The Awakening Process

The Awakening Process

This awakening is a progressive process, with each awakening creating the foundation for the next. That is where this work comes in.

The Awakening Process® is a set of tools and techniques I have devoloped to assist people in awakeing to who they really are, while integrating themselves, and their life experiences on pogresively deeper and deeper levels. The Awakening Process® is the term I have beenusing for my work and my classes since the mid 80’s when I realized that our path, our healing, our growth is actually about wakin

WORKSHOPS 27/08/2018

I am teaching at Somafest in a month......THE WISDOM OF THE BREATH
Wednesday Sept. 26th, 7 - 9:30 pm
Like waves on a beach, the rhythm of the breath is awesome in its beauty and power. Every moment of every day our breath responds precisely to every one of our needs to generate the ideal respiratory waves to meet those needs. The elegance of our breath becomes challenged when unresolved experience/trauma or “training” suppress or exaggerate our breathing. This can lead to metabolic shifts including profound effects on energy production, fat storage, immune and emotional response, pH (acid-base balance), and even body alignment. In this workshop, we will explore techniques using awareness and meditation with unforced diaphragmatic breathing to reconnect with our system’s innate healing wisdom. The breath then becomes the teacher, taking us on a journey of rediscovery of the immense capacity that we each embody.


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