Jinja Senior Secondary School

Jinja Senior Secondary School


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Great and wonderful Sunday service
The way you mentored me is what is leading to be what I am .

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Kawempe Mbogo
kila hatua dua mola ndiye mpaji
I'm an alumni of JSSS, year 1981 for O-levels. I've profound memories of Mr. Kaluma and Mr Henry Mulwanyi best remembered for their vision and inspiration in Education. Posted this message out of extraordinary in memory of Mr. Kaluma, a graduate of the University of Rhodesia in 1948*, taught Biology subject at very academic standards. In our stream 4-D, all students passed Biology much to his credit.
Jinja Senior Secondary School we cant thank you enough!
rolling on the camera with NBS' Mc Ollo.
MixaTeens Koool Concepts Masta VJ Junior De Incredible #season โœŒ
Very good school I love it.

"By reverence By questioning,By service"
Located in Jinja,Uganda
P.O.Box 255
Boarding and day facilities. Educating the nation.

Operating as usual

Photos from Jinja Senior Secondary School's post 21/04/2022

Good day to you all. Whoever has been through Jinja Senior Secondary School will know Mr. Bukyeire Michael Micheal Bukyeire. A great man who was passionate about instilling values in JSS students on and off campus. My name is Zijjan David Livingstone (MP) Butembe Constituency and Dean of Independents in the 11th Parliament. I am a lawyer by profession and a private businessman. I owe part of what I am today to this man and many of you do.
Mr. Bukyeire has been diabetic and ill for sometime now. He is in Mulago and was recently amputated as you can see. He no longer has the legs and energy to carry him around to fend for himself. The bills have mounted on him and he needs our assistance. He gave us his all, we owe him a bit. I have his permission to raise financial support for him among us. I will account for every penny and will give generously myself. Kindly consider giving whatever you can to send him some love.

For purposes of coordination, I will be his agent to receive the support. Make donations via Mobile Money or PayPal. For MM, send to 0773 850 215 or 0702354412 in the names of Zijjan David Livingstone. For PayPal, send to [email protected]
Thank you for your generosity already.
Zijjan David Livingstone (MP)


Due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in Uganda, many Ugandans are home with barely anything to eat. This is because of the preventive measures that were put in place by the government to control the spread of the deadly pandemic.
The government closed; shopping malls, arcades, hardware shops, non-food stores, non-food markets, garages and suspended; movement in and out of the country, public and private transport, Boda Bodas, Tuk-Tuks, coaches, Buses and air transport.
Gatherings of more than 5 people, communal weddings, churches, political rallies, events, and movements of any form from 7:00 pm to 6:30 am were also prohibited.
Since the majority of Ugandans survive on daily income, these preventive measures have made it extremely difficult for these people to acquire food for themselves and their families.
Thank you The True Worship Centre - Jinja for supporting the region.
By Reverence, by Questioning, by Service.


Its time to find out those who always dodged math classes.


About Jinja Secondary School.
Jinja SS was founded in Ugandaโ€™s then industrial capital, Jinja to provide education for children of the growing Indian Community in 1948 but later locals were allowed to join sparking bitter confrontations that were to become a test to Independent Ugandaโ€™s commitment to multi-racialism.

There was a time when strikes were so rampant at Jinja Secondary that some parents were quick to brand non-boarding schools a no-go option when choosing schools for their pupils.

But little did they know that history has everything to tell about the legacy that came to be identified with one of the oldest and biggest schools in East and Central Africa.

When Jinja SS was formed in 1948 it was formed as Government Indian School to serve the high population of Indians in Jinja and it was envisaged to be exclusively for the then emerging business class of Ugandans of Indian origin.

โ€œHowever, soon after independence in 1962 government as a policy encouraged African students to join the school. It was renamed Jinja Senior Secondary School,โ€ William Ongom Olara, an old student and now a teacher at the school explained.
This made Jinja SS a government school but the policy of allowing African students join and freely fuse in with Indian students did not go down well with the Indian Community.

โ€œThey resisted the presence of African students in the school, and a strike by African students was staged. Many Asian students and teachers were injured. An amicable agreement was reached when Madhvani family funded the establishment of Pavertben Muljibhai Madhvani Girlsโ€™ School to cater for the Indian girls as an annex of Jinja Senior Secondary School,โ€ he explains from the schoolโ€™s history.

But one of the underlying issues at this high school was that the Indian community was particularly uncomfortable with Indian girls mixing and perhaps later getting into a relationship with African boys, which was abominable in this culture.
โ€œThe Indian have abandoned the school. The school that started out as all Indian has only two Indians and two Pakistanis,โ€ Ongom added.

The reason of the fight for purity by the Indian community has come to pass for the school which currently boasts of a student population of 4,294 students only has two Indians. The school sits on quite an expanse of land, of 12.44 hectares, school teaching staff of up to 130, 20 non-teaching staff and 43 group employees.

And up and until 2008 strikes persisted at this school but the incoming head teacher, Diana Hope Nyago was able to create channels of listening to students as a measure of deterring situations of violence that were partly rooted in poor communication between the students and school administration.

With the return of sanity to Jinja Senior Secondary School so did academic success where Ongom said that the school last years produced students that have made it to university in big numbers.

โ€œWe have also excelled in sports at secondary school and regional level, in football, basketball, netball and volleyball,โ€ the schoolโ€™s deputy general secretary Old Studentsโ€™ Association (JICOSA), adds.

For 53 years the Ordinary level (Oโ€™ level) was an only boysโ€™ level until 2001 when J.P Kaddu, as headmaster, introduced girls at the Oโ€™ level. The motto reads, The Might Schoolโ€™ which could be explained by its size for it sits on an approximated 13 hectares of land.


Jinja Senior Secondary School's cover photo


Good evening Old boys and girls, kindly consider inviting your friends who studied from school to like this page. A thousand followers is an embarrassment to a school that has been in existence for over 50 years.
Lets make the numbers count.


Everyone is now wondering whether Bobi Wine Studied from Jinja Senior Secondary School.


One of our Old Boys, Nkono Paul is reaping big from agriculture.
On the 7th of September 2018, he took the Kyabazinga of Busoga (HRM Nadiope William Wilberforce Gabula iv) for a tour around some of his large scale Banana Plantations located in Buwenge-Luzinga.
We are glad that what is taught at our school can tranform lives in this way.


A good day to you all. On behalf of the administration of Jinja Senior secondary school, we apologize for our reluctance in updating you with information as regards progress at our school via this medium.
We have been busy attending to the large number of students that was gifted to us from God.
We shall try as much as we can to update this online platform as we see fit so as to satisfy our old Boys and girls with information.
Kindly feel free to message us if you have an inquiry or Info to pass across to the general crowd and we shall review it.
Thank you
By reverence, By questioning, By service.


We are approaching a time where our students will be showcasing what they have acquired from their previous years of study, it is my humble request that we put them in each of our prayers so that they may excel in their coming National Examinations. Kindly wish them success.


Have you been to Jinja Senior Secondary School of late? These two students will give you a better picture of how smart our students can be in their Uniform. Take time and visits the mighty school. Admin


Hard work pays!
We worked so hard to win this. We would like to extend all our appreciation to all well wishers, old boys and Girls that stood with us in prayer while we were struggling to get to the top. We deserved this.


Who still recalls the name of this teacher? And what did you like about Him?


A memory to share for something that we are always good at, Excelling is our target goal in everything we do. Thank you for always believing in us. Together we can.


It will be a public Holiday!
Councilor Abdullah zein told me to pass this message to my students and old boys/ girls who are fanatical to entertainment.

Are you ready Uganda?
14th April 2017 all roads lead to Jinja townHall for the funkiest teens party in Jinja!


Good afternoon, the mighty team still stands strong because you are always there when it needs you. Let's continue to keep Jinja senior secondary school at the top! We love you old boys and girls of the school


Who remembers that teacher?


Our students are many but smart and organized Making us a unique school....... field work


Have you been to Jinja senior secondary school?


We are getting prepared for the First Term and as a school of excellence, this artist prepared too!


Jinja Senior Secondary School


It's yet Another season to reap what our candidates have been sowing #2016 Pray for them.


Officially we are in the second Term of the year and guess what?
Mighty students, Are you ready to create a change in the upcoming as far as academics is concerned? please whisper your answer to the pen that will write the Exam.


Hello Mighty students of the Jinja senior secondary school Fraternity. Today we shall set another academic standard basing on our performance in the 2015 UACE final examinations.
That is what makes us "The Mighty School". God is with us.


Happy xmas mighty students!


Let me take this opportunity to welcome the new members.We believe that through communication media, we as the youth can educate the public on the dangers of drug abuse,crime,and most especially being able to stand in for the needy in society.

save the young children for they are the future... 26/09/2014

save the young children for they are the future...


The new members who just joined,your most welcome and for the good number that has grown on our page,I recommend that we begin discussing brilliant I deas as far as the community is concerned...let's begin immediatiately please

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