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World-wide Publishing, literature, language and translation. Gihon river can be found in The Book of Genesis. Your own language, whatever this may be.

The word 'Gihon' means to: 'gush forth' and Gihon publishing is doing this, we are 'gushing forth to the nations.'

Gihon publishing has been commissioned to 'gush forth' like a river by the supernatural hand of God: flowing to all the nations of this world. The mission of Gihon Publishing and Translating is to share the gospel of Christ in a language that everyone can understand. Our aim is to

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Part 1 of the teaching series: Christ the Great High Priest



God’s strength made perfect in your weakness.

Situations in which you have absolutely no control, will make you cry out to God for mercy and grace. How many times have you cried out to God to deliver you from hopeless situations -matters you knew that unless the Lord intervened- you never would have come out of it. Paul had such a situation.

Excerpt from “Oil for the Journey” Volume 2 My free Daily Devotional. Ruth Dickson distributes free evangelical literature and gives out her books, including the Daily Devotional “Oil for the Journey” freely.


Daily Spiritual Growth
You need to meditate on God’s Word if you want to grow spiritually. Those who live in spiritual darkness are simply void of God’s Word. God is calling every Believer to meditate upon His Word. There are clear instructions about how we are to treat God’s Word in the Bible. The meditation of God’s Word is to be done Day and Night.

(Joshua 1:8)
This order was given to Joshua for God’s people. If you are a child of God this message also belongs to you. Set your heart on God’s Word today.

( Deuteronomy 32:46)
If the cornerstone of a building is removed, it will collapse. If Christ is removed from what is preached, it’s not the gospel. The gospel is built on the cornerstone Jesus Christ.


Happy New Year Everybody
May God’s Pillar of Grace Precede you.


Hello there,

Please see the introductory message.
Ruth Dickson‘s Series, “Christ the Great High Priest.”


Part 4
Christ the Great High Priest
There is some something far greater…

Part 3 Christ the High Priest 11/12/2022

Part 3

Part 3 Christ the High Priest The High Priesthood was just a Shadow of what was to come. The Patriarchs were expectant, they looked by faith to something far Greater: An Eternal Priesthood.


This Video is about Christ the High Priest.
A seasonal message from Ruth Dickson

Welcome to Gihon Publishing 10/04/2021

The Sinfulness of Sin:
Today is the day to acknowledge your sin and repent of it. Jesus is ready, with open arms, to forgive you.

Jesus Christ is the fountain of Life. All you need for your spiritual journey is found in Him. You have no need of despair when Jesus is in the driving seat of your life.

Put your confidence in the Living God. Trust Him with all your heart. Raise the sheild of faith. Amen.
© Ruth Dickson

Welcome to Gihon Publishing Ghost Writing. Book Publishing. Media Content.


The Unmissable Fragrance of the Lily of the Valleys:
The Lily grows in the most unexpected places. It can be found in dark places. In the depth of the Valley is where this delicate flower flourishes. It is a flower amongst flowers, as its fragrance permeates any environment it is found. It is a flower of purity, found in the most rough and inhospitable terrains.

Christ is the Lily of Valleys. He is the brightness of this dark world. Found in the deepest of Valleys, He brings beauty and warmth, to ugly and cold places. The fragrance of Christ’s presence is delightful. It touches the untouchable, giving them an unmissable divine and heavenly aroma.

The Glory of God.
In the face of Christ, is the glory of God. His power, reaches the depths of the earth. Christ gathers those on the fringes of society: the poor, the weak, widow, the fatherless, the meek, the weary, the lonely, the downcast. There is no one God’s Spirit cannot reach.

Anyone who trusts in Christ will never be put to shame. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.

©️Ruth Dickson


The Alter of Sin:
Did you sacrifice your marriage; children and home on the alter of sin? You don’t need to wait till Christ returns to confess your sin before God.

Repent: “...Go and sin no more.”John 8:11


The Prophet Isaiah:
God raised up a prophet to speak to Israel in its dry and wilderness places. The prophet Isaiah brought words of chastisement, but he also spoke prophetic words of God’s comfort. Isaiah reminded the children of Israel that God had not forgotten them in the wilderness. The Prophet reminded Israel of God’s promises.
©️ Ruth Dickson


The Refiners Fire:
Israel went through years of suffering and sadness. In their years of captivity and enslavement, it seemed like God had abandoned and forgotten them. These harrowing years were to bring correction to a people whose hearts were sold out to other gods.

©️Ruth Dickson


The Failure of Man Made Effort
Deep within the heart of every human, you will find pride. You see evidence of this in the story of Adam and Eve. Adam was placed in a beautiful garden and put in charge, but it was not enough. Adam thought he could override God’s ways and do it his way.

The attempt to serve God with one’s own righteousness; to reach perfection and be in right-standing with God, can never please God. Self-efforts, self-works, self-will and self-righteousness is deep-rooted in the human. It is sinful, tainted and can never appease God. The sacrificial offering Christ made by giving himself up as that one and only, once and for all, living sacrifice, is what appeased and continues to appease God. The total reliance on Salvation through Christ alone, is something the proud human heart never naturally accepts.

Through Christ Alone:
Salvation through Christ alone is the message the Bible preaches. It is the message Christ and His disciples preached. Salvation through Christ alone is hard to accept because it brings to nothing human effort. The claim of any human to be in right standing before God, that is, through their own hard work, finds itself insufficient before God’s throne of grace. Many find this hard to accept, the underlying issue here, being the age old conflict in the human heart.

The Influence of Divine Grace:
God’s Grace has divine power. It influences, instructs and guides the believer in the right way. It is the work of God’s Spirit. It transforms a person and makes them more Christ like. By the power of God’s Spirit, we are led away from sin. The lifestyle that displeases God becomes weaker, as God’s power takes over, and becomes stronger in the life of the believer.

©️ Ruth Dickson


PREPARE THE WAY OF THE LORD - 3- by Ruth Dickson.

It takes years of preparation and planning for a country to host the International Olympic Games. For example, the London 2012 Olympics, from the bidding stage to preparation stage, covered a span of eight years. It cost over $14.8 billion to host the 2012 Olympics. It took the revamping, regenerating, renewing and repurposing of land for the UK to successfully facilitate the Olympics Games. It was necessary to transform unusable, toxic waste land spaces, by making it usable for the games.

This world can be described as toxic land, in much need of revamping, regenerating and renewing . The air we breathe is polluted and the seas are filled with plastic waste. The Bible says, a day is coming when the heavens will pass away with a roar, and the heavenly bodies will be burned up and dissolved. This will be the Day of the Lord, however many are unprepared, with some not even expecting it!

Just like all nations prepare and wait in hope and expectation to hold the Olympics, one day, this world will host an astonishing event and we must be ready. Whether this world is ready or not, this spectacular event will take place. While the world knows the days that Olympic Games take place, the Day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. A thief will never let you know his time of arrival, otherwise you will prepare for his coming.

One day, the Lord will return in glory, will you be ready? He will come with a winnowig fork in His hand to separate the chaff from the wheat.

When chaff is removed from wheat, it is burned up, while the wheat is gathered up and safely put away in barns. The Bible uses symbolic language to show there will be a great separation of people on the last day, just like Goats will be separated from Sheep.

Into what group will you fall?

Will you be thrown into never-ending fire or rest, eternally, in the bosom of the Lord?

The hour is now. God is calling people to turn away from sin and follow Him. Your soul means so much to God, that He sent His only Son, Jesus, as a substitute to die in your place. He died for the salvation of your soul. Jesus died so that you can live. He is ever willing to forgive you, if only you draw near. Turn away from sin and turn to God. He will give you a new start, a new heart and a new life.
© Ruth Dickson


This Month of February, pray for the Body of Christ and its persecuted parts.

The Bible uses metaphorical language with the illustration of how the "Body" works, to describe how the "Body of Christ" should function as ONE. The UNITY in the Body comes by being United with Christ i.e. Being One with God's Spirit. Those who operate by God's Spirit, belong to His Body. The power that unifies God's people, is far greater than the power that divides.

The Head cannot discard the Leg, neither can the Leg walk on its own without the brain transmitting signals from the Head. In fact, the unseen parts, those parts that seem to be weak and hidden, are the parts that need more attention and care.

If a heart is physically cut out of a body, that body will be pronounced dead! How do you take care of the Heart? The heart needs a body to function because the heart cannot beat as a single entity. It would be ineffective.

In recent times, we have seen the harmony of the Church torn to shreds through Politics, Covid and a host of other man-made influences. In the midst of this drama, those who are muture "spiritually" in the faith, must get down on their knees and pray.

Let us pray:

⛪ Give thanks to God for sustaining and nourishing His body during these Covid times. It is by God's grace and mercy the whole earth exists and is sustained.

⛪ Give thanks for good health. Pray for your own continued good health
and the health of friends, family and your Church family. Pray for God's comfort and consolation upon the families who have lost loved ones due to Covid and related illnesses.

⛪ Pray for all believers who cannot fellowship with other believers and family because of Covid rules. Think about them, show them compassion. The Body of Christ needs more of God's tangible presence at this time. May God's presence comfort all His children globally. Pray all be reminded, regardless of their situation, that God is with them, during this season and always. This season shall also come to pass...

⛪ Pray for God's wisdom to rest upon Church leaders, in all their decisions, regarding Church and the State. Where there is clear conflict and contradiction to God's Word, pray God's wisdom will be bestowed, without measure, to handle it.

⛪ Pray for the persecuted Church. God's people who reside in lands where prayer, singing and fellowship in any capacity is forbidden. They need your intercessory prayers.

⛪ Pray for God's people who are divided, wounded and persecuted by other Christians. Pray that God will rescue them and place them in places of safety. The Lord knows those who belong to Him. He is an Advocate, Intercessor, Comforter, Deliverer and Healer.

Brothers and Sisters, please pray without ceasing. Kindly share these prayers.

-Written by Ruth Dickson

1st Feb. 2021

The Glory of Living for God written by Ruth Dickson. 04/10/2020

The Glory of Living for God written by Ruth Dickson. THE GLORY OF LIVING FOR GOD. William Tyndale, was the first person to translate the Bible directly from Hebrew and Greek text into English. William Tyndale developed a love for scripture very early…


A Celebration of God's Grace.
You can download your own celebratory copy here:


Betrayed, Bruised and Battered: Behold His Glory.
Jesus was betrayed with a kiss. In the presence of His enemies, it was by Judas Iscariot. Judas had secretly abandoned the faith. It was Judas secretly gave Jesus the kiss of death. It was the disciple who pretended to be a friend. It was Judas, who betrayed our precious Jesus, in the presence of His enemies. Judas betrayed our merciful , meek and kind Saviour… Was it not this same Jesus who healed the sick, opened the eyes of the blind, showed mercy and pity to the weak, had compassion for the poor, who performed many wondrous miracles?

Jesus felt the wound of betrayal deep within His heart. Was it not Jesus who held Judas hand to show Him mercy? Was it not Jesus who poured so much time and energy into the life of Judas, training him and spending time with him? Was it not Jesus who showed Judas the way of righteousness, yet it was Judas who stabbed Him in the back.

As the chief priests, elders and crowd of spectators, gathered against our precious Lord and Saviour with swords and clubs, Jesus felt the pain of abandonment. Jesus reminded himself that it was the fulfilment of Scripture and submitted to it all (Psalm 41:9, Lamentations 4:20, Isaiah 53:7, Isaiah 53:8).

Yet again, Jesus felt the pain of betrayal when all His disciples fled and left Him. Jesus knew they would run away from Him. He predicted this in John 16:32. Zechariah long predicted the scattering of the Sheep in Zechariah 13:7. Our precious Lord and Saviour was a man of many sorrows.

On the way to Calvary Jesus wept. Why did they bruise our merciful Saviour in this manner? It was done in the place called SKULL, a terrible, dark place of no return.

Weep for our precious Lord, look at what they did to Him, see how they treated Him? With scorn and hatred in their eyes, they bruised and scourged Him.

Weep, weep and consider what Jesus went through. These evil people gave Jesus sour wine to drink. He refused it. “I tell you, I will not drink from this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father’s kingdom.” -Matthew 26:29.

As we eat the Bread and Drink the Wine, we commune with Christ. Jesus suffered in obedience, paying a heavy price, purchasing the New Wine for those who believe in Him, to drink freely.

“He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him.” Isaiah 53:2.

All who do not despise Christ, all who see the beauty in Christ's suffering, will be beautified with Him in glory. Hallelujah!

As we think about the sorrow of Christ, let us weep, but not with tears of sorrow, let us weep with tears of Joy, in deep gratitude and thanksgiving for what our beautiful, compassionate Saviour has done. He is Worthy! Let our hearts be filled with praise.

Jesus Christ is our righteousness.

© Written by Ruth Dickson

Heavenly Treasures Ministries


🔥The Work of the Holy Spirit🔥
Those who attended the New Man Conference were blessed to be the first recipients of this book.

Without the help of the Holy Spirit, the Body of Christ would be lost. The Holy Spirit is the power of God; the driving force behind the Church. The Church would be dead without Him.

- Ruth Dickson.

If you would like a free copy, please send an email to: [email protected]


Heavenly Treasures Ministries

Psalm 46:7
The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob.


Heavenly Treasures Ministries

Isaiah 26:4
Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock

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