Vote Yes Twice for WLWV Schools

Vote Yes Twice for WLWV Schools

Our district educates approximately 10,000 students at 16 different schools, spanning three cities and two counties.

We need our community to VOTE YES TWICE on ballot measures 3-555 (local option levy to fund approximately 80 teaching positions) and 3-554 (bond to improve safety/security, respond to growth, enhance career/tech programming). During this election cycle all registered voters who reside in the West Linn-Wilsonville school district will have the opportunity support our public schools, without raising


Hello, WLWV families!

It has been nearly 3 months since our bond and levy measures passed.

Please click the links below, to stay up to date on Bond information. You can learn more about the 2019 Capital Bond, including the tentative bond timeline.

As always, please feel free to leave comments and questions below, or message us.


Bond website


Thank you to our community for resoundingly approving both school district measures. Our students, schools and teachers are the winners this evening!!!


Election is November 5th.
Please VOTE YES TWICE for our schools.

Clackamas County

West Linn City Hall
22500 Salamo Rd
West Linn, OR 97068

West Linn Public Library
1595 Burns St
West Linn, OR 97068

Wilsonville City Hall
29799 Town Center Loop E
Wilsonville, OR 97070

Washington County

Tualatin City Offices
18880 SW Martinazzi Ave
Tualatin, OR 97062

Photos from Vote Yes Twice for WLWV Schools's post 24/10/2019

BOND MEASURE 3-554 WILL help address overcrowding by building a new primary school on district owned property in Wilsonville, relocating and expanding Arts and Technology High School to the existing Athey Creek Middle School Site, and constructing a new Athey Creek Middle school on district owned property in West Linn.


We are grateful for the support of our community. See what Keenan Hall has to stay:

Please join me in voting yes twice to support WL-WV schools.

As a proud father of two girls, one in middle and one in primary school, I am honored to support our schools. We have a vibrant, active community because of the investment those who live here make.

Investment comes in all forms, not just money. Parents flood our schools ready and willing to assist teachers with what we they need. This is just a small way we can give back the love and nurturing they give to our children.

Voting yes twice this November is an investment of dollars, an investment made directly to and for our children. Voting for the local option levy will continue to fund 80 additional staff positions, averaging out to five positions in each of our 16 schools.

For my family, that means 10 additional staff people my children wouldn't otherwise have. Can you imagine the impact of having five fewers teaching positions in your child's school?

A yes vote for the capital bond will ensure that our schools get the much needed safety and security projects at all WL-WV schools. I ask you to make the same investment and vote yes twice.

Keenan Hall

West Linn


Wonderful news as we move closer to the November 5th election - the Wilsonville Spokesman and the West Linn Tidings have joined the growing list of supporters endorsing the School District's Bond and Local Option Levy.


Read what Shawn O'Neil has to say about the bond and local option:

The West Linn -Wilsonville School District's excellent reputation in the past and now is largely due to the commitment of our community and business leaders to invest in our children's education.

Voting yes on Measure 3-554 and Measure 3-555 on the Nov. 5 ballot maintains this level of commitment for all of our children.

I served on the West Linn-Wilsonville School District Safety Advisory Committee advising the school board on safety concerns at our public schools. Information was gathered from parents, teachers, and students throughout the district. Our commit

tee made recommendations to the school board. These recommendations were largely adopted by the board. Voting yes on Measure 3-555 will renew an existing local option levy that will preserve 80 classroom teachers. This will help keep classroom sizes smaller and avoid a harsh $11.2 million budget cut that would eliminate these positions.

Our children's safety and quality of education will be severely diminished if these teacher positions are eliminated.

Voting yes on Measure 3-554 will provide funding to provide secure entrances, classroom lockdown hardware and intrusion limiting glass in all schools. It will replace outdated fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems, and add site lighting, video monitoring and communication upgrades district ide.

These are critical safety and security needs the safety committee identified for our schools so that our children can learn in a safe and secure environment.

Shawn O'Neil



Dear Fellow Citizens of the West Linn - Wilsonville School District,

I write to you as a parent of two sophomores in our district, as a resident of West Linn since 1992, and as an educator who has spent the most recent 27 of my 36 years teaching at both West Linn and Wilsonville High Schools. I would like to encourage you to vote for both our Operating Levy and our Capital Bond in order to continue to invest in this district and these communities we value.

I have been witness to the careful and strategic planning our district has consistently strived for through the efforts of district staff, our locally elected school board and committees of community volunteers. The district has always been diligent in trying to account for long-term growth and to staff our schools as fully as possible to best meet the needs of all students throughout a period of nearly continuous funding challenges.

I had the opportunity to participate in vision planning for Wilsonville High School’s initial construction and its expansion. I had the opportunity to attend the ground-breaking of Trillium Primary and later watch my kids head off to that school walking together or biking with friends.
I’ve had friends and colleagues move to West Linn or Wilsonville because of our great schools and the communities that support them. I’ve had the opportunity to work with amazing educators that chose to apply to our district from out of state based on what they had heard from other residents and other educators. I’ve known numerous educators who left other schools in other nearby districts because our communities supported our teachers through investing in quality facilities and additional operating levies their districts did not consistently pass.

I’ve spent numerous election evenings watching election results and hoping we continued to receive the investment of our community members, whether they had children currently in our schools, graduated from our schools, or didn’t have children at all but recognized the value to West Linn or Wilsonville in having well funded schools - and as best I can remember, for nearly three decades I have not been let down. I can’t say that for many of the other school districts around us who can’t get the additional space they need and can’t hire the additional staff they need to keep class sizes down, or meet what seems to be the ever growing complexity of our students’ needs we face on a daily basis.

I already voted yes for both the Levy and the Bond. I hope that you will also vote yes for both measures and encourage your friends and neighbors to vote yes for this investment in our children, our schools and the value that such commitment brings to the communities of West Linn and Wilsonville that I am proud as an educator to call home.

Please Vote Yes Twice for West Linn - Wilsonville Schools

Sincerely, Respectfully, Appreciatively,

Jay Schauer
West Linn Resident
Wilsonville High School Science and Statistics Teacher


Katie Hamm, we appreciate your support:

Please join me in voting yes next month for the bond and local option levy. These measures are replacing current bonds that are expiring and will not increase taxes.

Our community has a long history of supporting infrastructure and funding for teacher positions, and the projects that the district has proposed include important safety upgrades, student capacity issues, and technology and performing arts investments.

Since our children cannot yet vote for their own interests, they depend on our commitment to their education. I urge each voter in our community to vote yes twice for our schools.

Katie Hamm



Did you know that our school district received a grant from the State of Oregon that will add an additional $7.19 million dollars to our bond, if our community passes MEASURE 3-554? We can maximize monies for our schools without raising our current tax rate. VOTE YES TWICE this November.


Thank you for your support Mary Donovan. Read what Mary shared:

Please join me in voting yes twice to support the WL-WV School District. Through several relocations for jobs, I have seen firsthand how lucky we are in the WL-WV district.

We are part of a community that cares. That care comes with our commitment to support our children. This November we will have the honor to continue to support 80 staff positions throughout the district by voting yes for the local option levy.

A yes vote for the capital bond will ensure that our schools get the needed safety and security projects, including the building of secure entryways and limited-intrusion glass, at all WL-WV schools.

The school district also will be able to build a Performing Arts Center at Wilsonville High School and provide safety upgrades to the stadium and the building of additional parking at West Linn High School.

Our children are our most valuable resource. Please vote yes twice.

Mary Donovan

West Linn

Door to Door - Get Out the Vote 20/10/2019

Join us today at either Hammerle Park in West Linn orMemorial Park in Wilsonville (down below) from 1:30 to 4 PM. We will go door to door in our community. It's a fun way to get to know your community and to help us win a Local Option Levy and Capital Bond to fund teachers and construction projects in our school district. Bring your students too. I will give you the list of addresses to visit and you knock doors of those most likely to vote.

Please sign up here:

Door to Door - Get Out the Vote Going door to door in your community to encourge voters is the best way to achieve a positive outcome.  We need your time to make a door to door campaign successful.  You can make an impact by volunteering for one, or more, 2.5 hour sessions.  If you want to reach your neighbors on your own sche...


These ballot measures are all about our kids. Read what this student wants you to know:

I've been part of the WL-WV community since kindergarten. I'm now a fifth grade student looking forward to middle school. I still remember my kindergarten meet and greet, it was the very first time I stepped foot into what would be my school home for the next six years.

It's a beautiful place, colorful, lots of sunlight, but most importantly, full of great people. My parents have always told me how lucky we are to be part of this community.

When I asked what the VOTE YES TWICE sign was in our yard, they explained to me that our community invests in our schools to have more teachers and these beautiful buildings.

I asked if I could vote, but my parents explained to me that I have to wait until I'm 18. I hope you join our family in continuing to support our schools by voting yes twice.

Gabrielle Greenman

West Linn


Gail Greenman, thank you for your support. See what Gail shared with our community:

I am grateful to be a part of a community that has a long tradition of supporting our students and schools.

The support is evidenced through the countless volunteer hours of our parent support groups, the fans turning out to support our high school athletic teams, the sell-out crowds watching our dramatic arts students, the appreciation for our music programs, and the willingness to continue to support financial measures that benefit our schools.

This November we can re-commit to paying our existing tax rate and continue to support our schools. Our community's efforts are being rewarded. West Linn High School and Wilsonville High School have among the best graduation rates in the entire state. They also rank No. 4 and No. 8 for best high schools in Oregon overall, as rated by U.S. News and World Report.

Niche's Best Schools in 2020 ranked our entire school district as No. 1 in the state for athletes, No. 2 in the state for best districts, and No. 4 in the state for best teachers.

Our district achieves this success because our community values education and is willing to invest in our schools and teachers.

Please join me in voting yes to continue the investment in our students and schools this November.

Gail Greenman

West Linn


We are thankful that our community has a history of funding teachers and values small class sizes. Hear more about it in this short video.


Thank you to Chael and Brittany Sonnen for your support of our Measures in the local newspapers. Here is what they had to share:

As West Linn-Wilsonville School District residents, we are writing to encourage a yes vote on the WL-WV School District's bond this Nov. 5. It is a blessing to reside in such a highly rated school district.

Thanks to the great schools in West Linn and Wilsonville, we all benefit from higher home values and attractive neighborhoods in which to live. When schools deteriorate, so do the surrounding communities and neighborhoods.

The WL-WV School District administration and board have done their homework. Student and school safety advisory committees examined safety needs at each district school.

The superintendent's high school study group spent a year researching how to best educate students for the future workplace and how the district can provide more hands-on learning experiences for students. A 10-year enrollment forecast study was performed to assess future school capacity needs.

And finally, the district hosted a bond summit, attended by over 200 community members, to receive community input regarding the timeliness, need and cost of the proposed projects.

This bond will make WL-WV schools safer, upgrade technology, expand opportunities for hands-on learning, career and technology education and the arts, renovate aging schools and relieve crowded schools.

Vote yes on Measure 3-554!

Chael and Brittany Sonnen

West Linn


Did you know that VOTING YES on both the Bond (MEASURE 3-554) and Local Option (MEASURE 3-555) will not increase your existing tax rate? Both are structured to replace an existing tax, at a tax rate you are already accustomed to paying.


Listen to all that we can do to bring safety and security updates, career and technical education, and smaller class sizes to our schools, without raising our tax rates. Together we can accomplish so much for our students.


Our students and schools are doing great things everyday. Listen to a few of our students describe how our community contributes to their success.


There is a growing demand for career and technical education in our school district. The bond will provide this education to our high school students.


Did you know that if LOCAL OPTION MEASURE 3-555 is not renewed by our voters, then our school district will need to cut over $11 million dollars from next school years budget? Please support existing teaching positions by approving this measure.


Our students value safety as much as we do. Please vote YES for the WLWV bond.


This quick video will highlight the impact the bond and local option will have on our schools and students.


BOND MEASURE 3-554 WILL Increase student access to Career and Technical education and their access to the arts. You will see this through the expansion and imagination of Arts and Technology High School, the construction of a new performing arts center at Wilsonville High School and the remodeling of the existing WHS theater into a career and technical focused space.


Our students know when their community supports them and their education.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?

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