Kimmie's Babysitting services

Babysitting affordable price when you need a babysitter for your kids....I'm phone call away...... Get you a babysitter today.

[08/28/18]   Does anyone need a Babysitter?????

[06/18/18]   Hi, everyone i know your wondering what ive been doing?????? Well I've still keep The Twins yes i started back Feb. It's been 5 months straight...... If you need a babysitter I'm here so give a inbox etc. Thank you the best babysitter you have for your children or child 💁

[02/22/18]   One more day then I'm off

[02/20/18]   On my way to work these 5 days straight

[02/10/18]   I been working 5 days straight......home I go today. . ...and do it all over again Monday 😘 see you Monday twins 😘

[02/06/18]   Day 2 back to work 😘

[02/06/18]   Shirts and business cards coming soon

[02/06/18]   My business back open

[09/05/17]   Do you need a babysitter ????

[08/10/16]   If you need a babysitter don't look no further. I'm a phone call away get you a babysitter today!!! Affordable prices


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