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A heart touching message by a
Some one asked her.......
Are you a working woman or a
house- wife ??
She replied : Yes I am a full time
working house-wife.
I work 24 hours a day.....
I'm a"mum",
I'm a wife,
I'm a daughter,
I'm a daughter-in-law.....
I'm an Alarm clock,
I'm a Cook,
I'm a Maid,
I'm a Teacher,
I'm a waiter,
I'm a nanny,
I'm a nurse,
I'm a handyman,
I'm a Security officer,
I'm a Counsellor,
I'm a comforter,
I don't get holidays,
I don't get sick leave,
I don't get day off......
I work through day and night.....
I'm on call......
all hours and get paid with a
"what do you do all day"
Respect Your Mother..
Comment''Love U Mom"if you love ur mom


Sometimes it's hard to find the right words to express how muchYOU means to me mom on family function days.

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All you need is chocolate for this special day. Have a Chocolaty day!:-)

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This Rose Day I Wish ThatAll The Thorns On The Path Of Your Life Be Vanquished And Your Life Path Be Filled With Petals Of Love,Friendship And Blessings

`Happy Rose Day`

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Nothing arouses more pride in the heart of every Indian, than to see the fluttering tricolour, on 26thJanuary: a day to stop and ponder, when India was declared a Republic way back in 1950.
This is a thing we all know but there are many more things we should know about Republic day today I am going to share some really intresting facts about republic day
Share if you like

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The second Fact about Republic day is that
The Prime Minister places a wreath at Amar Jawan Jyoti as a mark of respect to the thousands of soldiers of the country who had died fighting for the Indian Independence

One like is one salute to the Every Fighter who fought for Us
If you a true Indian

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The Republic day celebration in our country is quite a grand affair and is a firm part of our history
Watching the Republic day celebration on TV is a ritual For most of people on 26th January which is a national holiday. How ever, not many people know much about wht it is celebrated or the significance of the day Republic is not 'Just' another holiday and there lies a lot of significance behind the celebration

Here are One fact you must know

The Date 26 January, as everyone knows was when the constitution of India came into Force. This date was later on, chosen to honour the memory of the "Declaration of 1930 from the "British Rule"

We share a fact every day with you
If u like it share it

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दिवाली के इस शुभ अवसर पर यह दुआ है कि
आपके घर माँ लक्ष्मी का वास हो;
धन की बेतहाशा बरसात हो;
संकटों का पूरा नाश हो;
हर दिल पर आपका राज हो;
और कामयाबी का सिर पर ताज हो।
दिवाली की शुभ कामनायें!


सच है, विपत्ति जब आती है,
कायर को ही दहलाती है,
सूरमा नही विचलित होते,
क्षण एक नहीं धीरज खोते,

विघ्नों को गले लगाते हैं,
काँटों में राह बनाते हैं


"क्या फर्क पड़ता है,
हमारे पास कितने लाख,
कितने करोड़,
कितने घर,
कितनी गाड़ियां हैं,

खाना तो बस दो ही रोटी है।
जीना तो बस एक ही ज़िन्दगी है।

फर्क इस बात से पड़ता है,
कितने पल हमने ख़ुशी से बिताये,
कितने लोग हमारी वजह से खुशी से जीए,
कुछ लोग जीते हैं अपने अहंकार के लिए
कुछ लोग जीते हैं अपने ख़्वाबों के लिए,
जबकी ज़िन्दगी भगवान ने दी है
खुशी से जीने के लिए,
और खुशियां बाँटने के लिए..."


एक फूल ही अक्सर किस्मत सज़ा देता है,
एक चाँद ही सारा आसमां चमका देता है,
जहाँ दुनियां के रिश्ते काम नहीं आते,
वहीँ एक दोस्त ही जिंदगी बना देता है।।

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