Community of Textile Dyers & Colorists

Community  of Textile Dyers & Colorists

We bring all the required information about textile preparatory, dyeing, printing & finishing process. Hopefully we can serve well.. let's start.....!

Our main view to discuss & solution about textile in processing problems, decision making..


Optical Brightners ( colorless Dyes):
These so called dyes are also called fluorescent whitener's or optical brightners. The whiteness is really caused by absorption of Uv light & reflection of visible blue light. Optical brightners are available for cotton, wool,acetate and nylon.They may be applied during bleaching,before resin finishing or with the resin.
Though lightfastness varies, it is generally fair depending upon the compound and the fabric to which it is applied.


Pigment Dyes:
It has used a dyeing technique become increasingly important'.
confined to light shades, bright colors, * such metallic colors as gold usually applied in cotton but also used in fabric of wool & manmade fibres.
Actually, they are not true dyes because they have no affinity for the fibre and are applied and held to the fabric with resins, which are then cured at high temperatures.
After use: pigment dyeing gives excellent light fast color and all round fastness. However, if the shade is too deep then the color will crock..

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