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🇪🇪 VACC Estonia (Virtual ATC Centre of Estonia)

Operating as usual


Welcome to 2024 first Controller Practical Test in Tallinn! On 1st March from 17:00 UTC to 18:30 UTC our student Markus will have an attempt in getting his TWR S2 rating. All IFR and depending on weather conditions also VFR flights are welcome. Come and fly to Tallinn and give Markus the traffic he needs to pass the check! Baltic Jam will continue until 20:00 UTC. See you in the skies!


Cross the Land is back with the upcoming Westbound edition! We are proud to announce that VACC Estonia has applied to participate in the selection of "Arrival Airports - Category C" with 🇪🇪 Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport (EETN). As we still never participated in this event, we would appreciate every single vote, and it's very simple to cast one today! Visit and choose our airport as your first favorite. The voting period is now underway and will end on January 14th at 17:00 UTC.


How long ago did you join VATSIM? If you're one of the older members of the network, you'll surely enjoy the return of this absolute classic – Baltic Jam is an iconic event that returns to the 4 Baltic FIRs on the 5th of January 2024. Obviously, newer members are welcome as much as the seasoned ones to join the fun at Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius, or Kaliningrad. From now on, this event will be hosted every 1st Friday of the month. Fly under any flight rules in and out of EVRR, EETT, EYVL, or UMKK FIR, all of which will be staffed top-down and join the Baltic Jam!

Photos from Drzewiecki Design's post 01/04/2023

The wait is over :) Come and get a fresh scenery copy today!


On Saturday, April 01st 2023 from 16:00 to 20:00z, join us with VATSIM Scandinavia in creating the shortest shuttle event in the North of Europe! Enjoy just under 100 nautical miles of beauty, and get really busy as you don't get too high before you reach your Top of Descent. Yes, this hits perfectly with April Fools' Day, but we can assure you, it is not. Welcome to the event!


🇬🇧 Dear Pilots! VACC Estonia and vACC Ukraine would like to invite you for the Tallinn – Lviv shuttle. On the 1st of February between 18UTC and 21UTC fully staffed teams of Lviv and Tallinn ATCs supported by Polish VACC and Latvia vACC will provide you with professional and quality control. Come and support us by flying between these 2 absolutely beautiful cities. See you on the radars!

🇪🇪 Head Piloodid! Eesti ja Ukraina kutsuvad lendama Tallinna ja Lvivi vahel, 1. veebruaril 20 ja 23 kohaliku aja vahel. Kogu teekonna vältel on saadaval professionaalne ja kvaliteetne lennujuhtimine. Tule ja toeta meid lennates nende kahe imeilusa linna vahel. Radaril näeme!

🇺🇦 Шановні пілоти! VACC Estonia та VACC Ukraine запрошують вас на шаттл Таллінн – Львів. 1 лютого з 18UTC до 21UTC з повним диспетчерським обслуговуванням, за підтримки VACC Poland та VACC Latvia забезпечать вам професійний та якісний контроль. Підтримайте нас, прилітаючи в ці два прекрасні міста. До зустрічі!


VACC Estonia welcomes to you to celebration of 104th anniversary of Republic of Estonia independence. On 24th February 2022 17-21z, our staff will provide you with top-class service at Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport as well as Estonian regional airports. In addition, Estonian virtual airline Your Airways will do an Estonian tour flight to honor the independence. Come fly with us and together we will celebrate this important date in Estonian history! See you then!

Before flying, we recommend you to get the latest scenery by Drzewiecki Design.


🇬🇧 Dear Pilots! We would like to welcome you to another Controller Practical Test in Tallinn! On 11th February 2022 from 18:30 UTC to 20:30 UTC our student Tõnis Aal will have an attempt in getting his TWR S2 rating. All IFR and depending on weather conditions also VFR flights are welcome. Come and fly to Tallinn and give Tõnis the traffic he needs to pass the check! See you in the skies!

🇪🇪 Head Piloodid! Kutsume Teid taas lennujuhi tasemetestile Tallinnas! 11. veebruaril 2022 kella 20:30 ja 22:30 kohaliku aja vahel meie õpilane Tõnis Aal proovib kätte saada oma TWR S2 pädevuse. Kõik IFR ja sõltuvalt ilmast ka VFR lennud on teretulnud! Tule ja lenda Tallinnasse ja toeta Tõnist liiklusega! Näeme taevas!


VACC Estonia would like to thank everyone for continuous support of virtual aviation in Estonia.

This year online presence was doubled, several projects were started and staff members worked countless hours to be a better community. Our approach to training improved, many events were organised and website updated. We remain one of the tech-leading subdivisions in the Northern region by constantly updating operational and IT infrastructure, thanks to our partners at Microsoft Azure, Plesk and TechSoup.

We sincerely hope that 2021 was a good year despite all the possible inconvenience around our regular life. We wish you and your family happy holidays and prosperous 2022!


Dear Pilots, we welcome you to the Controller Practical Test at Tallinn, Estonia! On 18th November 2021 from 18 UTC to 20 UTC our student Gert Ruutli will have an attempt in getting his S2 rating. All IFR and VFR flights are welcome. Come and fly to Tallinn and give Gert the traffic he needs to succeed! See you in the skies!


vACC Ukraine and VACC Estonia kindly invite you to the event between Kyiv and Tallinn. On November 12th, from 16Z till 20Z, full ATC will be provided on routes between Kyiv Boryspil (UKBB) and Tallinn (EETN). Pilots are welcome to follow short route via Minsk airspace or follow real-ops by flying via Saint-Petersburg and Moscow airspaces on the way to Kyiv and via Warsaw airspace on the way to Tallinn. We kindly ask you to follow published routes. Note: We encourage you to update NAVDATA of your aircrafts to AIRAC 2111 cycle. Also EETN will hold a Tower CPT during the event duration so high traffic volume will be appreciated! See you over in Ukrainian, Estonian and participating transit airspaces. Routes:




Today afternoon, our leader Mark-Julius met a designer from Drzewiecki Design to take pictures of new areas to be opened soon as part of Tallinn Airport / Tallinna Lennujaam reconstruction phase 2. During the session, the manoeuvring area was observed and revisions noted for the scheduled scenery update. Both parties exchanged the ideas on improving the future partnership.

Our gratitude goes to airport safety and maintenance team for rapid coordination and logistics, as well as hangar operators for allowing us to take photos inside the hangars.

Stay tuned for more updates! 📢

Timeline photos 18/08/2021

TONIGHT from 16 to 19 UTC (19 to 22 Tallinn time) join us with VATSIM-Russia by celebrating VATSIM: The Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network 20th anniversary with a flight between Tallinn and Moscow! Find more information about recommended routes and procedures on myVATSIM:


Discover your inner transoceanic adventurer at a more comfortable scale with the 55-mile hop between Tallinn (EETN) VACC Estonia and Helsinki (EFHK) VATSIM Scandinavia on April 23rd at 17-20z.

Watch Estonian Skies: The Invisible Guides Online | Vimeo On Demand 26/03/2021

VACC Estonia exclusively presented a documentary film, produced by one of the most experienced member of Estonian virtual aviation community, as well as actual air traffic controller at Tallinn ATCC, Georg Liigand. The presentation happened on our Discord server and attracted many members.

The short documentary film takes you to the highly secured facility of Tallinn air traffic control and shows the everyday life of the specialists responsible for our skies. The air traffic controllers also explain what technology and methods are used to guide air traffic and what causes the most stress on this job. Besides taking you to the controller work position, the film is filled with totally unique aviation footage including rare shots of Russian air force planes spotted by NATO air forces.

If you missed the presentation - don't worry! The film is actually available on Vimeo On Demand and available for 24-hour rent or purchase! 🍿

Watch Estonian Skies: The Invisible Guides Online | Vimeo On Demand Every year more than 230 000 aircraft fly through the Estonian airspace transporting 35 million passengers to their destinations. When it is rush hour in the sky,…


Until 4 November (estimated), major part of EETN manoeuvring area is closed for major reconstruction "Phase II", which affects operations. The following restrictions apply:

○ TWY A open from A2 to TWY F, TWY F operational;
○ TWY A closed east of A2, TWY G closed.

○ ILS 26 not available;
○ ILS 08 available between 1600 and 0500Z;
○ RAIM NOTAMs not considered for RNP usage;
○ RRSM (reduced runway separation) not available;
○ LVTO (low visibility takeoff) not available < RVR 400m.

ATCO team thanks you in advance for cooperation!


Next Friday, 12th March 2021, from 17Z to 20Z, the event will be held. ULLL FIR (VATRUS - VATSIM Russia) and VACC Estonia have arranged for you a city shuttle between Northern Capital of Russia, Saint Petersburg (ULLI) and Capital of Estonia , Tallinn (EETN). Throughout the whole route we will provide full ATC service. We hope, during the event time, you will have an opportunity to fly return flights (and maybe not once). See you there!!!

To provide maximum ATC efficiency and capacity we recommend using the following routes:

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