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Photos from Free To Be's post 24/03/2024

Excited to be delivering a re-run of this workshop in just over a week.

Titled Eid is Coming!

We'll be covering

- How our eyes see the moon, and the parts of the eye
- How and why the moon changes shapes through the course of a month
- The features of the specific phase that needs to be witnessed for the announcment of Eid.

There's only 1 place left for the 1st April pm session, but we'll happily add on extra slots throughout the week if there is enough interest.

Excited to be making eye models, shortbread biscuits and squishing some playdough all in the name of science!

Age 7+

Drop a comment below, or private message us if you'd like the link to the whatsapp group to express interest / book on.



Leaving a patch of our garden grow wild (we did that intentionally, of course we did lol) has meant we have a flurry of these little creatures nibbling away and getting fat.

They are the caterpillar of the beautiful Cinnabar Moth and feed on these yellow flowering plants (ragwort) which are now very abundant in our wild patch of garden space.

As a family we have decided to

Map out the lifecycle of the moth
Learn more about Ragwort
Learn more about their feeding habits and how they fit into the feeding habits of other creatures

Because they grow into beautiful striking red and black moths they make good subjects for drawing, painting, colouring too.

For now that's Science and Art ticked off, I wonder what else this little creature is here to teach us?


Photos from Free To Be's post 09/04/2021

Some of the 'new' birds we've spotted on our walks recently. The kids and I have got oursleves in all sorts of excitement when we have noticed them.

Do you know what they are?
Have you seen them before?

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