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Doula Services, Essential Oil Protocols, Massage Therapy, Life Coaching

[08/03/18]   I want to have an Essential Oil 101 class this month and would love to have someone host one for me. Who’s interested in learning more about essential oils and/or hosting a class for me?

Evidence Based Birth

One of the many reasons i love being a massage therapist and a doula!!

Massage is used to help relax tense muscles, and usually has a calming effect on people. It can be used during labor to provide relief to various parts of the body, such as the lower back, abdomen, and sacrum. However, only a minority of people actually receive massage during labor.
This technique may seem like an easy and even instinctive tool to help those in labor - does it really work for pain management? Should more people be receiving massage during labor? What does the evidence show? Read the article to find out 👇
Next week we will continue our Pain Management series by exploring the effect of music during labor!

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[02/07/18]   You guys I’m blown away, I’ve got 13 work days left and I only have two days with open appointments left, this Friday and next Tuesday 2/13 if you want to get in and think those days might work for you then lets get it booked. Message me for availability! I’m beyond blessed, thank you all so much!!

[02/06/18]   Spots are going fast, I only have 4 days left with available spots before I leave. Get them before they are no more!! Message me for more details!

[02/01/18]   Only 7 more days with available appointments. Let me know if you want one. They are going quickly!

[01/31/18]   I officially have 19 days of work left here in Castle Rock, only 9 of which I still have openings for. If you’d like to get in before I leave for one last massage let me know asap!!



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