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Kristin Pierce, Speech Pathologist//Little Things Blog

I am a Speech-Language Pathologist in Melissa, TX. I specialize in children ages 3-13 through both public schools and private practice. I also blog!

Joe Biden shares vulnerable story on how he overcame stuttering - CNN Video 07/02/2020

I haven’t posted in a while, but was really moved by this story and Joe Biden’s transparency and message of hope for people who stutter. ❤️

Joe Biden shares vulnerable story on how he overcame stuttering - CNN Video During a town hall in New Hampshire, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden spoke with CNN's Anderson Cooper about how he was able to overcome his stuttering.

10 Conversation Strategies Highlighted in the Father-Son Viral Video - 20/06/2019

Hello! I haven’t posted in a while. Have you watched this sweet video of the dad talking with his son who doesn’t have words yet? It’s precious and worth the watch. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association has listed 10 conversational strategies from it. As a mom of a 3 month old, this was a great reminder for me!

10 Conversation Strategies Highlighted in the Father-Son Viral Video - The viral video of a conversation between a father and his baby highlight 10 conversation skills needed for speech, language, and communication development.

Using a Kitchen or Grocery Store to Teach Speech/Language Skills 26/11/2018

I'm working on a new post for tomorrow to continue my "Language Skills Around the House" series! It reminded me of a post I did last year on targeting language skills at the grocery store (or in a pretend grocery store at home). Check it out! Any guesses as to what tomorrow's post will be about?

Using a Kitchen or Grocery Store to Teach Speech/Language Skills Hi, everyone! Hope you are all having a great week getting ready for Thanksgiving! My school district is off all week, so I am enjoying extra time, snuggles and play with sweet C. Later this week, we will be traveling to see my father-in-law! I know many people will be swarming to grocery


I’ve taken a break from blogging, but something about the fall always inspires me!

I bought this set of Halloween critters from dollar tree to entertain C on the plane last week. He loved playing with them and stamping them in play doh (great for his sensory and fine motor development).

To work on his speech and language skills, we sorted them by color, size and type of item. We worked on using a descriptive word paired with the noun. We also worked on C’s s-blends (skeleton, spider, etc)... but he was having so much fun I don’t think he even noticed!


Truth! I have the best job ever and feel so blessed to be an SLP!


What a great read and reminder as school starts! As a former school based SLP, I really saw this play out in my school. Fair is everyone getting what they need!

This is AMAZING!!! Read, share and spread the word!

Photos from Kristin Pierce, Speech Pathologist//Little Things Blog's post 17/07/2018

Such a fun day presenting at the Region 10 Early Childhood conference “Little Steps to Big Futures!” It was so fun presenting! Thanks to everyone who came and the staff at Region 10 for the amazing opportunity!

Why Johnny Can't Name His Colors 28/06/2018

As someone who is trying tirelessly to teach my child colors, I thought this was really interesting (from a language perspective!).

Why Johnny Can't Name His Colors No, the kid's probably not color blind. A trick for teaching children colors at a younger age--and why it is otherwise so hard for them


Reading is important...but requires so many prerequisite (language) skills! Remember, reading to your child will help them to learn many of these skills!


Great information on technology’s impact on communication. I wholeheartedly agree with the “balanced and realistic” approach... sometimes we all need a minute to breathe while our kids watch a show or play on the iPad. Just make sure to monitor and let your child know this isn’t something that happens all the time. Remember, the time your child spends looking at a screen is time they are not learning from your modeled communication skills.

Your child's social skills in kindergarten are more important than their academics 18/06/2018

So. Much. Of. This. Social skills are imperative to a child’s success not only in school but in life! Speech-Language Pathologists work on pragmatic language, the social use of language. If you’re concerned about your child’s pragmatic language skills, reach out to an SLP!

Your child's social skills in kindergarten are more important than their academics Here are five to focus on building in your kiddo

12 Weeks of Simple Activities to Support Kids’ Learning All Summer Long 28/05/2018

In honor of Memorial Day and summer being just around the corner... check out these great ideas to keep your child learning throughout the summer!

12 Weeks of Simple Activities to Support Kids’ Learning All Summer Long Help your students and their families go from summer slump to summer triumph with engaging exercises families can enjoy together. Here are 12 weeks of simple activities parents or caregivers can use to help their child—or entire family—build speech, language and literacy skills.


Turn taking is such an important skill to model for your child! Check out this article from the Hanen center about why turn taking is important and some ways to integrate and model it in your day!

The Power of Turn-taking: How Back-and-forth Interactions Help Children Learn Language Having a back-and-forth conversation with a child may seem like a small thing, but it turns out it’s everything when it comes to helping them learn language. A new study has shown a strong connection between turn-taking and a child’s brain development and language skills. Find out what makes hig...


Did you know that SLPs also work with both children and adults who struggle with feeding and swallowing? These strategies can help those suffering from these difficulties to eat safely. Of course, if you’re concerned, contact an SLP for an evaluation to see if you or your loved one may need help!


Super Simple is one of my very favorite YouTube resources for speech and language skills. C may or may not still be listening to the Halloween songs... and I let him because he’s learning so much! Check out this great post on how you can use these songs and free resources to help your child!

❤️🎶NEW BLOG POST on Why Speech Language Pathologists Love Super Simple.
May is Better Hearing & Speech Month, and Super Simple Songs are often a favorite resource for SLPs to support language development. It’s easy for anyone to see why kids love these songs - they have catchy tunes, bright pictures, exaggerated facial expressions, and they are just fun to watch and listen to. 🎶👂

Is It ‘Yanny’ or ‘Laurel’? The Internet Wants Answers 17/05/2018

Have you heard this audio clip that swept the internet yesterday? Check out this article from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association for some expert opinions!

Is It ‘Yanny’ or ‘Laurel’? The Internet Wants Answers It’s the question that’s driving the Internet crazy: Is the computerized voice on a viral audio clip saying “Laurel” or “Yanny”? Audiologists and speech-language pathologists weigh in on the debate.


Great information from the American Speech and Hearing Association about spotting communication disorders! If you think your child might have one, please contact me! I would love to help!


May is Better Speech and Hearing Month! Did you know that SLPs do all of these things?!


Happy Monday! Since I’ve missed a few Sunday Lessons... here’s a great reminder that’s been on my heart this weekend! Praying for God to sustain me {and everyone who teaches} so that we can end well this month!


It’s true what they say... there’s no tired like end of the year teacher tired! This explains my lack of posts lately... but don’t worry! I have some great content prepared for this week!! Check back on Wednesday!

Happy Monday!

Is My Child a Late Talker - The Speech Dynamic 20/04/2018

Great post from The Speech Dynamic out of Houston on late talkers. Are you concerned about your child? I can help either give strategies to help or evaluate!

Is My Child a Late Talker - The Speech Dynamic Late Talkers are a group of children who otherwise show age appropriate receptive language skills (understanding of language), nonverbal IQ, and typical social development/personality. However, these children are behind in their expressive language skills

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?

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