A Healthier Happier Life with Sarah McGuire

I help busy moms with natural solutions to their family's health challenges so they can live happy, healthy lives! After recovering my son from autism and severe food allergies, it's a privilege to help others on their health journey.

This page is a little of this and that about how we live now. From what we eat to how we are tackling our latest health challenges.

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A Healthier Happier Life with Sarah McGuire


A Healthier Happier Life with Sarah McGuire


A Healthier Happier Life with Sarah McGuire


A Healthier Happier Life with Sarah McGuire


A Healthier Happier Life with Sarah McGuire


A Healthier Happier Life with Sarah McGuire


It’s all about the terrain and much less about the germ! Awhile back Pasteur and his germ theory became popularized over terrain theory. Now we have more science than ever that says terrain theory was right and germ theory less so. Yet our medical systems are built upon germ theory to the exclusion of the extreme importance of the terrain.

The body doesn’t have an organ called the immune system.

The human body is an immune system.

A system composed of viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites & a few human elements too. The last decade has uncovered discoveries of the vast universe we call the microbiome. Two paradigm shifting conclusions have been ascertained from thousands of research studies: Neither human immunity or the human brain work without the interaction of millions of species of tiny organisms that inhabit every niche of the human body.

The gut is the Manhattan of the microbiome. Every internal organ; liver, kidneys, vascular system, and brain, have unique ecosystems of viruses, bacteria & fungi that maintain balance & function.

The foundation of the gut & microbiome in human health cannot be over emphasized. Our lab has been working for 7 years to understand the relationship between the microbiome & integrity of the intestinal lining. Your gut lining, covering two tennis courts in surface area, is only half the thickness of a human hair. This super thin cellophane-like barrier is not a wall, but rather an intelligent gate keeper, allowing the good stuff in, & keeping out unwanted biome, toxins, organic, inorganic toxins, etc.

In a profoundly eloquent method of checks & balances, mother nature has designed our gut barrier, the primary structure that defines your self-identity at the biologic level, to be completely dependent on its continuous contact with the microbial population of the earth. Through your breath, food & all you touch, your microbiome is an extension of you. If you isolate yourself from nature & her biodiversity, you will falter in your self-identity, immune function, & in your mind.

1 course of antibiotics: shown to increase your risk of major depression by 24%, anxiety disorders by 17%

2 courses of antibiotics in a year: 52% increase in depression & 44% increase in anxiety disorders.

Neither the microbiome or the virome are against us. The microbiome, communicating via viruses, is the origin of biologic life & the avenue of adaptation that makes a biodiverse, abundant, resilient earth. If we fight it, we will die.

Go hug a tree.

Art by Nunzio Paci


Smoothies are a breakfast staple around here. When you need to support the brain or neurological system (and who doesn’t) healthy fats are critical. Our dairy-free solution has been:
👉FULL FAT (not lite) coconut milk as a base
👉frozen berries
👉greens (romaine is a gentle flavor, kale is stronger, any greens work)
👉chia seeds
👉natural sweetener (honey, maple syrup, stevia...)

and you have a quick, healthy, healing, nutrient-dense breakfast. We like to use a half can coconut milk per blender container.


Since college I’ve struggled with my skin...acne 😩. I frequently saw a dermatologist and during grad school I was on every antibiotic available for it. After a couple weeks they each failed. I finally tried a medicated very famous skincare and it worked! I was happy and had clear skin 👏. All my wedding gift towels got discolored from it 😢 but my skin looked great. I had children (one special needs...due in part to my very poor gut health going back to all those antibiotics and the gut issues that result in acne to begin with). I learned about toxins, including those in our body care products. I hit my mid-thirties and my skin dried out...like lizard scales dried out. I tried A LOT of natural products. Even expensive essential oil based products (some organic) from multiple companies. They each either made me breakout or didn’t work very well. They were expensive and had no other noticeable benefits beyond moisturizing. I finally found a balm that worked very well. It was kind of like putting Vaseline on morning and night and it would take a couple hours to soak in. But it was cheap and totally natural and as long as I didn’t miss applying it am or pm I was generally scale-free. If I missed even once = scales. It didn’t help my increasing (now in my 40’s) wrinkles, redness or acne, but I was happy to be free of scales.

Enter MY NEW SKIN CARE!!!! I’ve been using it for 2.5 months. It’s AMAZING! No scales, even if I miss an application, super simple 2-steps, very light and has decreased my redness, wrinkles, deeper lines, pores are shrinking and dryness is a distant memory. And at a very reasonable cost!!! Plant based 🌱. Nontoxic and exceeds EU standards which says “no” to 1300 ingredients in cosmetics. The US only says “no” to 11 ingredients. ELEVEN clinically tested active ingredients at clinically studied levels! Trial group starting Monday! Let me know if you want to try it!

So I’m decluttering my counter top. Bye bye great products that didn’t work for me.

[07/12/18]   Did you know that prescription antibiotics, excessive sugar intake, and drinking tap water all make the list of top probiotic killers? When “good” bacteria is killed off, “bad” bacteria can flourish which can leave your system out of balance. - Dr. Axe

I have a solution to get your gut bacteria back in balance and it’s more than just taking probiotics! Message me!


Berries...nature’s candy, full of antioxidants, and oh so good for you! I love fresh fruit in summer! The berries are compliments of my husband’s gardening skills! What are your favorite ways to eat them? (Other than in pie!)


Gelatin is a great, healing protein based food. Ideally, use a pastured, grass fed gelatin source like Great Lakes Gelatin. If you choose healthy juices to pair with it like 100% black cherry juice, pomegranate juice, etc. You have an incredibly healthy snack or treat!


Making Gummies!


Making gummies is on my To-do list today (by special request from my 11 year old). What foods are you making your family today?


Kroger Shopping Trip with Sarah


Do you want to get healthy, but know it involves reducing sugar and sweets and are just like, "No, not happening. I can't resist sugary treats or carbs!?!" It may not be YOU who can't resist, it's the microbes living in your gut!!!The microbes that affect your health in a negative way, feed on and crave sugar and carbs! Change the microbes, change the cravings!!! I can help!!!

I'm offering a Special Reward through the end of the month - only 4 days!!! If you've been thinking about getting healthy, now is the time! Message me!

[06/26/18]   Some people think eating healthy means giving up everything yummy...not true!!! I eat tastier and more flavorful foods now than I ever did when I ate a typical American diet.

[06/25/18]   Are you...

blog.naturessunshine.com 21/06/2018

Prebiotic and Probiotic Foods for Gut Health

An excellent article on why probiotics and prebiotics are critical to your health! If you need help to reestablish a good microbiome balance, message me!

blog.naturessunshine.com There are more microbes lining your colon and small intestine and covering your skin than there are cells in your body. Tens of trillions of bacteria and other microbes inhabit the large intestine, in particular, and they play a vital role in your health. In fact, some researchers have declared the....

[06/18/18]   Every time you eat or drink you are either feeding disease or fighting it.

[06/16/18]   If you had 2 hours free and had to choose between sleep or fun recreation which would you choose?

[06/15/18]   It’s Friday! A big part of health is resting, recreation, mental breaks, or fun time. What do you have planned to refresh you this weekend?

[06/15/18]   What is your favorite healthy breakfast?

[06/14/18]   I just got my pay check for my new side gig and wowzers 😮🤗😮!!! I can’t believe what I got paid my 2nd month in for very part time work! If you’re looking for something you can do from home (or therapy waiting rooms) talk to me!!! 💝💕🌈 I love helping others AND I get paid for it!

[06/13/18]   The biggest hurdle to eating healthy is ______________.


This is WHY eating healthy, nutrient-dense foods is important to me and for choosing what to feed my family. Hippocrates had it figured out way back then. Our food choices are foundational to our health!

[06/12/18]   Tip for Tuesday: Colors in fruits and vegetables indicate different vitamins and minerals. So eat the 🌈 rainbow!

[06/11/18]   My favorite healthy food is__________


Every day now my boys are bringing me a bowl of these picked from the backyard 😋. No pesticides! #homegrown #organic #itdoesntgetbetterthanthis

[06/11/18]   Which is easier for you - eating healthy or exercising regularly?


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[06/11/18]   It's summer break!!! I'm a homeschooling mama. So I'm excited too! I love learning, but a change of focus and pace is always welcome! What fun things do you anticipate over summer?


Costco...Let's go shopping!


Spring...it’s that time. Achoo!

Our Story

Living a full life, with energy, health and a feeling of well being is what all of us want! Yet, there is so much confusing and conflicting information out there. When doctors couldn’t help my son who was allergic to all food except for sweet potatoes and on the low functioning end of the autism spectrum, heal from his underlying issues; I dove in and had to sort through all the mess and bad information and figure out what truly does build health. How to build a strong immune system. How to correct an imbalanced gut and horrible digestion. How to eat to nourish the brain, teeth, and body. And so much more! Living a full life with energy, health and a feeling of wellbeing is possible! I’m here to help you do it!

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Making Gummies!
Kroger Shopping Trip with Sarah
Costco...Let's go shopping!
Spring...it’s that time. Achoo!
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