Rogue Hang Gliding

Rogue Hang Gliding

The Rogue Valley Hang Gliding Association "RVHGA" was founded in 1977. Founding pilots first flew Rogue in 1973 The RVHGA was founded in 1977.

A small group of local hang glider pilots that formed the club put on the first "Star Thistle Fly-in" in the spring of 1977 at the primary flying site at that time, Medford Baldy. Walker Mountain was flown in 1976, Woodrat Mountain was discovered in 1978 and it took several years for it to catch-on as a popular flying site. Legacy and current Rogue Hang Gliding pilots remain a close-knit free-flyi

Operating as usual

Photos from Rogue Hang Gliding's post 01/01/2024

Missing that NYE this NYE!


Star Thistle 2021 Memorial weekend!

That thing I do...Had a great flight from "Strawberry Hill" over the NW Rogue Valley for a couple of hours. First hang glider to launch from an old historic HG site last flown a decade or more ago. abundant lift over the Valley to 6,000ft. And it's great to be welcomed at Grants Pass Airport by all the pilots and operators there. Grants Pass Airport Day is June 23 and we will be flying and maybe giving rides in this year's "open house".


Just look at that Walker Mountain sky! It’s high time...


Maybe one for the wife!


Old HG buddy Eric Raymond is CEO of the Sunseeker solar powered, side-by-side sailplane inspiration in production in Europe for many years. Amazing what HG pilots have gone on to accomplish


With a son or daughter - older and already on their own? Please share this opportunity with those with young adults still at home.

It will change their lives.

Erstflug Schneewittchen 10/09/2019

Erstflug Schneewittchen Erstflug der Schneewittchen in Okel nahe Bremen. Bauweise Sperrholz mit Ceconite Superflite 104A bespannten Felder. Daten: Spannweite: 3,1m, Gewicht 4,7kg, Flächenbelastung…

Photos from Ronin Vintage's post 28/08/2019

This at the base of the Steens


Time for some powered ultralight flying? I’ll be listing my two Quicksilvers MX Sport & Sprint for Sale this week. $500 off list for friends purchase. Here’s one for sale now!


Eric Raymond, HG great is CEO and one of the driving forces behind the solar flight.

Six years ago today in Italy with Solar Flight for the maiden test flights of Sunseeker Duo! After logging hundreds of hours, crossing the Alps and touring large swaths of Europe from high above the clouds in smooth air and bright sun, it remains the only two seat solar powered airplane ever to fly.

Ciao ! 24/05/2019


Ciao ! Flying at various locations in Italy and Germany. August 2018. A quality vacation together with quality people


Celebrating over 40 years of HANG GLIDING here in southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley. Join the Rogue Regulars this May 30 - June 2.

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Rogue Hang Glider Parachute Repack Clinic

May 4th
11am - Burgers & Dogs BBQ
EAA Chapter 725 Hanger

1pm Chute Toss
Chutes will be draped overnight inside EAA hanger

3pm - ...winch tow clinic & flying

May 5th
11am - 1pm Chute Repacking
1pm - ...winch towing & flying

Two hang glider pilots will have opportunity to join local EAA Chapter with first annual dues PAID by generous EAA member.

This is an opportunity to continue our great history and relationship with the GP Airport, meet other enthusiastic aviators and oh yeah...get our “second chance” emergency equipment maintained for another safe year in the air with friends.

Please make room in your schedules before the summer flying gets hot!


Chute Repack Clinic (BYOC) May 4th - 5th GP Airport.

Been awhile since you repacked your only “second chance”? It’s been how long???

Interested? Holler back.

Details to follow.

What we need more right rudder.


Hummm, Horton rebirthed.

Horten flying wing displayed at Aero 15/04/2019

Horton lives again!

Horten flying wing displayed at Aero Like so often in aviation, the Horten HX–2 flying wing began with a dream. Bernhard Mattlener, CEO and co-founder of Horten Aircraft GmbH, encountered one of Reimar Horten’s creations and was smitten. He started to research the inventor and his experimental aircraft.

'Flying wing' prototype plane makes its debut 13/04/2019

Ah Ha! new thing, old idea.

'Flying wing' prototype plane makes its debut The Horten HX-2 "flying wing," developed from a German World War II fighter plane concept, is now ready to fly. Find out how a wing with no body attached works.


Pendz’s solo flyby...well done!


Mr. Chartreuse solos in Quicksilver Sprint 3S8!

Alvord Desert WSA | BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT 24/03/2019

More fun on the Alvord...

Alvord Desert WSA | BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT The Alvord Desert and East Alvord Wilderness Study Areas are located approximately 70 miles southeast of Burns in Harney and Malheur Counties. The eastern side of the Alvord Desert WSA is about 5 miles southwest of Burns Junction. The nearest highway is U.S. Highway 95, which forms much of the easte...


IOW, accept responsibility and fly with good judgement.
USHPA does not provide you with either. But it does still control sites and ban pilots who no longer pay them from other historic American hang gliding sites.

The longer pilots pay USHPA, the longer pilots will be denied these sites.

Refuse to comply and fly!


It’s the next thing. The Steens. Just under 10,000ft high, over a mile above the desert floor below. Even on a sledder that’s a 15 mile glide!

See all the stars from Page Springs Campground at the base of Steens Mountain! Photo: naderkhoury
📍 Visit Steens:
⛺ Visit Page Springs:
📸 Archive:
🌐 360° SUP at Fish Lake:
🛩 Fly in a glider above Steens:
🚵‍♂ Bikepacking over Steens:
🌐 360° cattle drive near Steens:

Photos from Rogue Hang Gliding's post 13/03/2019

Check out the links with lots of pictures of this amazing, unflown wilderness in eastern Oregon.

I’d like very much to plan & execute a hang gliding safari for at least a week to explore and fly this 10,000ft high 40 mile long range. Facing east, over a mile above the Advore Desert floor.

The Steens has NEVER been flown by hang gliders!

We’ve let decades go by without taking up the challenge.

Interested in the adventure of a lifetime? Post me and let’s put a safari together for this year!

Gorgeous photo from a late summer hike to Wildhorse Lake atop Steens Mountain – photo: naderkhoury
📍 Visit:
📸 Archive:
🌐 360° SUP at Fish Lake:
🛩 Fly in a glider above Steens:
🚵‍♂ Bikepacking over Steens:
🌐 360° cattle drive near Steens:


Wing of Gold!

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Pendz’s solo flyby...well done!
More fun in the sun...and much cooler a couple thousand above the valley!
Hay field takeoff in the Applegate. Easy peasy & good fun!
Rewarding flight conditions for everyone at Woodrat Star Thistle 2018.  Beautiful day in the Applegate.  Thanks to Matt,...
Star Thistle 2018 Day 1, “in the bag” Grrrreat turn out, great flying, great landings....GRRRREAT landing Kirk on his ne...
Crater Lake from the air...a nice side trip during Star Thistle!
This coastal stuff is okay... but The real stuff is flying at Star Thistle 2018
Another old friend dropped by today...A blast of great memories!
2018 Rogue Hang Glider Fly-In.  Memorial weekend.Mark your calendar!
The LZ Gang
1 of 12 successful tows using the Rogue Tow Machine “RTM”Darin & I are refurbishing the RTM for even better performance....
"FiascoDave" on final "beach'in!"