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🔶Current Affairs 1 May 2020 🔶

🔶Cauvery Water Management Authority brought under the Jal Shakti Ministry: Central government

🔶Chhattisgarh tops among other states in providing employment under MGNREGS

🔶India installs 7.3 GW of solar power in CY 2019 & secures world’s 3rd largest solar market: Mercom

🔶USAID announces 3 million USD to support India’s efforts to combat COVID-19

🔶India ranks 53rd in budget transparency; New Zealand tops: IBP’s Open Budget Survey 2019

🔶India’s rank downgraded to “Country of Particular Concern (CPC)” in USA’s International Religious Freedom annual report 2020

🔶Disasters, conflicts trigger 5 million displacements in India in 2019: IDMC

🔶‘Vikas Abhaya’ loan scheme launched: KVGB

🔶Manipuri doctor Thangjam Dhabali Singh conferred ‘Order of Rising Sun’ by Japan

🔶T S Tirumurti appointed as Ambassador/Permanent Representative of India to Indian United Nations

🔶Manulife acquired 49% stake in Mahindra AMC for Rs 265 crore

🔶Reliance increases its stake to 26.3% in US-based tech company SkyTran

🔶Janaushadhi Sugam app to access generic medicine benefits 325000 users

🔶COVID-19: Glenmark Pharma becomes the first company to get Nod from DCGI for clinical trials of Favipiravir tablets

🔶IMD releases list of 169 names for upcoming tropical cyclones

🔶COVID-19: HCARD, a robot, to assist frontline healthcare warriors

🔶Freedom fighter Padma Shri Gandhian Hema Bharali passed away at 101

🔶A book titled “The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir” authored by John Bolton

🔶J&K administration inks MoU with Tata Technologies to built 2 CIIT centers

🔶FIFA launches campaign for health workers


End of VIP Culture

The union cabinet issued a notification banning the use of beacon lights on all vehicles with exceptions of President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Chief Justice of India and Lok Sabha Speaker. Thus this ban applies to Union ministers, chief ministers, state cabinet ministers, bureaucrats and judges of the High Court and Supreme Court.

It is a welcome decision and a major step towards the elimination of VIP culture. Over the last seven decades, the system was degenerated so much that there are 5.7 lakhs estimated beacons which highlight the VIP status currently. It is not just red beacons but various categories like red and orange, revolving lights, fixed lights. So there is whole hierarchy of privilege and protocol created through these beacons.

Implementation the key
Even in 2013, a Supreme Court bench had asked the central and state government as to how they plan to remove the VIP culture. It had also directed States to amend the Motor Vehicle Rules to restrict the use of the red beacon and impose an exemplary fine on those who mis-used it.

More than 80000 VIPs are given es**rt by central and state governments. So the challenge is how to stop the security of such personnel from flashing their sirens.

The privileges given to MPs, MLAs, judges at various places cause a lot of trouble for public. Even these places like toll plazas and airports have list of exempted people. Thus, implementation of the state diktats is the key to reverse the VIP culture into an egalitarian one. There has to be vigorous monitoring to first implement this decision and then go beyond the banning of red beacon except for emergency and relief services.

Security of exempted individuals holding high constitutional post is important for their security as they represent the nation and its decision making. However, the security imperative is understandable but the protocol imperative is not justifiable. Many union ministers have large es**rts which is unnecessary wastage of resources-time, human and financial. Having an entire force for VIP security of different levels has created lot of problems for a long time.


India as a nation has always worshipped the rulers. As the authority, there is lot of respect given, mostly out of fear of punishment or rebuttal. Hence, there shouldn’t be a cosmetic change but there should be complete rejection of VVIP culture from national capital to district HQs to Panchayats. The removal of beacons is a huge democratic decision. Though the implementation will take time but there needs to be awareness for the same. If a beacon is put on vehicle without permission, it should be penalized. Security shouldn’t become status symbol but should be need based. The VIP culture will take time to go away from mindset but an initiation has been made which was required for a long time



GST is a unified taxation system which would end multiple taxation across the states and create a level playing field for businesses throughout the country, much like the developed nations. It is a multi-stage destination-based tax which will be collected at every stage, starting from procuring the raw material to selling the final product. The credit of taxes paid at the previous stage(s) will be available for set-off at the next stage of supply. Being destination or a consumption based, the GST will also end multiple taxes levied by Centre and the State Governments like Central Excise, Service Tax, VAT, Central Sales Tax, Octroi, Entry Tax, Luxury Tax and Entertainment Tax etc. This will lower the overall tax burden on the consumer and will benefit the industry through better cash flows and working capital management. Currently, 17 State and Central levies are being applied on goods as they move from one State to the other.


Different estimates peg the net advantage to the Gross Domestic Product, up to two percentage points. The GST regime is also expected to result in better tax compliance, thereby increasing its revenue and narrowing the Budget deficit. All the imported goods will be charged Integrated Goods & Services Tax (IGST) which is equivalent to the Central GST + State GST. This will bring equality with taxation on local products.

Mainly, there will be three types of taxes under the GST regime: Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST), State (or Union Territory) Goods and Services Tax (SGST) and Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST). Tax levied by the Centre on intra-State supply of goods or services would be called the CGST and that to be levied by the States and Union Territories(UTs) would be called the SGST respectively. The IGST would be levied and collected by the Centre on inter-State supply of goods and services. Four supplementary legislations approving these taxes, namely the Central GST Bill, the Integrated GST Bill, The GST (Compensation to States) Bill, and the Union Territory GST Bill were passed by the Lok Sabha in May this year, making the realisation of 1st July, 2017 deadline a reality.

All the matters related to the GST are dealt upon by the GST Council headed by the Union Finance Minister while all the State Finance Ministers are its Members. The GST Council also has a provision to adjudicate disputes arising out of its recommendation or implementation thereof.


The GST Council has fixed four broad tax slabs under the new GST system - 5 per cent, 12 per cent, 18 per cent and 28 per cent. On top of the highest slab, there is a cess on luxury and demerit goods to compensate the States for revenue loss in the first five years of GST implementation. Most of the goods and services have been listed under the four slabs, but a few like gold and rough diamonds have exclusive tax rates. Also, some items have been exempted from taxation. The essential items have been kept in the lowest tax bracket, whereas luxury goods and to***co products will invite higher tax.


Many countries in the world switched to a unified taxation system very early. France was the first country to do so in 1954 and many others followed, some by implementing GST and others by using a different form of Value Added Tax (VAT). In India, the discussion on GST started in the year 2000, in the NDA Government led by the former Prime Minister, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Finally, after 17 years of consensus building, 101st Constitution Amendment Bill was passed by Parliament in 2016. The States had apprehension of reduction in their revenue and their desire to keep some lucrative goods out of the GST baskets like alcohol, petroleum and real estate among others.


From agarbattis (incense sticks) to luxury cars - all these goods will be taxed under different slabs. Movie tickets costing less than Rs 100 have been kept in the 18% GST slab while those over Rs 100 will attract 28% tax under GST. To***co products have been kept under a higher tax bracket. Industries such as textiles and, gems and jewellery are subject to a GST rate of 5%

The Government has shown its strong determination and stuck to implementing the GST with effect from 1st July, 2017. The road ahead would require a lot of resolve by the implementing agencies like the Goods and Services Network, states and the industry. To sail through initial hiccups and successfully steer the ship of the economy, the Government needs to show the same determination and courage. A bold initiative like GST taken for the welfare of the country must lead to a grand success.


~Tolerance is virtue that promotes the receiving or acknowledging of new ideas and helps in breaking the status quo mentality.
~Tolerance is particularly needed in large and complex societies comprising people with varied beliefs, as in India.
~Tolerance of other’s views apart from self’s facilitates harmonious coexistence.
~A liberal democracy accepts the fact that in a free country, one can have different opinions and should have equal rights in voicing them. This is pluralism and tolerance is its ultimate rationale.
~Intolerance takes birth from an invincible assumption of the infallibility and truth of one’s beliefs, the dogmatic conviction about the rightness of one’s tenets and their superiority over others, and with the passage of time, this leads to forcible imposition of one’s ideology on others, often resulting in violence.

Tolerance and Indian constitution:

~One of the basic feature of Indian constitution is the guarantee of a wide array of fundamental rights which are judicially enforceable against the state.
~The fundamental duties were added in 1976 by a Constitutional amendment and Article 51-A was enacted.
~One duty that needs to be added is the duty to practice tolerance. One cannot effectively perform fundamental duties unless tolerance is prevalent in society.
~Tolerance promotes, permits and protects the expression of thoughts and ideas which are acceptable to some and not to some.
~The media has an important role to play in promting tolerance. It should incessantly preach that that no group or body has the monopoly of truth and morality and it is a duty to respect the point of view of the “other minded”. This is should be supported by condemning incidences of intolerance, without fear of consequences.
~The role of education is equally crucial. The virtue and culture of tolerance should be inculcated in students right from schools where different social, economic and religious backgrounds are respected.


A Cashless India
Cashless Economy: A cashless economy is a system where flow of cash or physical currency is non-existent and all monetary transactions are done electronically via internet enabled banking or wallets, and debit or credit cards, at most abolishing or at times reducing physical presence between two transacting parties.
Constituents of Cashless Transactions: Purchases, bill & utility payments and clearances or transfers
Benefits of a cashless economy for India—
Increase in tax compliance and decrease in money laundering and black money transactions, as more and more enterprises begin to integrate digital payments into their business
Reduction in money idling
Reduced cost of minting currency
Reduced Operation Cost for banks for ATMs, staffs, computers, logistics etc.
And, if a full transition to a digital payments economy happens in the right manner, it will rebuild the reputation of the Indian legal system as being consistent and predictable
Statistical & Policy importance:
Much accurate data shall improve GDP, GNP calculation
Better policy & planning by monitoring consumption and expenditure patterns
Ecological benefits:
Less use of paper, plastic, metals through decreased use of forms, documentations, minting, cheques, receipts etc.
Lesser movement of individual and cash means lesser fuel consumption
Individual benefits:
Reduced transaction time
Shortened queues
No cash-flow worries during holidays or strikes
Safety of an individual— minimal cash handling and thus, lesser crimes
Social Benefits: Schemes like DBT ensures no leakage and disregards corruption
But, of all the transactions in Indian economy, cashless transaction accounts to only 5% –
Lack of universal banking
Infrastructure shortage like PoS terminals at shops in small towns and villages
Illiteracy and digital illiteracy
Lesser internet pe*******on
Aversion to electronic transaction due to of fear of Cyber fraud etc.
Launch of the Unified Payment Interface (UPI)
Optimistic Statis


Current Affairs Updates– 5th January 2016:
-- Jharkhand Government inaugurated land bank web portal
-- Union Government to launch River Information System for Inland Waterways
-- NASSCOM opposes Airtel Zero, Free Basics Plans
-- Reserve Bank has imposed a penalty of Rs 1 crore on an SBI associate bank, State Bank of Travancore
-- Paytm acquires Delhi based company Shifu
--Kate Atkinson won 2015 Costa Novel Prize for A God in Ruins
-- ONGC won 26th Lal Bahadur Shastri Hockey tournament
-- 15-year-old Mumbai cricketer Pranav Dhanawade scores a record 1009



Yeh kya Moh-Maya hai?

Apna Baccha roye, toh dil me dard hota hai.
Aur doosre ka roye, toh sir me!

Apni Biwi roye, toh sir me dard hota hai.
Aur doosre ki roye, toh dil me!

Sab prabhu ki maya hai


Current Affairs Updates– 4th January 2016:

-- World Braille Day observed on 4th January
-- Amputee mountaineer Arunima Sinha scales Mount Aconcagua in Argentina
-- Telangana launches e-Vahan Bima Scheme
-- NABARD inks MoU with NRSC for monitoring Watershed Projects
-- India defeated Afghanistan 2-1 to clinch the South Asian Football Federation Cup for the seventh time



Current Affairs Updates– 3rd January 2016:

-- India moves 13 positions ahead from 65th to 52nd rank in Tourism and Travel Competitive Index as per the World Economic Forum (Davos) Report.
-- Union Government is going to roll out LPG-like Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme for kerosene
-- “Amma Seeds” scheme for formers lunched by Tamil Nadu Government
-- 103rd Indian Science Congress - Mysore inaugurated by PM Shri Narendra Modi
-- Ilaiyaraja selected for Kerala Tourism’s Nishagandhi Puraskaram 2016
-- Corporation Bank bags NPCI Award
--Atul Sobti appionted as CMD of Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited


Current Affairs: June 27, 2015

* India has become most attractive investment destination in world after it was ranked first among 110 countries in a ranking of destinations for attractiveness to foreign investors. The ranking was based on baseline profitability index (BPI) 2015.
* Ujjwal Batria has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of French cement maker Lafarge’s India operations
* The Vatican signed an historic first accord with “Palestine,” two years after officially recognizing the Palestinian Authority (PA) as a state.


Current Affairs: June 24/25, 2015
* Central Government launches Bhuvan Ganga Mobile App to aid Clean Ganga Mission
* India will provide $1 billion for Nepal’s reconstruction programme
* Former World number one tennis player Steffi Graf appointed as Kerala Ayurveda’s brand ambassador
* India has emerged as the third largest source of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) for United Kingdom (UK) after United States (US) and France in terms of number of projects
* Rajasthan topped the list of States commissioning grid connected Solar Power projects
* Sri Lanka and China have begun a joint army exercise "Exercise – Silk Route – 2015"
* Former Pakistan captain Zaheer Abbas was selected as the new president of the International Cricket Council


Current Affairs: June 23, 2015
* Sister Nirmala, who succeeded Mother Teresa as the head of the Missionaries of Charity founded by the Nobel laureate, died. She was 81.
* James Horner, the Oscar-winning composer of Titanic, has died on 22 June in a plane crash in southern California.
* Maharashtra topped the list of States and UTs in IPR filing in 2013-14: IBEF report

* Former Indian women hockey captain Shashi Bala passed away along with her 15-year-old son following a road accident in Punjab
Russia has won the European team athletics championships by winning 10 of the 40 events on the program which held in Cheboksary
* Japan headquartered telecommunications and Internet major SoftBank Corp, Bharti Enterprises Limited and Taiwan-based Foxconn Technology Group on 22 June 2015 formed a Joint Venture (JV) named SBG Cleantech Limited.
* Kerala Government has declared June 22 as ‘Snake Bird Day’ in a bid to protect the endangered species which is also known as Indian darter.
* Maharashtra has officially declared Blue Mormon species as State butterfly as part of state symbols.

Photos from Arising Yourself's post 23/06/2015


Nathu La, which means "Mountain pass with listening ears", was closed after 1962 Sino-Indian war. The area had witnessed week-long skirmishes between the Indian and Chinese Army. After remaining closed for all activities, the pass was opened as a trading junction in 2006. Traders from both sides gathered in the No-Man's Land and sold their items but due to limited number of items including goat and sheep skin, raw silk, china clay, butter, common salt, cycles, tea, cigarette, the trading point has been receiving a lukewarm response from traders of the two countries

Kailash Mansarovar is believed to be the seat of Hindu god Shiva. Pilgrims have to travel to high altitudes through inhospitable and rugged terrain. Hundreds go on the pilgrimage every year, with a part of the journey overseen by Chinese authorities.


Current Affairs: June 22, 2015
* Nico Rosberg Won The Austrian F1 Grand Prix
* Vocalist Sanjay Subrahmanyam Selected For ‘Sangita Kalanidhi’ Award 2015
* 7 Gunmen Who Attacked Afghanistan Parliament on Monday Killed, Taliban Claim Responsibility
* Only 8 days are left to exchange pre2005 currency notes, including those of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 denominations, at banks as the deadline to do so is ending on June 30
* Overnight Liquid Transaction facility on NSE’s Web-based Mutual Fund platform began functioning
* Nathu La Pass in Sikkim to be opened for pilgrims to travel to Kailash-Mansarovar by bus

Timeline photos 22/06/2015

International Yoga Day- June 21
The United Nations has declared today, June 21, as the International Yoga Day. As many as 192 countries usher in this day with some deep breathing and coordinated movements. Last year, United Nations General Assembly, accepting Prime Minister Narendra Modi's proposal of holding an international yoga day, declared June 21 International Yoga Day, recognising the ancient Indian science’s “holistic approach to health and well-being.”

The day kicked off with a massive yoga demonstration at Rajpath with Prime Minister Modi calling it 'Yogpath'. Across India, the celebrations echoed as bad weather refused to dampen the spirits of yoga practitioners.

India created two world records on International Yoga Day for the most individuals and individuals from the largest number of nationalities performing asanas at a single venue. Around 36 thousand participants performed asanas and 84 nationalities joined the official observation of International Yoga Day at Rajpath in New Delhi.
Celebrations are on at the United Nations to mark the first ever International yoga day at its headquarter in New York. External affair minister Sushma Swaraj said that Yoga is a Invaluable gift to the world from Indian tradition.


Current Affairs: June 21, 2015
* India born former Google executive Nikesh Arora has been appointed the president of Japan’s telecommunications giant SoftBank Corp.
* Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport has the world’s fastest WiFi service.
* C.N.R. Rao conferred with Japan’s highest civilian award ‘Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star’
* Historian-author Ramachandra Guha has been selected for Japan's prestigious Fukuoka Prize in the Academic category
* Galaxy named after footballer Cristiano Ronaldo


Current Affairs: November 20, 2014

* Narendra Among Time 's 'Person Of The Year' Contenders
* Govt Launches Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti For Rural
* 45th Kicks Off In Amid Fanfare
* Rajapaksa Declares Snap Presidential Polls In -Lanka
* Mahila Bank Launches Net
* Supreme Court Raps Director In The 2G Case
* Bank Launches Smart -Service Terminal



Current Affairs: November 19, 2014
* IBM Launches A New E-Mail Application ‘Verse’
* ISRO Chosen For Indira Gandhi Prize For Peace, Disarmament
* Oxford Dictionary Names 'V**e' As 2014 Word Of Year
* IREDA, US-Exim Bank Sign Mou On Clean Energy Investment
* Indian-American Neha Gupta Won International Children’s Peace Prize 2014
* Rubber Board Wins Indira Gandhi Rajbhasha Award
* Andhra Bank Launches Saving Schemes For Children, Teenagers 'AB Little Stars'


cUURENT Affairs: November 17, 2014
* 20th Kolkata International Festival Concludes
* SAIL Chairman CS Verma Received IIM- JRD Tata Award For Excellence In Corporate Leadership
* Puducherry Launches Campaign Bal Swachhata Mission
* Pandit Jasraj Conferred With Sumitra Charat Ram Award
* Burkina Faso Names Michel Kafando As Country's Interim President
* Klaus Werner Iohannis Elected New President Of Romania
* Assam Presents 1st State Bravery Award To Gunjan Sarma



Current Affairs: November 16, 2014
* Ace Shuttlers Nehwal, K Srikanth Win China Open Singles
* Virat Kohli's Ton Leads To Series Whitewash Over -Lanka
* Ajit Doval To Attend Dialogue In Sri Lanka Next Month
* International Buddhist In
* -20 Leaders’ Summit Concluded At
* 's Melnikova Wins ITF Singles Title
* Wins Finals After Roger Federer Pulls Out Due To Injury



Current Affairs: November 15, 2014
* Farhan Akhtar Appointed As UN Women Goodwill For South Asia
* Launches Modified DBT For LPG In 54 Districts
* Indian Cotton 2014 Inaugurated In Gurgaon
* G-20 Begins At Brisbane In Australia
* India Successfully Test-Fires Its Nuclear-Capable Ballistic Missile
* India Granted Permanent Membership By International Boxing Association, AIBA
* Johnson Named Cricketer Of The Year



Current Affairs: November 14, 2014
* successfully test-fires nuclear-capable -II missile
* # launches Swachhta Abhiyaan to mark Nehru's 125th birth anniversary
* India to become world's 2nd largest producer: Narendra Singh Tomar
* slips to 5-year low of 1.77% in
* appointed as one-man rail
* National Children’s Film begins in ; Theme-Cleanliness



Current Affairs: November 13, 2014

* Rohit Sharma creates history with highest ODI score : 264
* Manohar Parrikar, 9 others elected unopposed to RS from UP
* India Int'l Trade Fare to begin tomorrow in Delhi
* Indo-China joint exercise Hand-in-Hand 2014 to commence in Pune on Nov16
* UK, France, Nepal support India as permanent member of UNSC
* Radio Kashmir Jammu wins award on Gandhian Philosophy
* Virat Kohli among 5 cricketers selected as ambassadors for World Cup 2015
* UNWTO declares Chilika Lake in Odisha as 'Destination Flyway'
# ://


Current Affairs: November 11/12, 2014
* Hanumappa Sudarshan Honoured As India Social Entrepreneur Of The Year 2014
* BJP’s Haribhau Bagde Unanimously Elected Maharashtra Assembly Speaker
* Darjeeling Zoo Selected For The Earth Heroes Award 2014
* Filmmaker Ravi Chopra Passes Away
* Mannan Kumar Mishra And S. Prabakaran Re-Elected To Bar Council Of India
* Sixth World Ayurveda Congress Held In New Delhi
* New York Rapper Big Bank Hank Passes Away
* Public Sector Bank Employees Go On Strike
* Kerala Became First State With Bank Accounts For All Families
* Public Service Broadcasting Day: 12 November
* September IIP stands at 2.5 %/ October retail inflation drops to 5.52 %



Current Affairs: November 2014
* Hindi Poet Kedarnath Singh Conferred With Jnanpith Award
* PM Launches Digital Life Certificate - Jeevan Pramaan For Pensioners
* Govt Planning To Cover Entire Country Under IGMSY By 2016
* PM Embarks On 3 Nation Tour Tomorrow To Attend Key Global Summits
* Indo-Israel Joint Project LR-SAM Successfully Test-Fired
* Nico Rosberg Wins Brazilian Grand Prix
* Ganpatsinh Vasava Elected Unopposed As Speaker Of Gujarat Assembly
* Javed Usmani To Be New UP CIC
* Hema Malini Has Adopted Raval Village In Uttar Pradesh
* Food Manufacturing Show Gets Underway At World Trade Center In Dubai
* India’s Milk Production Touches 137 Million Tones Mark From 20 Million Tones In 1951


cURRENT aFFAIRS: November 9, 2014
* Virat Kohli Becomes Quickest Cricketer To Reach 6000 Runs In ODI
* Govt Considering To Bring Down Its Equity In Public Sector Banks To 52% Percent: FM
* Guv Signs Gujarat Local Authorities Laws (Amendment) Bill
* Suzlon Setup World's Tallest Hybrid Wind Turbine In Kutch
* Arundhati Bhattacharya: The Most-Powerful Woman In Business In India By ‘Fortune Magazine’
* 25th Anniversary Of The Fall Of The Berlin Wall Was Observed: 9 November 2014
* Shakib Al Hasan: A Century And 10 Wickets In A Test Match
* India Win Men's Hockey Test Series By 3-1 Against Australia


Current Affairs: November 7, 2014
* Auxiliary Vessel TRV-72 Of Indian Navy Sank Off Visakhapatnam Coast
* Lt Gen. Rizwan Akhtar Becomes Pakistan's New ISI Chief
* Rail Coach Factory Kapurthala Clinches Indian Oil Surjit Hockey Tournament In Women Section By Beating Haryana XI
* Selfie Project Launched To Create Awareness On Bhopal Gas Tragedy
* Sushma Swaraj Adopts Ajnas Village In MP Under SAGY
* Italian Physicist Fabiola Gianottito Lead European Physics Powerhouse
* India To Handover Fast Attack Craft INS Tarasa To Seychelles Coast Guard
* Sanjay Baweja Appointed Chief Financial Officer Of Flipkart

-72 Chief Hockey Tarasa Affairs 2014 Collection Updates


Current Affairs: November 6, 2014
* China lifts ban on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube at APEC meet
* RBI asks banks to alert customers before clearing suspicious or high value cheques
* Mumbai recorded the largest number of Internet users in India in 2014
* India ranks 7th in world list for peer citations in research journals
* MS Dhoni named as captain of ICC ODI Team of the Year 2014
* Global Growth Company” (GGC) for 2014: WEF
* The BSE Sensex crossed 28,000 points milestone mark

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