Baltimore City College Class of 1998

Baltimore City College Class of 1998

Baltimore City College Class of 1998
Join us for an overnight reunion retreat at the illustrious

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This page will be deleted within 48 hours.

For immediate release:

Baltimore City College's Class of 1998 would like to announce our New Social Media Platform via Facebook: “Opulent Class”!

Through this page we will share information related to the Class of 1998's opulent "20th Year Reunion", alumni news, and forthcoming events. As a member of this page you will be able to communicate with the Class of 1998 Committee and fellow alumni, by way of posting, direct messaging, and emails.

Furthermore, our former page will be deleted after 48 hours. We would like to give classmates, friends, family, and other alumni a chance to head on over to our new Facebook platform.

If you have any questions or concerns please inquire by emailing [email protected].

Again, THIS IS THE ONLY FORMAL FACEBOOK PAGE LINKED TO THE CLASS OF 1998 COMMITTEE! We are extremely gracious and overwhelmed by all of the love that the class of 1998 receives via other social media portals, however we've created this new page to differentiate fact from fiction, as well as keeping everyone properly informed! With our 20th reunion vastly approaching we can not chance information that is WORD OF MOUTH! Please like, share, and invite all who are apart and love the Class of 1998 to join this page. We look forward to servicing your alumni needs.


Class of 1998 Committee


Each and every Friday Free comedy happy hour. 5-9pm with free food and 2 for 1 drinks. DtSaturdays ClubdowntownBmore


We have the results back from our survey:

Column A: Cabaret Buffet has been chosen by the majority of the class $64.35 per person.


We will announce FINAL pricing on tickets at a later date once we have solidified the photographer, dj, and other costs associated with the event. More details to follow soon.
A meeting will also be announced and the Meeting will be open to any person's of interest to volunteer for the reunion. Volunteers are not paid for your services. Any Questions or concerns please EMAIL them to [email protected]

City Forever "98"


New Date Alert! New Date Alert!

SATURDAY October 27th, 2018
Valley Mansion by Martin's
More details to follow

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The party King Pin has spoken ! Members of the Class of 98 can gain entry for free. Please inbox your name and you will be added to the list to gain entry for free tomorrow. Don't wait send your names to be added now!!!!

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Surveys have been posted and there are TWO separate surveys to complete. The Valley Mansion Survey will close by this Sunday 4/1/18. Please complete the survey asap.
Let your vote count!
The Contact Information survey will remain open indefinitely until we have every member of our classes information. If your contact information changes over the years please submit a new updated survey with your contact information.
This is a new beginning for our class. Lots of things are in store that we will be revealing. The sooner we receive your information the better.

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Class of 98 please read as follows. A survey will be sent out shortly in order for you to vote on which option to choose from. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS WILL NOT BE THE FINAL price of the ticket but food and alcohol ONLY. PLEASE do not post this to other sites. All questions regarding the committee and the reunion should be emailed to [email protected] to keep everything centralized.

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It's official we are Confirmed for October 20th, 2018
Valley Mansion from 9pm-1am
More details to follow

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Theresa Griffin & Erica Paige
Chairpersons, Baltimore City College Alumni Association Class of 98 Committee


We have Met Our Goal!!!! Thank you
Shantel Washington for making that last payment.
More Details will be posted as soon as possible regarding next steps.
Additional donations will be accepted for a scholarship for one of our very own Class of 2019.
City Forever "98"
Erica Paige & Theresa Griffin


Thank you Jasmine Spell for your generous donation
Be Apart of the change you would like to see

City Forever "98"
Erica Paige & Theresa Griffin
Chairpersons, Baltimore City College Class of 98 Alumni Association Committee


Go Fund Me has responded to the question regarding the processing fees. Please read below because an adjustment will be made to our Goal to $2080 due to the amount of donations (which are unpredictable). $2080 is just an estimation but if it changes the Goal will be adjusted again.

City Forever,
Theresa Griffin & Erica Watkins-Paige, Baltimore City College Alumni Association, Class of 98


Thanks so much for writing in.

GoFundMe recently introduced a free platform for all personal fundraising campaigns started in the U.S. We’re now powered by tips from our donors that allow us to improve and operate our service.

There is a standard payment processing fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 per donation that allows for credit card processing and safe transfer of funds. That’s taken from each donation in real-time, so you never need to worry about getting billed or owing us any money. You can learn more about our pricing and fees by clicking here.

I did a quick calculation and you'll want to request around $2,080 to get exactly $2000 after fees. This varies depending on how many donations you receive, but around $2,080 should get you close to your actual goal.

Here for you,


Customer Happiness


Be Apart of the Change you would like to see! Have you made your donation yet?

Tentatively our reunion date is scheduled for Saturday October 20th, 2018. Let's hit our goal so we can start ticket sales and move on before we lose our date.

City Forever,
Theresa Griffin & Erica Watkins-Paige
Chairpersons, Baltimore City College Alumni Association, Class of 98 Committee


Hey Knight's WE ARE ALMOST THERE MAKING OUR GOAL!!!! We are just a very short way from hitting our anticipated Goal. Keep donating and spreading the word.
City Forever "98"


Thank you Symone Mitchell for your generous donation. You have received our Gold Recognition. We are one more step closer to our Goals for the reunion and scholarship program.
Let's make the change we would like to see!

City Forever "98"


ATTENTION CLASS OF 98 The Sip & Paint scheduled for February 24, 2018 Green Turtle unfortunately will be CANCELLED due to the lack of participation. As of today we have ONLY received 3 payments Charity Ashe, April Sharp, and Shinese Danielle Thank you!

Fundraisers that we organize take time, effort, and deposits Joy Madouku. Dynna is a fellow City Alumnus and what better way to host our fundraiser with our very own. As a courtesy to our Class Dynna held onto the date (24th) based upon the responses we received and elected to decline other paying potential clients. She not ONLY waived her fee for the deposit to HOLD the DATE until we received money from ticket sales. But she also now has lost business for that entire day which could have been booked. Dynna went against her normal policies and procedures because of the alumnus relationship.

On behalf of the Class of 98 we would like to publicly apologize for ANY and ALL inconvenience this has caused.

Moving forward please let's stick to a Plan once we have voted and have made decisions.

If anyone would still like to do the Sip & Paint Fundraiser please pay using the link in our Bio for PAYPAL and Not Go Fund Me. Go Fund Me is specifically for Donations ONLY.

Once a minimum amount of participants pay towards the Sip & Paint, a date can be voted on Again and Finalized versus the other way around.

Please continue to make your Donations to the Go Fund Me. Also please SHARE SHARE SHARE SHARE SHARE SHARE this Event on your personal pages or by word of mouth.

We are not receiving enough Shares on your pages so that the information is accessible to Any and All Class of 98 Alumnus. Those of you who have Shared already we Thank you. Those who have a spear of influence please Share as well.

Thank you All and we look forward to our 20th Year Red Carpet Affair @ Valley Mansion by Martin's

City Forever "98"


Thank you to the Class of 98 we are halfway to our goal!!!!! Keep donating so that we reach our goal.

We have a tentative date October 20th, 2018 Valley Mansion in Hunt Valley. Let's meet our goal so that we can start selling tickets.

City Forever,
The Planning Committee


Attention all Members of the Graduating Class of 98. We have only received 2 payments from the Sip & Paint that was voted for through the ""Social Group Page" for our class. The committee has put together what was voted for and we do not have enough ticket sales in order to hold this event to date. The event is tentatively scheduled for February 24th at The Green Turtle in Owings Mills. Please click on the Paypal link on this page in order to make your final payments to purchase your tickets. If we do not receive enough ticket sales we will have to cancel this event. SHARE SHARE SHARE THIS EVENT ON YOUR PAGE.

City Forever,
Planning Committee


Thank you to Anita Weeks for Sharing our page. We thank you for your inspiration and encouraging others to donate. It's because of you we were able to get a donor who became a Gold Member

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Jabari Carrington we Appreciate your generous donation. You have received our GOLD Recognition for your ongoing support for the Class of 1998. Thank you again.

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Timeline photos 05/02/2018

Nichole Knight we Appreciate your generous donation. You have received our GOLD Recognition for your ongoing support for the Class of 1998. Thank you again.

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On behalf of the Class of 98 we appreciate any and All Donations. We would like to recognize our star givers.
Bronze- $20 & Below
Silver- $21-$99
Gold- $100 & Above


Have you made your donation yet? Only 13 people in our class have made their generous donations. We only need 50 members of our class to make a $40 donation to meet our goal. Don't forget to make yours. As soon as we receive the $2k we can start selling tickets.

If we do not get the DEPOSIT we cannot set a date.

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Click here to support 20 Year Class Reunion organized by Baltimore City College Class of 1998 29/01/2018

Hello Class of 1998. Our event details are as follows. We will be hosting our 20th year class reunion at The Valley Mansion in Cockeysville. In order to launch and secure a date we need a $2000 deposit and then we can start selling tickets. Ticket sales we want to keep as low as possible not exceeding $65 per person. We can get those numbers dropped if we raise enough money through fundraisers. Listed below is our Go Fund Me account which we can start selling tickets right away if at least 100 people donate $20 each. If we can get at least 50 people to donate $40 we can reach our goal much sooner.
Details regarding fundraisers for Paint & Sip Night will be posted shortly. A survey regarding dates to choose will be posted as well.

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Click here to support 20 Year Class Reunion organized by Baltimore City College Class of 1998 We are collecting money for the deposit for our 20 year class reunion located at Valley Mansion

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?


Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 17:00
Thursday 09:00 - 17:00
Friday 09:00 - 17:00