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Through all of the mentorship, masterminds and training I’ve received, I’m finally at a point in my life where I’m devoted to giving it ALL back to a new community of leaders.

Operating as usual


At Berenyi, we reserve some days for planning days, where the pace is more relaxed and the brain is allowed time to think, to explore, to bring new, creative ideas to the fore and see where they fit. Without these days, a company will stagnate.


Our office would not run nearly as efficiently without teamwork...and coffee. Brewing a cup for International Coffee Day.


For many years, Berenyi Incorporated has been dedicated to creating and strengthening longterm relationships with our clients. Berenyi’s team philosophy emphasizes working with the client, not just for the client. It is this conviction that reinforces a common bond, creating measurable value for clients. However complex the scope of work or how remote your location, we truly understand the challenges you face each day and we’re here to help you.


Tony Berenyi and Mr. Scotty Mill with Pasco Inc discuss perseverance, team mentality, respect in the workplace, and professional relationships. Listen at:

"Do not take advice for granted. Allow others to demonstrate their talents to help each other."


Our team strives to make the best of every workday. Hard work is truly the key to success, and we value our commitment and communication, whether we're in the office or out on a job site.


Berenyi values itself on clear communication and procedures. Here you will work with a consistent team, and always be kept abreast of any new updates or progress on your project. We continue that relationship long after the building or project is completed.

Interested in starting a project? Call us at 843.284.2000


"Purpose and passion need to blend as one. That, combined with your innate talents and
needs, gives you direction—a path to follow." - Tony Berenyi, the Berenyi Life Blueprint


Whether we're in the field or at our offices in either Charleston, SC or Sumter, SC, our team is proud to wear the Berenyi logo. For us, it means attention to detail, customer service, and above all, honesty.


Tony Berenyi and Lt. General John Rosa with @The Citadel discuss what differentiates between the top and bottom third of leaders. Listen now at:

Team build mentality is critical. Do not think of yourself as just an individual.


Inside of every great office is a great dog. Berenyi is lucky to have three perfect pooches that wander the halls and spread cheer (and snacks) throughout the office. Our work lives are better due to our furry friends.


Today we celebrate the work and contributions of laborers to the development and achievements of the United States. We want to say thank you to the men and women who built the very structure of our industry, and thank you to our current team that exemplifies the hard work and bright achievements that will carry us into the future.

Happy Labor Day.


Berenyi built relationships with our clients for years through our attention to detail and unique outlook on design, customer service, and honesty.

We spend countless hours pouring over the details of our projects, making sure everything fits together and stays on time and under budget.

For us, it’s all about commitment to our clients.


"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." - Henry Ford

We are so proud of our Berenyi family, and all that we have accomplished over the past 30 years. Here's looking forward to at least 30 more!


Tony Berenyi and Mr. Jim Wigfall, VP at Boeing Shared Services Group discuss what it takes to be a good leader, a professional, and lessons learned along the way.

Put in a good day’s work. Always seek to do your “BEST”

Listen to the podcast:


Concrete was poured out at Dominion Energy in Jasper, SC. The team worked very hard at making sure everything was set and cured before moving forward with the structure. Just a few more steps before this elevator shaft is complete. Stay tuned for more progress!


Our team at Berenyi have designed projects for a wide variety of commercial, healthcare, and industrial clients. We pride ourselves in producing work that is functional, beautiful and easy to maintain.

We don't build alone; instead, we utilize our team of talented engineers and architects to strategize and work together to build success.


The team was hard at work the other day installing a new elevator foundation at Dominion Energy in Jasper County, SC.

Safety is our main concern when building out structures, and we made sure that everything was perfect before pouring the concrete. Stay tuned for more progress pictures!


Creating a list makes you think. Writing them down ensures that you remember them and act upon them later.

Take inventory of those factors you can do something about and ensure that you surround yourself with influences that you've approved of. Make a priority to mitigate the harmful influences that could lead you astray.

Read the Berenyi Life Blueprint:


Your integrity is the most valuable possession you own. And believe me when I tell you that you do own it. All of it.

If you're honest with yourself and the people you face, chances are you will be characterized as having integrity.

#integrity #moralcode #ethicalcode


Our team has been working hard on a project for Frontier Logistics. We can't wait to show you the completed build, and some of our favorite behind-the-scenes moments.


Ethics provides a moral map, by uncovering discrepancies in behavior, and providing a respectable path out of an issue. However, it doesn't provide answers, just choices. It's a way to balance our own private interests with those of the world at large.
- Tony Berenyi, The Berenyi Life Blueprint


Have you met the Berenyi team? This group of individuals manages projects across the globe. Check out some of our recent projects at


The key to integrity is honesty. If you're honest with yourself and the people you face, chances are you will be characterized as having integrity. That's not to say they'll like you or trust you. That depends on your character. But at least they'll know that you'll act in a predictable manner, no deviations.

Have you been honest with others this week? What about with yourself?


Ethics provides a moral map, can uncover discrepancies in behavior, and provide a moral path out of an issue. However, it doesn’t provide answers, just choices.

It’s a way to balance our own private interests with those of the world at large. It also allows us to become part of groups that adhere to the same code for a common cause.

Do you rely on your ethics of openness, trust, loyalty, commitment to excellence, and accountability? How have you done so in the last month?


"With a well-thought-out plan ready, eventualities anticipated, you’ll know what needs to be done and when to do it." - Tony Berenyi, The Berenyi Life Blueprint

Want to see how some of our plans came out? Check out our finished projects at


If you have a 10 year plan, what are you doing today to achieve that?

When you think of that huge goal, break it down into easily manageable goals. Find those baby steps, and achieve your long-term goals.


In a relationship, you need to be consistent and be true to who you are at all times. Understand the value of being honest, open, generous and respectful. Keep your moral standards beyond reproach. Consider the feelings and situations of others as you deal with them, framing conversations so that both parties know the intention is to improve, not to make one lose face or back down.

Read more at:

[07/04/20]   "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same." - Ronald Reagan

Happy Independence Day. I hope you are enjoying it with your loved ones.


"People get so caught up in the ‘How’ they end up letting their great idea go by the wayside because they don’t know how to do it, when the biggest, the most important question to ask is ‘who.’ Who can do this for me?” - Dean Jackson

Do you have the right 'who' for the 'how'? Get a free download of my book, Working Less, Keeping More at


It's the importance of the who and not the how.

No one tool can accomplish every job. Instead, each tool has an individual purpose, it's own strengths and weaknesses.

Most of the time, we carry the mindset that if it’s going to be done right, I’m going to have to do it. That thinking will only get you so far in business.

Find the right tool, the right person to complete the right task.


My father was and will remain the most influential person in my life. His guidance created a natural hope that I too would teach and lead my girls with the same commitment.

Like all Fathers, including me, I have done some things right and I have done some things I wish I could take back. The thing I could never anticipate is what my children would contribute to me and my actions.

My girls have taught kindness, patience, courage, and most of all a kind of love that continues to shape me.

Happy Fathers Day, and thank you Amy, Katie, Jackie and Helen for being such wonderful daughters.


Charleston Sign Monkey is a locally owned shirt and sign company that we love to support. If you or any business you know of needs signage, shirts, decals, etc. please give them a call.
We're so glad they were able to stay open through the shut-down and want to lift them up as we move forward through 2020.


As Ronald Reagan once stated, "When we honor our flag we honor what we stand for as a Nation – freedom, equality, justice, and hope."

That's what the flag represents for me. Freedom.

Happy Flag Day.


“This country will not be a good place for any of us to live in unless we make it a good place for all of us to live in.” — Theodore Roosevelt
Thank you to the men and women who work every day to keep us safe, well, and educated. Healthcare workers, first responders, and educators. We see your hard work and sacrifice and we are grateful.


Purpose is based outside of one’s inner feelings.
It’s other-centered, compassionate, giving.
Give yourself, including your mind, the freedom to think only of others, of things you can do for the community, society, the world. - Tony Berenyi, The Berenyi Life Blueprint

Two Calls

I’m 30 years old, a farm boy from Montana. Eighteen months before, I’d quit working for someone else and launched my own industrial engineering company. I believed that there was a need in the industry for people who really cared about what they were doing, who wanted to raise the bar of excellence and whose word really meant something to them. So I started my company on those principles. And it worked. I had people working for me, we had some nice projects and great clients such as Exxon— and then, unexpectedly, I was sent to war.

The first hard thing was having to tell all my customers that I wouldn’t be able to complete the commitments I had made to them. I had to close our office and I couldn’t say when I’d be back. Breaking my word on those commitments was very difficult for me. I’m a “my word is my bond” guy.

The next thing I know, I was a company commander in the desert with a 250-man unit. Dealing with all the deaths of people I saw while over there, was much harder than anything I’d done—by magnitudes.

While on duty, my customers gave their new projects to my competitors. So naturally when I got back home, I thought of permanently folding up my business. It would be easier to try and get a job working for somebody else. My customers had gone and I had my own life to try to piece back together.

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