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Simple bottles filled with rice, glitter, lentils or anything that makes a noise really are the best homemade musical instruments and bring so much joy.


Healthy competition?! I always wondered what amount of competition is healthy and what’s not. Nowadays it seems competition is a bad word… I know my girls thrive on it, everything is better if it’s a race. Every time we go to the park, running races are the number one choice for games.

Early childhood experts are now saying it’s an important part of development that teaches children how to win gracefully but also how to lose with honour. Goal setting and making a plan to improve are also a good part of competition. It teaches persistence and resilience - skills that seem to be fading out. And these are skills that need to be taught, important life skills, that let’s be honest our kids need in this ever changing world.

What’s your take on competition?


Nothing like letting the wind in your hair and getting out in the sunshine.

I try to do a play outside everyday after school, before dinner, to help everyone get ready for the hectic dinner, bath, bed routine. It also is a great time to chat about our day in a relaxing, fun way.

What’s your best calming activities at the end of the day?


Today marks the beginning of Australian Teacher Aide Appreciation Week.
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the many Education Assistants I have had the pleasure to work with. I would also like to extend this thanks to the Education Assistants and Daycare Assistants my daughters have had.

Like all EA and Daycare Assistants, you work tirelessly to inspire, care, motivate and educate our most precious people. You do this day in, day out, often without breaks. You usually end up dealing with emotional breakdowns (from both teachers and children 🤪) yet you treat people with care, compassion and suspended judgment. And for no where near enough pay!

I couldn’t teach the way I do without the continued support and assistance from every EA I work with.

Please if you work with, or your children have EAs or Daycare Assistants please show your thanks this week. ❤️❤️❤️


The zoo in one of our favourite places to visit. We have the memberships which make it super easy to head there on a whim, like this.

Miss 4 absolutely loved showing Miss nearly 2 around - so many ‘oh wow’ and ‘look’ were heard plus Miss 4 is so intrigued by the jobs the zoo keepers do. She asked so many questions.

Such a great day out in the sun for family bonding and learning. 🦧🐅🐊🦒🐘🐆

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Exploring the beach is a favourite of Miss 4, Miss nearly 2 is still learning to make sense of the sounds and textures of it all. It’s all a bit of a sensory overload right now. More reason to take it slow and continue to expose her. Today was an impromptu visit after a play date as the weather was so inviting. The beach is good for the soul!

Photos from Nourish Play Grow's post 20/08/2022

Encouraging lots of oral language through play is so important for early literacy development. Today Miss 4 decided the reusable sticker pad was great for making up stories.

Practising narrative skills such as beginning, middle, end, cause and effect and characters and setting through self initiated play.

*see stories for videos 😁


Continuing National Science Week explorations, today Daddy came home with some cool finds from the local opshop. Straight away the girls started investigating colours, shapes, size and features.

Counting the number of legs and sorting them into groups of the same was the favourite game.

I just love how something so incidental leads to so much talk and inquiry.


Let’s celebrate National Science Week with our favourite rainy day activities. My girls love getting out in the rain, it allows for so much exploring, talking and discovering. So much talk on cause and effect, lots of questioning why… 😂

Our trusted activities are;

Chalk drawings - they love watching the rain spread the chalk and make the colours super bright.

Rain drop painting - drip food colouring onto paper and let the rain do the rest.

Photos from Nourish Play Grow's post 15/08/2022

Exploring and harvesting Gaga’s garden has provided opportunities for lots of language development, hands on exploring and informal counting practise. Love how they worked today, one counted and one ate 😂😂So nice the sun is out today!


Art is the greatest form of expression. Through art children develop many skills including fine motor skills, creativity, language and expression. Art allows children to imitate and create through sensory experiences.


Do dangerous things safely - something I have learnt is so important in child development from following accounts like and . As an Early Childhood Teacher, often policy and regulation stands in the way of what I can allow children to do, but with my own two I am now allowing more freedom and risk in a safe way. My youngest embraces this as a challenge everyday 😂😂. What risky business does your little one get up to?

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