The Awareness Project

The Awareness Project

The Awareness Project aims to raise awareness about a variety of topics that society is generally undereducated about.

We hope to have some books published in the future on some of these topics.

Operating as usual


Disappearing animals. So powerful. 💔



It's okay to not feel happy all the time, but if you ever feel like you need someone to talk to, we are here for you. Text 988. 💚



Imagine every time you leave the house, there is someone waiting there who punches you in the face. After a while, you have learned this happens every time. You start trying different ways to get outside without being punched, but it doesn't work. Every time you need to go outside, you begin feeling anxious, expected to be punched in the face, so you avoid going outside as much as possible. Your brain has learned to associate leaving the house with being punched in the face. One day, you leave the house and no one punches you in the face at first. They still punch you in the face, but not immediately. The punches begin varying in timing, so you're not always sure when it will happen. You just know it will happen. Eventually, there comes a day when you leave the house and the punch doesn't come. You're not relieved. You're more anxious the longer you go without getting punched. You know it's coming, but not when. You want it over with so you can get past the build-up. It never comes. The next time you leave, you're punched again. It becomes unpredictable if you get punched now, but you have still been taught to expect it. You still fear leaving the house and avoid it, not knowing if you'll get punched. After a long time, the punches stop completely. You can leave the house without ever being punched. You should be relieved and feel safe, right? Wrong. Your brain has been taught very thoroughly. You still expect the attack that never comes, building the tension more and more. You still fear leaving the house and the fear that comes with it. It's your brain trying to protect you. This is CPTSD. It's the kind of PTSD seen in survivors of long-term abuse. Yelling at the person who is afraid will further convince the brain they are in danger. That person's danger portion of the brain (which doesn't understand logic and words) needs to be convinced every time that there is no danger anymore. Please be patient with the sufferers in your life.


Happy St. Patrick's Day.


Fulton County (Atlanta, Georgia) is closing their schools due to confirmed COVID-19.


Remember to thaw your turkey. Also be sure to thoroughly and safely cook your turkey. The meme that went around before about microwaving your turkey was just a joke, do not microwave your turkey. Thanksgiving brings a lot of emergency room visits from cooking and drunkenness. Don't drink before or during cooking. Be safe and happy Thanksgiving.


Children who rely on free school lunches often go hungry during the summer. The drastically cut food stamps nationwide makes the problem worse.


Happy Easter


When someone has been brainwashed, it's not easy to reverse it. They often love the person who brainwashed them, and they usually can't control that even if they want to. It does no one any good if you get mad at them for loving the person or for not believing you that what they were taught is wrong. It took time and trust to brainwash them. It will take time and trust to reverse it.

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