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If I sit in a physics lecture and a lecturer demonstrates the fundamentals of physics to me by playing music to demonstrate sound waves; if they bring pendulums to class to demonstrate frequencies. What makes art integration different?

The interactive book: The Ugly Duckling – Where To? – Education Towards Tolerance* , in English and in Hebrew, printed and digital, suggests a different interpretation than the common one of H. C. Andersen’s most touching story: The Ugly Duckling which was written in 1843. It aims at developing critical thinking among its readers (from 9 years old to 90 +) and at combatting racism by revealing the discriminatory basic concept that stands behind Andersen’s tale:
white = beautiful opposite dark grey = Ugly.
The Ugly Duckling expresses this view towards the end of the story: …” From a thicket close by came three beautiful white swans” …, he is eager to approach the “royal” birds but hesitates. He looks at his own reflection mirrored in the water: “But what did he see in the clear stream below? His own image; no longer a dark, grey bird, ugly and disagreeable to look at, but a graceful and beautiful swan”.
Andersen’s tale is translated into 65 languages. Unintentionally, parents and educators that introduce young children to this tale, teach them a prejudiced lesson that is hard to change or to delete in later years.
The readers of The Ugly Duckling – Where To? are invited to carefully examine Andersen’s original story and to invent/choose a happy ending that is consistent with the democratic and the humanist values of our time.
I deeply hope that the book will help “….to compose a country committed to all cultures, colors, characters and conditions of man…” (Amanda Gorman’s poem) and will serve as a tool for both parents and educators in education towards tolerance.

The book is available at in printed and digital formats in English as well as in Hebrew and would be valuable to 3rd -5th grades.
*The booklet is an outcome of the academic essay:
Israeli, L. (2011). "The Other - a Resource or a Threat? Polar interpretations of two children stories: The Ugly Duckling by H"C Anderson & Raspberry Juice by H’ Shenav" (Journal of Peace Education, Vol. 8, No.1, p.1-17)
This is one of my favorite activities for incorporating art and science when studying the skeletal system. The assignment was to create and label a "skeleton selfie" illustrating their favorite pastime or hobby. (Doesn't it freak you out that there is a skeleton💀 living inside you?) Students knew beforehand their skeletons were going to be framed and hung in hospitals and doctor's offices around our community. The results were amazing. I had skateboarders, sleeping skeletons, dog walkers (even the dog was a skeleton) football players, guitar players,... . One of my favorites a skeleton with a broken ulna/radius in a cast. The students requested we donate it to his doctor's office where it still hangs today! I hope this is an activity some of you can use. 🦴 See more of my ideas for integrating art and science at
#reimagined21 day 2 one point perspective!
Such a fun day for #reimagined21!
Lunch Time Conference Day 1! Divine Dance Institute
Divine DESIGN Summer Enrichment Program!!! Applying Immediatly to the arts integration experience!#reimagined21
Maryland Principal enjoying conference #ReimaginED21. Conference selfie 👍. Thank you ❤️
Fun Conference! #reimaginED21
Conference time with Julie Andrews and Her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton.
This book is for anyone who wants to learn precalculus and calculus in a fun and easy way. The book has clear explanations, gives simple problems with answers and explanations, and includes colorful, engaging illustrations and graphics. It will give students a huge head start with the advanced math that is introduced in high school. It is also extremely helpful for older students struggling at all in this subject. I wish my own daughter had had a book like this – that is why I wrote it!
Here is the link:

Please check out my other, non-math-related book that focuses on fun, creative drawing and writing.
Here is the link on Amazon:

Thank you!
Serena Swegle

Hello, I am conducting a research study investigating how teachers acquire knowledge of new curriculum and implement new practices in the classroom. I am in need of teachers who are in 0-2 years of learning arts integration as an instructional practice. I really need teachers to share honest accounts of their experiences whether they like arts integration, appreciation arts integration, or dislike arts integration. Please email me at [email protected] or direct message me. I would love to hear your story. Thank You #artsintegration
Hi Friends! I am looking for case studies on arts integration and environmental education/climate change projects. Please contact me or share ideas here! Thank YOU!!

The Institute for Arts Integration and STEAM provides done-for-you curriculum, professional development and resources designed to save hours of planning and bring back your joy.

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month and it's been a rough year for educators everywhere. Take some time to reflect on yourself, how you're feeling, and what you want your future to hold.

We can help! Click:

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Have you listened to Episode 3 yet? Did you figure it out who it was before the end? How about Episode 4?

Check out the latest eps on your favorite streaming app, or at

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Learning loss by the numbers...

How do you combat it?


Episodes 3 & 4 of the Artist Chronicle podcast series have dropped!

Who are we talking about this week? Check out more information at OR find it on your favorite streaming app.


Which type of battery do you need this week, friends?

Charge batteries, change them if needed; if all else fails sit with someone and share your light.

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What do you wish you had learned sooner as an educator?

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This week has been about celebrating and appreciating the amazing work that educators do all day, every day.

Now it's your turn! Show some love for the person who lit that flame in you to become an educator. 👇 (Extra credit if you tag them!)


Have you listened to the new season of The Artist Chronicles yet? Eps 1 & 2 are out now!

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Teachers. Where would we be without them?


Artist Chronicles - Season 2 - Episode 1

Join us as we kick off Season 2 of The Artist Chronicles!

Episodes are 10 minutes or less, and share the life story of a famous artist, musician, dancer, or actor. The only thing missing is the name of the artist! Have your students use the clues in each episode to figure out who we're talking about.

Teachers, each episode comes with a notetaking resource, as well as a vocabulary sheet for your learners.

For more, click

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You gotta hand it to them for the creativity... right?!

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Spring fever is hitting everyone hard this time of year. The weather is finally warming up and summer is just around the corner. Students and #teachers are feeling like the walls are starting to close in.

So how do we combat this feeling in both ourselves and our students?

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Don't settle for less than you're capable of - that's a nasty habit to break.

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Habits of Mind are thinking habits that push us far past simple answer retrieval. They change our pattern of thinking to help us gain success when we don’t know the answer to a question or problem.

Nearly all successful people, regardless of their profession, have mastered these habits. This makes teaching the Habits of Mind crucial as we strive to teach the whole child. Since they are cross-curricular, they can be applied to all subjects and grade levels.

Want more? Check out our new guide with free lesson ideas, video clips, and templates at


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You can only press ONE! 😱

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Are you one of the 72%?

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Love this quote by the incomparable Dolly Parton!

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At what point does teacher tired cross over into the dangerous territory of #burnout?

Know these signs:

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It's #testingseason!

How can the #arts help you and your learners during a stressful time?

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How will you use your power?

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Today is April 1!

Believe nothing.
Trust no one.

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Think the arts and technology don't go hand-in-hand? Think again!

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"The arts aren't ornamental to our well-being. They're fundamental." 👏

New research: Singing, playing, or listening to music has the same positive impact on our mental health as exercise.

The arts aren't ornamental to our well-being. They're fundamental.

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Classroom Management Plan 28/03/2022

Classroom Management Plan

If you’re struggling with classroom management, you’re not alone.

Looking for proven strategies and techniques? Look no further:

Classroom Management Plan Creating a classroom management plan is one of the most important things you can do as a teacher. Here’s a comprehensive resource to help.

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It's Friday so let's have some fun.

What's one movie that you'll love until the end of time?

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Educator-in-Residence Sherry Hatton shares ways to boost literacy using music and art to teach the meaning and use of words to help create a positive, empathetic and understanding classroom.

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Photos from More Than One Neurotype's post

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We hear this all the time... what makes the arts so important?

Here are just a few reasons!

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☘️A little St. Patrick's Day inspiration from our favorite Irish poet and playwright! ☘️

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Teaching expected behavior is a year-long endeavor, not just for the start of the new school year.

Use these hints to make managing your classroom a breeze!


*snap!* National Poetry Month is just two weeks away and this poetry lesson from educator Sherry Hatton is a perfect way to celebrate.

Check out the workshop here:

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The best kind of multiple choice question... the kind with no wrong answer! And yes, you can choose more than one. 😉

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We're doing cartwheels over here! 🤸 Today is the last day to submit your application for the Arts Integration Certification Program.

📑 Turn in your application today:

If you’re at all interested in joining this year’s cohort, be sure to complete that application right away. After midnight, we'll be closing enrollment and focusing on our newest students. Can't wait to support you!

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