The Natural Voice: Singing and Breathing Studio

The Natural Voice: Singing and Breathing Studio

The Natural Voice is a collective of music educators. We are an inclusive practice, welcoming people of all ages and abilities. Please contact us for details.

Contact Helen Todd (Bellerive): 0417 123 680 - [email protected]

Contact Eleanor Webster (Huonville): 0416 667 933 - [email protected] -

Kieran Slicer (Moonah/Lower Longley): 0428 119 039 - [email protected]

Alison Bailey (Lenah Valley): 0407 052 130 - [email protected] -



Brodie Rainbird

"Helen is an incredibly intuitive vocal coach. Every time I have an issue with my voice she knows exactly what’s causing it and how to dial in and work on that specific thing. Sometimes I can’t believe the sound that comes out of me after a session with her. She has such a vast wealth of knowledge and experience and has taught me a lot from how to navigate psychological hurdles with my voice to human biology and why good techniques work over bad habits. Regular sessions with Helen have become an important part of my creative process and I couldn’t recommend her more."


Tom Wolfe

"Helen has been an incredible to help to me. I have been a working musician for over a decade and when I first came to Helen I was in bad shape. She was able to take me and my voice back to basics and help me completely rebuild my instrument. I am now singing (and speaking) better than I ever have. My voice has never been in such good shape. Helen is world class. Without a doubt in my mind she is one of the best. She understands the voice, the body and breath work to help you."


The musical family of The Natural Voice notes with deep sadness the passing of Roger, partner of Daphne Toombs.

Daphne has been part of TNV for many years, performing regularly at our concerts, and Roger was there to cheer her on.

Daphne, We all send our love to you and your family and we're all thinking of you.

Helen, Eleanor and Kieran.


Charlie Burton

"I worked with Helen over many months and over that time she really helped me find my voice. She gave me techniques and tips to have more resonance and control over my voice, and gave me more confidence not just in how I speak but my overall delivery. Helen is also a lovely human being. I can't recommend her highly enough!"


The Natural Voice is proud to present Benjamin Britten's 'A Ceremony of Carols' at St David's Cathedral.


Looking forward to seeing TNV students at the Huonville Festival of Carols this evening. A free event for families.


If you are looking for a fun outing in the school holidays HVT is presenting The Sound of Music Youth Edition.

TNV wishes our students the best of luck in their production: Saila, Paige, Maia, Abi, Marni, Michala, Anna, Hayley, Essie, Natasha, William, Rebecca, Ashelgh, Juliet, Georgia, Abby, Regan, Matilda and Izzy


Back in July Helen was invited to speak on ABC NT on the aging voice. You can listen with the link below:

Arvos NT - Helen (1).mp3


Mila comes with Lana Mack each week to her lesson. A couple of weeks ago Mila was a bit cheeky and decided to give Lana some tuition. Lana is now learning how to bark and howl her scales 🤣

Meet some of our Present and Past Students 22/03/2023

Catherine's pic has been up on our Facebook pretty much since we started our page. I have been waiting for her story all this time but I'm so glad she waited because her it is even more remarkable for what she has achieved in the last few years. Please read below.

Catherine Blake
(Photo courtesy Ella Richmond)

It always seemed unlikely to me that someone who had verbal and physical limitations would be successful and praised for activities such as acting and singing. It never crossed my mind that they would shape my future in such a major way. Little did I know, my life would change completely just after my 31st birthday.

It seemed weird when Eleanor Webster first suggested at the end of 2013, that I come and see what Hobarts Choir Of High Hopes was like. My initial response to El’s request was: “The Choir doesn’t want my awful voice, I can’t sing!!!”

The truth is that, I honestly didn’t know what my singing ability would be like. With the added trouble of my speech impairment, due to my Cerebral Palsy, I had myself
convinced that singing was beyond my capabilities.

Despite my hesitations, I decided in December 2013, that in the New Year I would attend my first rehearsal of the Choir Of High Hopes (COHH). Tuesday, 18th February 2014 was the first time I was able to attend a rehearsal. I was hooked from
the first day, not remembering when I’d had so much fun. I couldn’t wait to go back.

Due to commitments with work at the time, I was initially only able to attend once a fortnight, however I was fortunate enough to be able to get my hours changed shortly
after joining COHH, so I could attend rehearsals on a weekly basis. I am proud to say that as of March 2023, I am still attending Choir weekly, and very rarely miss a
rehearsal or performance.

I decided to explore what options I had with singing and that I should make the most of a new opportunity. Looking around on Facebook, I found out that El gave private lessons and I decided to approach her about perhaps starting one-on-one tuition. We have been having regular singing lessons since May 2014. Until 2021 I was only able to attend once a fortnight. However, since resigning from my job, I am now able to attend lessons on a weekly basis.

A few years later, in 2017, I was inspired to audition for a production at the Huon Valley Theatre Company (HVT). I had spent my early – mid teen years watching my mum and my sister at the same Theatre Company, and the truth is that I wanted to join and be a part of the shows. I just assumed that I wasn’t good enough. My mother’s first production was “Oliver” in 1997, and my first production was “Oliver” in 2017!!

Since 2017, I have done numerous shows with HVT, including; "Cinderella", Talent Shows, "Humpty Dumpty", as well as appearing in their annual Festival Of Carols.

In 2021, after 14 years of working in an office I took extended Long Service Leave, for a total of thirteen and a half months, and it was during this time when I finally had the time to swap my fortnightly lessons to weekly lessons, that I realized what I wanted my life to be. In August 2022, after twice getting an extension to my Long Service Leave, I decided
to resign from my office job to be able to focus on music and theatre as much as possible.

Through choir and lessons, I was delighted to discover that, not only could I sing, but I am very musical. I realised that the more I sang or acted and allowed myself to get used to it, it slowly became clear to me that it was something that I could see myself doing for years to come.

In 2023 I turned 40 and I had a big party. I invited my friends from Hobart-based music group Croon to perform at my 40th Birthday Party. However, it came with strings attached…

I had originally planned to sing two songs at intervals throughout the night. “This is Me” and “My Life”. I had come up with this plan in March, and had been rehearsing the two songs with Eleanor. My mum suggested that I contact my friend Colin Dean, and ask if there was a possibility of getting him and Croon to provide the entertainment.

Colin had a counter proposal. They were happy to come and sing at my party, but they wanted to do a duet of “Baby It's Cold Outside" with me. So, since I had plenty of time and loved the idea, I went for it!! I decided to only sing one song because of this, instead of the two I had planned, and this gave me more time to enjoy my birthday party.


The Natural Voice at Huon Valley Theatre's Festival of Carols.


Hi everyone, a note from Helen from her workshop last Saturday:

"Hi singers who came along to my PERFORMANCE SKILLS workshop. Some really impressive work as people opened themselves to new skills to acquire. Huge leaps forward by all and a deeper understanding of how to perform to a higher standard was demonstrated by everyone. Plus we all got to experiment with mic and foldback, as Annalee had just bought her first ever soundgear and couldn't wait to share it. Thanks Annalee."


Performance Skills
Workshop with Helen Todd

Saturday, 5 November
2 to 5.30pm,
Scots church in Bathurst Street, Hobart.
Cost : $20pp

Places limited. Please contact Helen Todd to book, 0417 123 680 or [email protected].


Another video of the orphans, this time singing 'You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile '


We had a number of students in Huon Valley Theatre's production of Annie Jr.

Here's a clip of the orphans singing Hard Knock Life featuring Natasha Mackay, Saila Perera, Lily Clark, Abbie Millhouse, Neve Winsor and Anna and Hayley Webster.


Tomorrow is our big day!

We have been working for six months to prepare for these concerts in the beautiful Barrel Room at Home Hill Winery.

Spring Classics at 11am features Ashlee Hey, Dan Williamson, Daphne Toombs, Saila Perera, Gudrun Peacock and Leila Norman working with three of Hobart's finest accompanists: Michael Power, Iestyn Parry and Gabrielle Cayoun. They will bring you a program of classical and music theatre.

Spring Jazz at 2pm is a program of jazz and light pop. We welcome a trio of Hobart's top musicians to play form our jazz band. Matthew Ives (kit), Isaac Gee (bass) and Randal Muir (keys) will play for our singers: Eleanor Webster, Bethany Corona, Sandi Costa, Annalee Brumby, Bethany Norman and Ingharad Hemmings.

Each family friendly concert is $20pp or you can see both for $30pp.

Lunch available at Home Hill in between concerts but you must book.


I just stumbled across a video of Kieran doing an impromptu performance at the top shop! Wonderful!

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?

Our Story

Lindisfarne: Helen Todd: 0417 123 680 or [email protected]

Huonville: Eleanor Webster: 0416 667 933 or [email protected]

Moonah/Lower Longley: Kieran Slicer: 0428 119 039 or [email protected]

Some of our students are highly developed and are working towards auditions and professional vocal careers while others simply enjoy the self-expressive, creative and stimulating benefits of singing as a hobby.

We just love working with passionate people of all ages:

* motivated adult beginners
* people with special needs including physical disability
* choristers who seek a safe vocal technique
* focussed school age students
* young children who love music
* vocally experienced people seeking to further develop their skills

Every lesson for every person is different because each person and their voice is different; every session is tailored to the individual needs of each and every person.

We each have our own unique sound and it’s that sound we are uncovering in your lessons.

Above all we are passionate and very experienced people; in life and as performers and teachers.

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Here's the ensemble rehearsing Wolcum Yole. It's one of the carols from Britten's  mystical and elegant meditation on th...
Another video of the orphans, this time singing 'You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile '
We had a number of students in Huon Valley Theatre's production of Annie Jr. Here's a clip of the orphans singing Hard K...
Eleanor singing "Santa Baby"