Knowledge 16/05/2023

Interesting use of green man symbolism in the invitations for the coronation.

King Charles: Pagan Green Man? - Counterpoint: Navigating Knowledge King Charles: Pagan Green Man? By Bron Taylor On 4 April 2023, at its official website, the British Royal Family revealed the design of the invitation to the Coronation of King Charles. Hand-painted by heraldry artist Andrew Jamieson, the invitation incorporated wildflowers and wildlife, including a...

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Some aerial drone footage from a group adventure a couple of weeks ago in the mountains north of Lisbon. We hiked from t...
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