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General information from Texas Financial Wellness at The University of Texas at Austin.

General financial aid information from the Office of Financial Aid at The University of Texas. When posting comments, please do not disclose any personally identifiable information, particularly regarding your financial aid. OFA does not endorse, nor are we associated with, any entities or lending institutions appearing in ads. Messages will be responded to during our standard office hours - Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm Central.

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Worried about filing the new FAFSA form? We're here to help! Join us and our friends from Texas Financial Wellness for a free, in-person workshop where you will receive guidance and the skills necessary to navigate the FAFSA. Be sure to bring your laptop!


Summer fun shouldn't get in the way of your budget. Schedule a 1:1 appointment with our Certified Personal Finance Counselors to get assistance with all your budgeting needs!


Plan an ideal summer adventure while keeping your finances in check with the assistance of our Texas Financial Wellness Team! 🤘

Our Certified Personal Finance Counselors are prepared to assist you throughout the summer with virtual 1x1 counseling appointments, Monday-Friday, from 9 a.m. -3:30 p.m.

Click the link below to meet with us today!

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Investment 101: Get familiar with the different terms of investment before putting your hard-earned money to work. Here are a few to get started!

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Get to know the 5 C's of Credit!

The 5 C's of credit is a framework lenders use to weigh 5 characteristics of potential borrowers to help determine their creditworthiness & loan conditions. Swipe through to learn how the 5 C’s can impact your ability to apply for credit.

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Hey Longhorns! April is , and our team is sharing helpful tips each week to help you improve your financial wellness.

This week we’re sharing our top 3 tips for to help you keep track of the money you make and how you spend it.

1. Understand the difference between your needs and wants.
2. Calculate your monthly expenses.
3. Live within your means – avoid exceeding your budget!

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Interested in learning how to budget your financial aid disbursement? Join us TODAY from 1-2 p.m. in MAI 1 to learn how while enjoying free pizza!🍕🍕

*Don’t forget to complete and submit your 2023-24 FAFSA online by January 15th to be considered for the widest range of financial aid available.*

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Happy holidays, Longhorns! The university will be closed starting Friday, December 23 for winter break and will reopen on Monday, January 2. If you have any questions during this time, please email our office at [email protected].

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We’re demystifying debt management at TODAY’s workshop in MAI 1 from noon-1 p.m.

Stop by for a discussion of loan consolidation, budgeting and how to create your own personal debt management plan!

Register and learn more: http://ow.ly/ZltV50LtvGY

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Managing debt can feel overwhelming. There are many different strategies, but how do you know which one is right for you?

We’ll help you create a personal debt management plan on Monday, Nov. 28 at our workshop in MAI 1 from noon-1 p.m. Sign up NOW: http://ow.ly/T6tn50LtvlT

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Is your personal information at risk? Find out at our Identity Theft virtual workshop taking place TODAY from 6-7 p.m. Central!

We’ll cover red flags for common scams and how to protect yourself from identity thieves. RSVP: http://ow.ly/b8Bk50Ltu2A

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Don’t be the next victim of identity theft! Attend our Thursday, Nov. 17 virtual workshop from 6-7 p.m. Central to learn about the methods identity thieves use to steal your personal information and how to protect yourself.

RSVP now: http://ow.ly/xmez50Lttgm

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Second time’s a charm! Our encore Financial Wellness 101 for the First-Generation Student workshop takes place TODAY from noon-1 p.m. in MAI 1.

Sign up before it’s too late: http://ow.ly/RMCu50LtcqG

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Make the most of your Tuesday night!

Join tonight from 6-7 p.m. Central for the Using Credit Cards Wisely virtual workshop—there’ll be something to learn whether you’re applying for your first credit card or maintaining the ones you have.

RSVP: http://ow.ly/7gli50LoxPG

Timeline photos 08/11/2022

Did you miss the first iteration of our Financial Wellness 101 for the First-Generation Student workshop? You’re in luck! We’ve got an encore on the books.

RSVP to attend in-person in MAI 1 on Thursday, Nov. 10 from noon-1 p.m.: http://ow.ly/lQBs50LtbYP

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Calling all 🤘🏻🤘🏼🤘🏽🤘🏾🤘🏿

Join us from 5-6 p.m. Central TONIGHT for our Financial Wellness 101 for the First-Generation Student virtual workshop!

RSVP now: http://ow.ly/qiv150Ltbxm

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Are you a interested in learning effective strategies for managing your money better?

Register NOW for our Financial Wellness 101 for the First-Generation Student workshop, taking place online from 5-6 p.m. Central on Monday, Nov. 7: http://ow.ly/Rer650Ltbnc

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Get answers to your questions TONIGHT at our virtual Scholarships workshop at 5 p.m. Central!

We’ll be covering allocation of funds, how to report outside scholarships and more.

Register before it’s too late: http://ow.ly/XRPz50LosJJ

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Credit cards can be a powerful tool for your personal finances, but do you know how to use them wisely?

We’ll be demystifying good credit habits at our upcoming virtual workshop presented by on Tuesday, Nov. 8 from 6-7 p.m. Central!

Sign up now: http://ow.ly/19IJ50Loxwg

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Looking for some Halloween scares? Look no further than today’s Nightmare on Guad Street workshop!

Join us in MAI 1 at noon to learn about the methods used by identity thieves and how to protect yourself.

REGISTER: http://ow.ly/l9JS50L17gs

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Let’s talk about funding 💰

Learn about different types of scholarships, how the allocation of funds works and more at our virtual Scholarships workshop on Wednesday, Nov. 2, from 5-6 p.m. Central!

RSVP now: http://ow.ly/L2qL50LosrS

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Make tonight the night you learn how to evaluate different employer offers!

Attend the virtual Money Works – Presented by workshop at 6 p.m. to learn about the financial impact of different benefit options and pay structures.

REGISTER: http://ow.ly/PY7B50L1698

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Prepare for a financial emergency tomorrow by making time for our Preparing for a Financial Emergency workshop TODAY!

Join us in MAI 1 from 1-2 p.m. to develop skills to protect yourself during times of financial uncertainty.

REGISTER: http://ow.ly/vWOf50L05jI

Timeline photos 25/10/2022

We’re taking on one of the scariest financial topics this Halloween: identity theft!

Join us in MAI 1 on Monday, Oct. 31 at noon for our Nightmare on Guad Street workshop, which will cover how to protect yourself from identity thieves. 🕷️

REGISTER: http://ow.ly/cMUM50L16Vk

Timeline photos 24/10/2022

Budget your time wisely and spend your lunch learning about budgeting!

Our virtual Budgeting workshop takes place TODAY from noon-1 p.m. and will cover strategies to build a simple budget and pay off debt.

REGISTER: http://ow.ly/AAHB50L04Jp

Timeline photos 21/10/2022

Comparing job offers can be overwhelming, but can walk you through benefit options and pay structures!

Attend the Money Works virtual workshop on Thursday, Oct. 27, from 6-7 p.m., to learn how to evaluate different employer offers.

REGISTER: http://ow.ly/4VCN50L05wo

Timeline photos 20/10/2022

Happy National Get Smart About Credit Day! We’re celebrating the best way we know how—by hosting a workshop about credit scores and reports.

Join us in MAI 1 TODAY at 12 p.m. to learn how to read a credit report, repair bad credit and more!

REGISTER: http://ow.ly/3CmJ50L03MX

Timeline photos 19/10/2022

What constitutes a financial emergency and how can you prepare for it?

Our Preparing for a Financial Emergency workshop in MAI 1 on Wednesday, Oct. 26, from 1-2 p.m., will give you the tools to implement your own emergency savings strategy.

REGISTER: https://utdirect.utexas.edu/apps/ugs/csched/tfw/attend/153

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Don’t miss out on tonight’s virtual Debt Management workshop!

From 6-7 p.m., we’ll be covering the most common types of debt and how to build a plan to reduce your own debt via various debt management strategies.

REGISTER: http://ow.ly/Pj5O50L03g2

Timeline photos 17/10/2022

Want to know one of the key ingredients to financial health? It’s budgeting!

Attend our virtual Budgeting workshop on Monday, Oct. 24, from noon-1 p.m., to discover the value of creating a budget and learn how to use one to pay off debt.

REGISTER: http://ow.ly/pobM50L04zw

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