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[09/07/18]   Anger is self mutilation! Bullsh*t that it is part of anything except losing and self destruction!

I have broken more golf clubs than most human beings. I have also shot lower than most human beings. Point is I learned the hard way that anger was not beneficial to me or my performance.

I learned that I had passion and low self esteem. And upon failure my passion would turn into anger due to my low self esteem.

Stay passionate! Stay positive!

It ain't easy and you will not succeed on it every time but it is damn sure worth the effort!

[08/23/18]   Food for thought...

A couple of old adages for golf were "Golf is a game of misses" and "He who misses the best wins".

From those I chose to use the following tact to maintain my composure in pool. There are no good shots. There are no bad shots. Only shots that have lead you to where you are right now.....and that is 100% ready to hit the next shot!

[07/30/18]   Improving Focus Playing Pool

Set a primary goal during your matches to stay focused on "now". You will catch yourself thinking of the past, the future and of things around you that are not pertinent to the task. When you catch yourself doing so then refocus yourself on "now".

What I mean when I say set a primary goal is that it does not matter if you make the ball, it does not matter if you win that game, and it does not matter if you win that match. The only thing you hinge your success or failure upon is your success or failure on catching yourself and refocusing during all shots.

And what I mean by "now" is this. You have a single ball you are trying to make with a certain speed, certain line, and a certain spin in order to achieve a certain result. That is "now" in pool. If you are thinking of anything else and catch it then refocus and resume.

You will find that you do not catch yourself very often at first. But as time passes you will notice your mistake more and more. As that occurs you will be refocusing more often and in time good focus will become a habit.

[07/18/18]   Wrote a post for a fella looking for information on cue ball control and since I haven't posted here for a while I thought it might help others if I did so.

First reply...
"To improve your cue ball control you only need to improve your knowledge of what happens when balls collide, improve your ability to accurately strike the cue ball, and practice more."

Follow up to my first after I had more time to reply...
"To add to my original comment...

Cue ball control is affected by pattern choices. Patterns are what separates players and is the "art" of the game imo. Many will attempt patterns that are nearing impossible at times. Few see and do patterns that are easier to attain and they are the more successful players for obvious reasons. John Barton has helped me more than any one person on pattern choices. As a student of the game John knows a lot about "how" to do it! While he is not a top player per se he is proficient and when he has his mind right he can win against anyone! IMO John advocates what I first heard about how Buddy Hall was described when discussing Buddy's style of play with others. And that is the simplicity of moving the cue ball as little as possible. More times than not there is a nice simple choice that allows you to move the cue ball a few inches and get in good position for the next shot. Improve your ability to see those opportunities and you will improve your cue ball control.

But in order to effectively learn patterns we must first be able to crawl so to speak. Most of us mere mortals started out the game in a bar or pool hall by picking up a stick and pointing it in a desired direction and taking a swing at it. Slowly refining our aim and strategies over time. We literally tried to start playing by running full speed metaphorically speaking. We would have been better served to begin by developing a consistent stroke aka crawling.

Even though we were all given the good advice of creating a consistent stroke I am not sure many of us understood what that really meant. Today for me a consistent stroke means being able to consistently strike the cue ball PRECISELY on the EXACT spot on the cue ball we are attempting and do so in a direction we deem desirable. Most of us send the cue ball in a desirable direction but many times we do not hit the cue ball on the exact spot we were attempting. That inconsistency can completely change the reaction of the cue ball after it hits the object ball. This in turn creates doubt in ourselves about what we know or what we were attempting. Improving our ability to consistently strike the cue ball precisely will help us not only hit shots better but will give us better information to use to improve our patterns and create confidence in our abilities!

Controlling our minds is equally important and another attribute of many great players! That is my forte. I have studied the mental game in depth and have taught it for many years. My delivery is not polished but it is effective. My teaching has been described as being "zen-like". I am not too sure about all that but I do love seeing the light come on for players when they realize they do indeed have the same potential as their heroes!

I will close with this. I gave my first golf lesson about 36 years ago. I knew how to play but I did not know how to teach. 36 years later I am still working to improve my knowledge and teaching ability. But today instead of golf I am learning and teaching about pool. I have learned a lot from many great instructors in pool. The most important thing I have learned is how to choose an instructor. I can honestly say the best information I have received came from those who had the highest level of passion for teaching. They were not the best players but they are the best instructors. Some charged but most were giving what they knew for very little or free. If you get the chance read information from David Sapolis, @Ingo Peter (He's in my friend list...tag not working), Gordy Vanderveer, Stan Shuffett, John Barton, and anyone else who has a true passion to teach. I have learned a lot from so many sources! Check out all of them you can! If you find new sources then share them with others!"

[04/13/17]   My reward is you listening, putting it into action, and succeeding! I love that!

My way is not easy. I don't coddle. I say what I believe to be the best way to improve. Most are not dedicated enough to fight through the monotony of simplicity. Those that do, succeed!

Even myself....I persevere but my discipline is weak. So my progress is slow. But none of us are perfect and only a few of us will be champions. However, all of us can enjoy the path to improvement!

[08/23/16]   Food for thought...

A couple of old adages for golf were "Golf is a game of misses" and "He who misses the best wins".

From those I chose to use the following tact to maintain my composure in pool. There are no good shots. There are no bad shots. Only shots that have lead you to where you are right now.....and that is 100% ready to hit the next shot!

Thanks go to David Sapolis for reminding me!

[03/22/16]   "Wisdom is not gained by looking through a crystal ball!"

[01/21/16]   Well a week and about 2000 pocketed balls have passed since my epic 2 ball fail. Feeling stronger than I have in a few years! My passion and desire became tightly focused by a single failure!

Value your failures!

As many know I missed a 2 ball for an epic 16k last night! So I went to the mountain to discuss my situation with the sage of pool David Sapolis. Below is an excerpt from our conversation that I thought was worthy of being shared.

David also gave me a video which he said I could share with everyone.


The United States Professional Poolplayers Association (UPA)

Cue Tip Tuesday: Go back to the basics. Too often we have the tendency to over-analyze our shortcomings at the pool table, and we overlook the simple, basic helpful hints that can help us play the game on a more consistent basis, and to avoid playing the game out of control.

[10/16/15]   Stroking a pool cue is as natural as bending your arm. It is when we try complicate the process the stroke becomes difficult!

[10/11/15]   Master Simplicity

Robert Rotella - Worlds Foremost Sports Psychologist, Golf Guru, Author and Peak Performance Expert

I haven't watched this yet but will asap! Thank you David Sapolis!

I wish I had found him when I was playing golf as I had developed my mental approach in line with his teaching!

Internationally known for his work in the area of applied sports psychology, Dr. Robert Rotella is consistently recognized as the worlds premier Sports Psych...

[07/17/15]   Accept that you cannot improve your game in one day. Today's performance is a result of any and all effort you have given to this point in your life!

Sounds cliche but most players expect to improve overnight! They are doomed to perpetual frustration in their perception that they are not getting better!

But give yourself the time to improve and master one correction at a time then in the end you will be satisfied and happy with your efforts!

[07/16/15]   I will never say that fundamentals aren't important! But if you are trying to perfect your fundamentals while trying to execute a shot in competition then you are not going to succeed. Period.

Doug Sanders went on to lose this tournament in an 18 hole playoff to Jack Nicklaus the next day. Two lessons to be learned....

1. There are no easy shots.

2. Treat every shot like it is for the win of a major event! Then when it comes time to make that shot for the win of a major event you will have practiced it thousands of times! You might make it. You might miss it. But you will never feel unprepared! You will all set to embrace the situation with enthusiasm!

Looking back to today in 1970, when Doug Sanders missed a putt to win The Open at St Andrews. The moment was famously summed up by commentator Henry Longhurst.

The Stroke

We have a lot of good material available to us online! Might as well take advantage of it! Thank you David Sapolis!


In this video I briefly cover the difference between a "hit" and a "stroke".

Outsville Inc.

Some have seen me using this white chalk lately. My attraction to it is that there are no dyes in it. I am tired of the blue hand! But here the people at Outsville Inc. explain all about chalks and how the process works. This is an excellent and informative post by Outsville!

The peanut butter Analogy.....

Would you ever put peanut butter on the end of your cue to play pool? Of course you wouldn't... well maybe on a bet but still not likely....

The reason I am asking that question is to give you a model that everyone can relate to....

Where chalk is made up of binders, fillers, Dyes and Abrasives Peanut Butter is pretty simple... Oil, Salt, Sugar and ground Peanuts....

The binders in chalk act like the oils in peanut butter... They keep the mixtures together and have the job of helping each go on smooth.....

The fillers in chalk are kind of like adding salt to peanut butter... It adds to the mix but too much of either will be a bad thing... In chalk you will get a lower quality chalk.. In peanut butter you will get high blood pressure.....

The Dyes in the chalk are like adding sugar or molasses to the peanut butter.. Neither make it perform differently going on the bread but to some people they make it look better(chalk) or taste better (peanut butter)

Last ingredients are the Ground Peanuts or the Abrasives.... These are the key in each product... the amount of peanuts and the size of the peanuts determine crunchy vs creamy.... While some people like both kinds you do not want the creamy peanut butter version of chalk...

The abrasives in the chalk have to be plentiful and large enough to get a bite on the cueball.. So you need the crunchy version for it to perform well.. The crunchier it is the more shots you can shoot before it turns into the creamy version which will just slip off the tip and misscue... Compressing the chalk between the tip and the cueball is equivalent to chewing the peanuts... Each time you chew you crush the peanuts just like every shot crushes and ruptures the abrasives in chalk..

The basic chalks already are on their way to being the creamy version because the abrasive size and quantity is considerably less And in some instances you get a layer of chalk on your tip that was creamy to start with and have almost no pieces of peanut that are large enough to matter.. Everyone has chalked up and immediately misscued while putting a good stroke on the ball. That is why is happens even if it is rare.

You have 2 ways to get crunchier peanut butter, the same as performance chalk..... You either use more peanuts or you use larger pieces of peanut...

In all of the performance chalks I have looked at the size and quantity is greater than you find in the lower priced chalks.... And aside from Lava chalk all of the premiums use hard, mahs scale 9, Abrasives......

The reason that using harder peanuts won't work is 2 fold... Harder abrasives will actually cause scratches to the cueball and even if used the fact that the abrasives are layered on top of each other means that the abrasives will fracture each other... They use diamonds to cut diamonds....

This is the entire reason I tell people to use a premium chalk... ALL of the premium chalks have adequate abrasives in size and quantity to do the job...

Balabushka has the largest and Kamui uses the most.... Great White uses the same size as the Kamui but a few percentage points less simply because I liked the texture we achieved at the percentage we used.. A chalk should not be graded on the number of shots before misscue... You don't play the game that way.. I can up the percentage or size if I want to be tested that way but it's not going to make the chalk perform better it would just let me win a test that has no meaning playing the actual game...

Premium chalks are all going to make it thru a full rack without misscue... So what if I can shoot 50 shots before I chalk with Great White... Waiting until you misscue to chalk is not how anyones decides when to chalk......

Choose your Premium Chalk based on YOUR personal preference... Some go on easier, some feel different going on, Some are cleaner, Some are made here in the US. 2 are Cosmetic Grade. One is $30 a cube.. I hope you choose ours but if you don't that's ok as long as you are using another premium...

I developed the Great White as an affordable chalk that was made from the best quality materials available... I made it white because I hate getting blue all over my cue, hands and clothes... I formulated it to have the proper sizes and amounts of abrasives so you can trust it and not have a gritty feel... I made it here in the US because everything Outsville makes is here in Knoxville, TN...

Beware of ANYONE claiming any brand is the best when they are selling you chalk... We won't claim to be the best even if I think we are because there are too many benchmarks and too many subjective measurements... We may be use the highest quality materials does that make us the best? Is White better than Blue? If you can shoot 100 shots without a misscue will that crown the best? How about who lasts the longest before the cube wears out? Who sells the most? How about the instance where you have a knockoff that's the same as the original? IS the Knockoff the best because it is cheaper or is the original the best because they invented/formulated it?

It comes down to what YOU think works best for you.... And what you LIKE the best... If you already have a premium chalk that you love stick with it... It's all good stuff... If you are still looking all I can say is I hope you give us a look while you are evaluating....

Zig Ziglar

[06/04/15]   No one in their right mind would say to themselves "I want to perform timidly and fearful today".

Choose your attitude! Be bold and have faith in yourself!

[06/02/15]   Trouble with jumping up or performing some kind of dance move as you shoot? Try focusing on your lower back muscles as you shoot. Keep them relaxed and quiet. Without them you ain't going nowhere!


Tips To Find The Center Of The Cueball | Pool Cues and Billiards Supplies at PoolDawg.com

Excellent advice! Thank you David Sapolis and Tom Simpson for sharing!

pooldawg.com PoolDawg.com carries over 3,000 pool cues, pool cue accessories, billiard balls and more. 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee and Free Ground Shipping too.

[05/20/15]   What if I told you making the object ball and controlling the cue ball go hand in hand?

[05/18/15]   What is the key to cue ball control for you?

Most of us are guilty of blaming something besides ourselves for our performance...but that can be changed!



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