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Meet Alma, the AI teaching assistant revolutionizing learning experiences! Imagine a world where educators and students thrive together, supported by the incredible power of AI 🎓🤖

From skeptics to believers, Alma's journey has been awe-inspiring. It's not just a tool, but a catalyst for meaningful, personalized education. Whether it's high school prodigies or seasoned CEOs, Alma adapts, engages, and transforms learning for everyone.

Our results? Enhanced student engagement, immediate feedback, and a new horizon in educational methods🚀

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Introducing Reciprocal Human Machine Learning (RHML) – a new era where humans and AI learn from each other, enhancing skills and decision-making capabilities!

The concept of RHML pioneered by Prof. David Schwartz and his colleagues represents a transformative approach in the realm of artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction. RHML, as a collaborative approach, signifies a paradigm shift where humans and machines are integral participants in a continuous learning process.

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🔍 Dive into our review of Anita Williams Woolley's insightful articles on the synergy between and collective intelligence in teamwork! 🧠 Explore how AI acts as the new "team whisperer," enhancing decision-making and problem-solving in dynamic environments.

📚 Anita Williams Woolley's articles:
1️⃣ Articulating the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Collective Intelligence: A Transactive Systems Framework;
2️⃣ Teaching agents to understand teamwork: Evaluating and predicting Collective Intelligence as a latent variable via Hidden Markov Models.

💬 Let's discuss how AI reshapes our approach to teamwork and organizational behavior!


Redefining Digital Frontiers! Discover how nations are adapting to the digital era and where they stand in technology, governance, and impact. Plus, don't miss Valery Yakubovich on the Knowledge at Wharton podcast, discussing AI's pivotal role in innovation management. Join the journey towards a connected, innovative future –


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Dr. Vera Ludwig, Hugander Per, Elizabeth Johnson, and Michael Platt presented an innovative tool for team decision-making, drawing on and inspired by the improvisational nature of jazz.

The jazz-based approach activates creative and task-focused brain networks, providing a structured yet flexible framework for teams to collaborate more effectively in solving complex challenges.

🔍 Why innovating the process with new approaches became essential, breathing fresh life into the art of collective problem-solving? Follow the link to find out:


📚 Uncover the keys to career and organizational success with two essential reads this month:

1. Working Identity by Herminia Ibarra , updated for today’s challenges;
2. Work Here Now by Melissa Swift, a guide to human-centric workplaces.

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Dr. Daniel Marcos advocates for a holistic leadership approach, emphasizing that CEOs should find a balance in their professional and personal lives, while cultivating a culture that values growth and employee well-being. The path to truly sustainable governance involves looking through cognitive, political, and ethical prisms at every decision-making juncture.

Two distinct perspectives arise when discussing sustainable governance, according to Prof. Dr. Michael Hilb:

Functional Perspective ➡️ Primarily a signaling model, senior managers demonstrate sustainability efforts to stakeholders through stand-alone initiatives, often without a fundamental change in underlying motivations. It often leads to isolated sustainability initiatives, more a response to external pressures than true integration. This approach often results in a ‘“greenwashing” business model.

Foundational Perspective ➡️ A holistic model in which everyone in the company is dedicated and aligned to create new positive value for all stakeholders, underscoring genuine commitment to sustainable value creation. The profound integration requires revisiting a company’s motivations, refining its mission, and developing comprehensive metrics and measures, all underpinned by transparent assessment systems.

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Are traditional MBA rankings leaving you puzzled? We created our own business school ranking, sourcing information from our extensive database of over 500 business schools across 79 countries.

We evaluated the breadth of unique open-enrollment courses provided by each institution to offer a ranking based on curricular diversity. 🔍 Read more and uncover top schools that are leading the way in diverse business education:


Feeling lost in the sea of educational choices and trends? You're not alone. Our research services are your guide for all things education. Whether you're curious about the newest ways to learn or just want someone to point you in the right direction, we're here for you.

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Could models like replace human students in answering college assignments? A new study from NYU Abu Dhabi says it's possible, but it doesn't have to be a bad thing.

Thanks to Hazem Ibrahim, Elena Beretta, Dr. Zaynab El Bernoussi, Aaron Kaufman, Talal Rahwan, and others for this insightful research!

💡 Learn how we can reimagine education to leverage AI's strengths while promoting skills it can't replicate:


📖 September 2023 is a landmark month for business literature! Discover game-changing approaches to team alignment and embracing failure, authored by industry experts.

Don't miss out on these pivotal reads for success:
1. “Right Kind of Wrong: A New Lens on Failure” by .edmondson.923!
2. “Leadership Team Alignment: The Need for Harmony” by Jacques Neatby and .godart.98

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🌟 Ready to transform your leadership development? Discover the power of seminars, online courses, blended learning, and experiential techniques:

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On the Quest for Executive Knowledge? Before you embark, clear away the misconceptions clouding the Executive Education landscape.

🚀 Dive into our latest blog post where we tackle the top 5 myths about and reveal the truths. From the relevance of top-tier schools to the dynamics of online courses, we've laid it all out:

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Stay updated with the latest on remote work through Andrew Brodsky's insights on virtual communication 📚

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🌟 Exciting news for all you book lovers and leadership enthusiasts!

📖 Dive into "Brain On!" by Debbie Rudman Smolensky for a fresh perspective on mental agility and gear up for "Intentional Power" by Lisen Stromberg, JeanAnn Nichols - Executive Coaching Services, and Corey Jones, which promises a new era of inclusive leadership.

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📚 Hot off the Press! Have you ever wondered how nonverbal cues can affect the persuasiveness of a communicator?

Jochen Wirtz from the NUS Business School, National University of Singapore dives deep into the impact of nonverbal dominance in marketing. Key findings suggest the most persuasive communicators exude intermediate levels of dominance. Curious about the nuances? Explore the research:


🎉 Exciting insights from Dr Rodrigo Perez Vega - Digital Marketing, Technology & Entrepreneurship and others' research in the 'Psychology and Marketing Journal'. The study unravels the intricate relationship between trust, privacy concerns, usability, and users' willingness to share data with AI voice assistants. Ever wondered why some users are wary, while others readily engage? Find out more! 🔍🗣️


UNESCO's new report rings an alarm bell for the appropriate use of technology in education 💻🌍 Audrey Azoulay


🌐 Dive into the world of AI with our reviewed selection of courses, each catering to different needs, from business leaders to tech enthusiasts. Start building your AI skillset today and shape tomorrow's world! 🤖 Discover more here:

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Want to steer your business towards success? 🚀 Discover the potent impact of effective leadership and learn how to craft a leadership development plan in our latest blog post. Ready for an exploratory journey? Dive in now! 👉


Exciting development in the world of business education! Times Higher Education has acquired Poets&Quants, paving the way for expanded offerings and insights. We dive into the details in our latest blog. Ready to discover more about this powerhouse collaboration? Check it out here:


👀 Ever wondered how to be truly happy? Dr. Arthur Brooks presents a new way to view happiness as a goal that needs consistent attention and work. We’ve explored his unique Happiness Equation in our latest blog. Ready to elevate your happiness? Explore here:


🎉 Exciting news! The new NY Times Bestsellers - "Your Brain on Art" and "Outlive" - are making waves with their fresh perspectives on self-improvement and longevity. Dive into our blog post to explore how the arts can transform us and the science behind living a long, healthy life. Ready to elevate your wellbeing? Check it out here: 🧠📚


From personalized learning to identifying areas where students need additional support, AI has the potential to revolutionize education. But how can we ensure its responsible use?

Check out our latest blog post for insights from professors at Wharton and Helsinki University:


📢 Exciting news! Philanthropic gifts to American colleges and universities hit a record high in FY22 at $59.5 billion 🎉

This increase in charitable support demonstrates the commitment of institutional and academic leaders to building relationships with constituents. Learn more about the impact of these donations and who contributed in our latest blog post:


What makes an effective leader? It's not about projecting an image of perfection, but rather about being authentic. In our latest blog post, we delve into the importance of self-disclosure of weaknesses in fostering perceptions of authenticity and leading to better outcomes.

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Celebrate Women's History Month with "Courageous Women and Their Leadership Legacies." This inspiring book highlights women who overcame challenges and left a lasting legacy.

Learn about inspiring leaders like Marie Curie, Sally Ride, Amelia Earhart, and Katharine Graham. Read more on our blog:

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From personalized learning to identifying areas where students need additional support, AI has the potential to revoluti...
📢 Exciting news! Philanthropic gifts to American colleges and universities hit a record high in FY22 at $59.5 billion 🎉 ...