Happy Dogs Mad Mama

Happy Dogs Mad Mama

Happy Dogs! Mad Mama! are perfect books for any Pre-K, K or 1st grade classroom. Help your students

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Now is a great time to order Happy Dogs! Mad Mama! Books for Christmas! Buy a set f all 4… winter, spring, summer, and fall!


Like and share this post for a chance to win your own set of Happy Dogs! Mad Mama! books!The set of 4 books is a perfect Christmas gift! Check them out on Amazon!


If you are starting to order Christmas gifts on Amazon, don’t forget these fun little books! They are perfect for Preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade readers! My grandkids and my students just love them! They also make great baby shower gifts. I just ordered a couple of sets for friends with new grandbabies, and it was so fun to get them today!
Happy Dogs! Mad Mama! 🐶


This is so fun! I brought in my books to share with my class and to show them how fun it is to be an author. Four of my kids have made books on their own at home and brought them in to share. How great is that!


Happy Dog Day!


Happy Dogs!


Need a Christmas gift for a child in your life? These adorable books are perfect for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and first graders. As a teacher, I use them to teach characters, setting, and plot. They are perfect as a set, one of each season. I also use them to teach making an inference, thought bubbles, and observing details in pictures. Teachers, if you purchase the set, I can send you a video on how to use them for virtual or in person teaching. Kids love the humorous stories and the beautiful illustrations! Order yours today! Only $6.99 each and free shipping with Amazon Prime! Feel free to share this post!


A picture of a dogwood tree


I hope you have a wonderful day!


Happy National Dog Day! 🐶


A 2020 update to a classic excuse
“Sorry teacher, but the dog ate my mask!” 🐶

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Check out my website for puppy party ideas!

Books | Mysite Hi, my name is Lisa Guthrie. I love teaching little ones to read! Because of my love for teaching reading, I created Happy Dogs! Mad Mama! books. I wanted to write stories that beginning readers would enjoy and teachers could use to teach important reading skills. As a teacher for over 20 years, I.....


Dogs are so good at relaxing. Their calm spirits are contagious. I hope you have a dog near during these stressful days. 🐶

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Post-Christmas tired pups!


A tale as old as time...

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Well, that was fun! Puppy Snuggle fundraiser!


Puppy Love! 🐶 Join me today at the Hop River City Brewing Company from 12-2 (1515 Harrison) to help raise money for the Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control! I will be there with my Happy Dogs books and some activities for the kids!


My books are in a bookstore! Woohoo! They are in an adorable shop, called BoRo! BoRo has amazing children’s books, and I am so excited to have my Happy Dogs! Mad Mama! Books in their store!

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SALE!!! Don't miss this SALE!!! Everything in my teacher pay teacher store is 25% off on May 7th and 8th! Use the code GIFT4YOU.Also, my books sell for $6.99 each on Amazon, but on May 7th and 8th, I will sell a set of all 4 books for $20! Message me for a set of books!

Happy Dogs Mad Mama Books Browse educational resources created by Happy Dogs Mad Mama Books in the official Teachers Pay Teachers store.


Thank you for coming to our school!! We wrote about our favorite of your books or wrote an adventure for Max and Charlie.


Happy Saturday! Happy spring!

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Today I got to visit 3 kindergarten classes at Washington Center to read my Happy Dogs! Mad Mama! books and teach a lesson on writing. Afterwards, the entire group of kids came up and group hugged me! So cute! They loved Max and Charlie!



Be the person your dog thinks you are! Love this!


I visited 4 classes at Forest Park Elementary today! They were great listeners, and I enjoyed my time with them. :)
I have a few openings in May. If you have any teacher friends that would like me to visit. I teach a mini lesson on characters, setting, and plot and read two books. I absolutely love visiting kindergarten and first grade classes!


Here's to happy dogs!

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I loved being a guest author at Cedarville Elementary this week! The kids did a great job listening and participating. One little girl said, "I don't want you to stop reading to us." I think they really enjoyed my Happy Dogs! Mad Mama! books!

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I had so much fun reading to 200 kindergarten students at Cedarville Elementary today! I was able to be a visiting author for their Young Author’s week! I get to return Thursday to speak to 200 1st grade students about writing! 😀

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Happy Dogs! Mad Mama!

I love dogs, and I love teaching. I have been a teacher and a dog owner for over 20 years. I combined two of my favorite things and created 4 books that celebrate the joys and challenges of being a dog mama. These books are full of humor and adorable illustrations. I love visiting schools and sharing them with younger students. I will read one of my books and teach a mini-lesson on characters, plot, setting, and retelling a story. Message me if you would like to schedule a visit.