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Rick's Grape Skinny is a free newlsetter for those who love learning about the wondrous world of wine. Questions? Write [email protected]


Hey Fellow Wineaux! I know it's been a good long while since I posted anything on this Page -- but that's because for the longest time, there was no easy or reliable way to post my Skinnys. That's now been fixed by the Facebook geniuses...so I'm considering resurrecting this page...and posting new wine-centric "stuff!" So...what would you like to see me share with one and all on this page? 🍷


Timeline photos 13/09/2016

For those like me who get time challenged around this time of the year!

The original Viral Sign We made!!!
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For quite some time I posted my monthly wine newsletter, Rick's Grapes Skinny, on this page. But -- over time, Facebook "unsupported" the ability to post MS Word documents -- so I was obliged to discontinue posting my Skinnys. That said, if you'd like to receive them directly by email, just drop me a line at [email protected] and I'd be happy to add you to my Distribution List. Prosit!


Anything for that wine...whatever it takes!! :)

Amazing photos capture how faces change after 1, 2 and 3 glasses of wine 16/04/2016

Yep...I always knew it...but now here's proof. Wine is both good for your heart...and your soul!! :)


Amazing photos capture how faces change after 1, 2 and 3 glasses of wine Wine fans will undoubtedly appreciate this fun photo project which captures how faces change when alcohol has been consumed. Brazilian photographer Marcos Alberti captured friends when they had drunk one, two and three glasses of wine and these are the amazing results. Credit: Marcos Alberti Credit…

Timeline photos 31/01/2016

Oh my -- I can accept trying to plug in my Etch-a-Sketch...but I'm so hopeful I don't won't run out of wine!

Timeline photos 06/01/2016

For those of you who have a pool...and/or live near the beach! Tacky...yes...practical...maybe! :)

How cool are these?!? Win glasses that float in the pool and you can stick in to the beach sand!

Timeline photos 06/01/2016

And while I'm offering some New Year eno-counsel...here's a new exercise routine for the women. Men are too inflexible of course...so I'm thinking that uncorking a bottle of wine a day...ought to do it eh boys!? :)

and a one, and a two...

Timeline photos 06/01/2016

"In vino veritas." (In wine there is truth.) So sayeth that old wineau Gaius Plinius Secundus -- aka Pliny The Elder. I don't think he had anything to do with the bit of eno-wisdom below...but who kneaux!?

Timeline photos 07/11/2015

This is one of those wines that -- as soon as you finish the bottle -- you have the immediate urge to go back for another 3 to 6 bottles (if not a case)! Yes...it really is that good! Rich, intensely flavored and evolving layers of spice as it matures in-hand...this gem was perfect with skillet seared filet mignon and Grandma's Mac and Cheese (from Costco!)! :) Trust me...you'll love it! Getting it will likely require a specific request to your favorite retailer...but for those that are worth their salt, they'll be happy to get you even a single bottle! Hey, you'll be glad you did!!

Timeline photos 24/10/2015

Just a little advice in case someone was wondering! :)

Timeline photos 15/10/2015

Now here's a notion for a Halloween potion! :)

Happy Wine Wednesday.

Timeline photos 02/10/2015

I guess for some folks...a 1.5L bottle is still insufficient! :)

Timeline photos 13/07/2015

How's this for ensuring a good night's sleep!?

Timeline photos 27/05/2015

Just sayin'!

Timeline photos 23/03/2015

Well finally...I can get some sleep now! :)

Timeline photos 08/03/2015

Yep...my sentiments precisely! :)

Cheers to that!

Lettie Teague Takes on Ten Wine ‘Truisms’ 13/02/2015

So...how much wine truth do you know!? You might be surprised!

Lettie Teague Takes on Ten Wine ‘Truisms’ You’ve heard such saws as “the higher the price, the better the wine” and “Old World wines are better than New World wines.” But are they fact or oenofolly?

New Home for 500-Year-Old Wine | Wine News & Features 23/01/2015

Now this right here is some very old wine indeed...tasted only 3 times in the 500 years since it was made in 1472!!

New Home for 500-Year-Old Wine | Wine News & Features New Home for 500-Year-Old Wine. A 1472 Alsace wine, last tasted at the liberation of Strasbourg, has been carefully transferred into a new barrel.


Now this is a Throw Back Thursday concept I can support!! Heck, might even start of a Throw Back Tuesday campaign! :)

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Timeline photos 19/11/2014

Now here's an idea that has great merit! :)

Timeline photos 09/11/2014

For those aficionados and enthusiasts out there who'd like a nice Advent Calendar...here's one you might find "fulfilling!" :)

Timeline photos 06/11/2014

Forewarned is Forearmed!!

You've been warned. ;)

Timeline photos 19/10/2014

"Oh My!", she said in utter amazement..."That wasn't the Watusi?!"

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