Reentry Bridge Network

Reentry Bridge Network

The vision of RBN is to re-shape futures by utilizing & supporting holistic programs & services that stop people from going to prison.

Reentry Bridge Network, Inc.(RBN) is an Ohio-based 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity. RBN designs & facilitates pro-social programs inside prisons & community. Additionally, RBN collaborates with the Federal Public Defenders Office to promote prisoner art and recognition through the National Prisoner Art Project. The project publicly displays 450 pieces of curated prisoner art inside six FPD offices across Ohio.

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Signature programs - facilitated inside correctional facilities:
• The Art of Trauma: Grief-Impairment - a holistic approach to trauma-informed care and art as the means of processing and healing childhood trauma and loss.
• The Empowerment of Socio-Metaphysics - a scientific and spiritual approach to awakening the universal self-worth factor and the power of deductive reasoning.
• Mentoring through Erudition - a prisoner-lead program with a mini-college infrastructure that encourages mentoring through education and leadership.
• The Retablo Affect - a workshop using ancient folk art and iconography as a means to understand universal self-worth and spirituality, based on Briney's book by the same name


General information

RBN was founded by Carol E. Briney, - a prisoner activist,author, & contemporary grounded theorist in the educational environment - who promotes a systematic approach to reduce the likelihood of incarceration or recidivism. Briney writes & facilitates holistic pro-social programs & events inside juvenile & adult prisons & in community forums. Her block of work is centered in the effect of unresolved trauma on violence & crime, & the impact of universal self-worth, especially as it applies to marginalized populations. Briney's My Journey with Prisoners: Perceptions, Observations and Opinions, 2013, documents the history of RBN & includes program development research notes.