Buddy's Purpose

Buddy's Purpose

Buddy's Purpose is to bring awareness of the drug epidemic that happening in our community!!

Operating as usual


The is upon us, and we are getting ready for another year of our 🎄Please consider gifting joy to someone in need, and our elves at our Perfectly Flawed office have made it easy for you! Stop in to choose a name off of our tree - they are ready and waiting for you and available through the first week in December. 🌟


Information about our Winter Gear Drive
Donations can be made at our office building
Call or text the number below if you have any questions
Thank you for your generosity and support!

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This is what Smart Recovery Family and Friends is about! There’s a Smart Recovery Family & Friends Meeting the first Thursday of the month at The Perfectly Flawed Foundation
240 First St Lasalle,Il 6pm

Shop for Recovery Housing's Gift List 29/09/2023

Please consider donating 💜
This is going to be a great resource for our community!
Link is in comments

Shop for Recovery Housing's Gift List This Wish List has been shared with you. You can check it out here.


By sharing their stories and lived experience, peers engage others in recovery with a vital sense of belonging, support, and hope.

Being able to connect with someone who has lived experience in recovery makes it possible to see what is possible for yourself.

Peers know how to access services and supports that are essential to recovery.

Peer support can help the families and caregivers of someone in recovery navigate their own unique challenges and recovery journeys.

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Buddy’s Purpose has been a non-profit organization for 10 years. I started the nonprofit organization after losing my son to an accidental overdose.
We have brought awareness, education, harm reduction and hope to our community when there was no resources in a 60 mile radius.
I have made the most amazing friendships because of my advocacy work. I feel so blessed to have so many people that supported me in this journey. I have the most amazing family and friends that help me with all my fundraising activities and outreach projects.
There comes a time in our lives for some change. We have decided to dissolve Buddy’s Purpose as a nonprofit organization. This means we will not be running as a tax exempt organization so we will not be taking donations. We will no longer have a website or phone number. Once all of our debts are paid the remaining money will be donated to local nonprofits that are similar to Buddy’s Purpose.
I will be keeping this page to post educational information and local events, etc.
Buddy’s Purpose website and phone number will no longer be in service.
Thank-you to everyone who supported me and believed in my purpose.


A little self-love in September 💜

Are you ready to commit to personal healing during the month of September?

Fill out the form and share with someone you care about.

The Perfectly Flawed Wellness Challenge emphasizes the importance of healing and well-being within communities during Recovery Month.

This challenge invites participants to make personal commitments to their wellness journeys, encompassing various aspects such as finding work-life balance and disconnecting from work, investing in yourself and engaging in self-care, exploring nature through hikes, increasing physical activity, practicing meditation, setting boundaries, organizing and decluttering personal items, abstaining from or reducing alcohol, to***co, drug use or energy drinks, moderate gambling habits, adopting healthier eating habits, scheduling medical check-ups, planning a weekend with family or a night out with friends.
These are just some examples. You define your own wellness!

The form submission can be anonymous and signifies a tangible pledge for the entire month of September.

In addition, participants are encouraged to extend the challenge to friends they care about through social media platforms. This challenge aims to foster collective healing and enhance the joy in participants' lives and their communities.

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Buddy’s Purpose was able to donate this beautiful bench to The Perfectly Flawed Foundation to give HOPE to all that enters their doors 💜
Thank-you to everyone who made this possible.

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It’s that time of year 💜

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Billboards are on display 💜


This year we want to make sure we have a complete and accurate Angel List for the Streator Overdose Awareness Memorial Walk event happening this August 26.

If you would like your loved one to be included for the first time, please message me with their name and picture. If you have participated in previous years and have any questions, please contact me.

This year, we are having a musical and dance performance during the event. If you would like to participate, please let Bree Ninis know. This doesn’t mean you have to dance. If you want to represent someone that has been affected, we need you to be a part of something special. ❤️

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?