Uniform Exchange - Winsford

Uniform Exchange - Winsford


Hi, just inboxed you x
Hi love, did you get my messages over the weekend? Xx
**World Book Day Outfits** If you are stuck for outfits for World book day then the Uniform Exchange has many, many outfits ready to loan to you for FREE Ages from nursery age upto year 6 Star wars, Marvel, Disney, Robin Hood etc there's loads! Message the page and arrange a time to collect and then just return after book day.
Hi can anyone help with a cardigan for over St. John’s cofe on delamere street at all age 6/7 thanks in advance
I have a couple of high street cardigans if you want them?
Does anybody know if this page still active please? X
If anyone has any good condition outgrown football boots please consider donating them thanks ♻️⚽️ https://www.facebook.com/282410865725018/posts/444769529489150?sfns=mo
I have a 30” chest Middlewich High School blazer in good condition, washed and dried and some M&S age 12 shirts if you want them?
Hi I have a red/blue p/e T-shirt for high street size 5/6 if anyone needs them there like new.... FREE
can anyone help please im looking for over st johns cargigen/jumper for my little girl age 5-6 please thank you
St. Josephs
Open to anyone needing school uniform

Collecting pre-loved, good condition used or unused uniform items to distribute withing the community to those who need it. FREE.


Coronavirus: Rule of six exemptions

The new #RuleOf6 coming I to force in Monday is explained well here, including the exemptions.

planetradio.co.uk Boris Johnson has made major changes to what was allowed in England, making...

New Images Youth and Community Centre

📢 Calling all local businesses 📢

The "Youthy" needs you!

Winsford Youth & Community Forum (The Youthy) Nixon Drive, Winsford are looking to revamp one of its rooms to enable a safe community space for its future Wellbeing & Mental Health project.

Covid-19 and restrictions have caused some difficult times, however, we want to support our community in a safe and positive way in the best we can.

To enable our ideals to become reality, we are requesting donation support from local businesses for the following materials:

❣️Floor carpet tiles - 4.5m x 8m = 36sqm

❣️2 x tall green plants plus pots

❣️Numerous art work to symbolise relaxation
and business related quotes etc

❣️Sage Green or similar pastel wall paint - 4
walls totaling 88sqm

Thank you so much for your continued support!

Cheshire West and Chester Council

New COVID-19 ‘walk-in’ testing site is open at the Little Roodee car park in Chester. Open from 8am-8pm, seven days per week. No need to book http://cwac.co/iqK17

Kingsmead charity shop have a selection of school uniform - some general but alot of Northwich schools for 50p per item if anybody is looking.

Darnhall Primary School, Winsford


Some unhelpful posts have been added by parents to personal social media accounts.

At this stage I can confirm we do NOT have any children or staff who have tested positive for Covid-19.

Please be mindful about what you write on social media it causes upset, panic and rumours!

In the event we do have a POSITIVE test I, with my team, will follow all guidance and inform you of what we need to do.

PLEASE don’t make our jobs any harder by spreading rumours.

No comments on this post please.

Sarah Tomlinson

Good morning all :)

With the colder weather coming if you have a sort out and come across any of the following you would like to re-home please give me a shout.

In desperate need of:

Jogging bottoms
Track suit tops
Waterproof/rain coats
Winter hats
Pairs of gloves
Waterproof trousers or rain suits etc

Basically anything that can be used for forest school and outdoor learning. ALL sizes gratefully received.

Thank you x

[09/07/20]   I have just returned 10 bags of uniform to storage that had been requested but had not been collected. I feel bad taking them back but I don't have the room for them to be outside my door indefinitely.

If you no longer need these items please let me know as my time is precious and I am wasting so much of it finding things for people desperate for them but who not only don't collect bit don't communicate.

If you still need these items you will have to request again (I have put them back into stock incase anybody else is waiting on them) and wait until this coming weekend to collect.



Get your free Party Pack right this second!


Motherwell Cheshire Registered Charity 1173554

Today is #internationaldayofCharity

Our Charity is here to support many young girls and women in the community, each service is specific to its support need and the key areas they support.

Our services Inspire by Motherwell Cheshire, Believe by Motherwell Cheshire, Mums Uniting Mums by Motherwell Cheshire and Cherry Blossom Infant Loss provide unique support.

If you are needing support please contact us on [email protected] or 01606 557666.


#encourage #inspire #empower

Cheshire Buddies


If you have any spare apples the buddies team could come and pick please let a member of the team know and we will arrange to come and pick them. We will use the apples for crumbles for club sessions and when we go on residential breaks away.🍏🍎

Good morning everyone,

As it stands today, I still have 14 bags of uniform awaiting collection following requests since the event. I've contacted everyone with collection details but I will have to return them back into stock at the storage unit if not collected by Sunday evening.

Going forward...

° I will take request messages from Sunday to Friday lunch time via facebook, WhatsApp and the website.

° on Saturday morning I will go to the storage unit with all requests from the week and reply to all messages of availability.

° collections will be available from Saturday until the following Friday morning before returning it back to storage. Thank you to those who have already advised they are collecting over the weekend.

° any urgent requests need to be marked as urgent for immediate collection


There will now be a box marked donations from this Monday outside my door. All donations must be cleaned and in a bag due to covid-19 restrictions and to fall within guidelines.

All donations have to be quarantined for 72 hours before reallocation.

Remember, all the uniform is FREE and collections are contact less. If you wish to contribute in anyway, we have links on the page for our gofundme page and amazon wish list that helps other families in the community.

If anyone has spare storage boxes or clothing rails they wish to donate then they are extremely useful.

Thank you all

Emma x

Just wanted to let you know that THANKS to all your fantastic donations of school uniform, shoes, coats, bags etc, we have managed to fill or partially fill 167 requests for uniform as of today, from families within our local community.

This has not only benefitted people who needed a little help but has saved hundreds and hundreds of items from landfill and given them a new home.

Win. Win.

You are amazing. Thank you ☺️

[09/04/20]   Good Morning.

Somebody asked me for girls grey skirts age 13/14. I have lost the message as I didn't have any. I have recently had 4 x age 14 come in, so if it was you pop me another message x

Cheshire West and Chester Council

It’s normal to feel anxious about returning to school, especially during these challenging times. If you’re struggling to cope, you can access a number of resources @cwpnhs’s dedicated child and adolescent mental health website, MyMind: http://cwac.co/NLDqF

I have just gone through my donations. I have been given a Tarporley blazer, skirt, PE top (I think) and 2 navy blue v necked jumpers.

If you asked me for Tarporley (a couple did) please let me know what size you were after and I will see if these can help.

* Blazer has 1 middle split I assume a girls?

[09/01/20]   I have 3 black 'academy' skirts left for anybody desperate.
1 x 10/12
2 x 11/12

[09/01/20]   *** LAST CALL ***

This really is my last trip to storage now until the weekend. Will be there for maybe the next hour give me a shout of you need me to look for anything.

I won't be going back then until weekends as I have to sort out kids for school tomorrow too.

Emma x

Back home from a lovely little mini break to Wales, nipped to storage a day early. 11 more requests for uniform sorted and awaiting collection. I will be going back once more in the morning before school starts for us on Wednesday, then it will be weekends to collect requests around our kids.

Wishing you all a safe return to school x

[08/31/20]   Did somebody ask me for blue PE top for High Street? I have 1x 5/6 and 1 x 7/8 if any use x

There are still 11 bags of uniform outside my door now I am home from people who asked before Friday.

I made 2 special out of my way trips to storage to get these after the event please come and collect them today or I will take them back tomorrow morning when I am getting the next lot of items for people.

I have messaged everybody my address.



Community Clothing Winsford

Please message for details of addresses if you are wishing to donate.
Thank you x

Julie Clare School Wear and embroidery


For anyone who has placed an order in the savings club over the last few months, please come and collect your order 🙂

We have hired extra staff to help us today, so we will have a team of 5 at Winsford. We will try and serve quickly but we would greatly appreciate your patience at our busiest time of year. 🥳

Thanks again to everyone who have been queueing and adhering to social distancing rules. And thank you for showing your continuous support - more so this year during troubling times! 🥰

We will also be open on our Northwich stall today as-well, for any of your Northwich school wear needs!! 📚 please find us in the INDOOR NORTHWICH MARKET 9am-4pm!

We are excited to see all of your faces today 🤩🤩

Winsford 9am-4pm.
Northwich 9am-4pm x

Community Clothing Winsford

We are in need of more donations!
If you have any good quality, clean children’s clothing you no longer need, please consider donating to us.
The kind donations we have received have been a real help to local children and families.
We are now collecting up to age 11/12 years.
We are in particular need of boys clothing.

Thank you xx

9 more requests sorted this morning on a sneaky, unscheduled trip back to storage 🤣.

That's it for now we are signing off for the weekend to spend some time with the kids before they go back to school. Back online Tuesday. I will reply to any messages then.

I should have let everybody know where and how to collect your uniform now so check your messages.

Have a great bank holiday weekend.

Emma x

WDFC Boot Room

Hi everyone. A big thanks for liking our page and for all the donations of uniform.

We are currently in a little competition to receive £100 in funding so if you can, please like the following page on the link and pop a like for The Uniform Exchange.

Many thanks


*****VOTES CLOSED ***************Busy busy night ! Thank you customers ! So .. which charity gets the £100 use the reactions to cast your vote I’ve narrowed it down to 3...


Cast your vote now ! 💰💰💰💰💰
( vote closes 12am 28th Aug )

Have nipped back to storage today for a little tidy up and managed to get 13 more requests sorted or part sorted.

If you have asked me for uniform and I haven't replied to say it's ready to collect or that I don't have it give me a nudge. I have so many messages that sometimes they get lost and I don't see them.

If you are coming to collect uniform and want to donate towards the page there is a go fund me link on here or an Amazon wishlist where you can purchase an item and send to us directly.

As always uniform is FREE there is no obligation.

Thanks Emma x

[08/27/20]   To everyone that has messaged me for uniform. I'm going to the storage lock-up this afternoon and I'll do my best to source what I can. Today will be the only time I can get it and have it collected until after Tuesday.

If you message me I will see what I can get

Many thanks

Emma x

Winsford Community Grocery

It's Thursday and we've got another fantastic grocery session lined up for you this afternoon!

But don't forget, we are now open on Thursdays at our earlier time of 4-6pm!

See you all later at St Chad's Church Hall on Gladstone Street x


Brooke van Emmenis our daughter is currently looking for business sponsors to help to fund her muay thai journey.

About Brooke
🎖️She is from Winsford.
🎖️12 years old.
🎖️Part of team GB
🎖️x2 UKMF Champion
🎖️x2 English Open Champion
🎖️x1 World Open Champion
🎖️x1 K1 WKO European Champion
🎖️WKO World number 1 ranked in Muay Thai for age and weight.

What the sponsorship deal money is for:
💸Brooke is coached by the very best fighters and coaches in this country, she currently trains with UFC Vets, Pro fighters, Bellator fighters and amazing talent. The money would fund fightwear, fight equipment, gloves, wraps, shin guards, travel, competition fees, insurance, licenses etc.

What would you get?
In return you will be tagged in all posts on Brookes social media, instagram etc where shes has thousands and thousands of viewers. She is affiliated with the very best in this country and you will have your name on her fightwear which will be seen all over the country. You will also get tickets should you wish to come and watch Brooke compete and will be supporting an amazing young local talent with lots ambition, goals and a great future ahead of her.

This is your chance to get behind some local talent who is a great young respectable athlete who takes her sport seriously.

🥊🇬🇧If you are interested please get intouch, many thanks🇬🇧🥊

[08/26/20]   If you came to the event yesterday and asked me for a girls Academy blazer size 40" please message me.


Uniform Exchange Winsford, organized by Emma Ball

Huge thank you to everybody who volunteered to help out over the last few days and to everybody who has donated uniform and shared my endless posts. Thanks to Winsford Academy for letting me use the room for the last 2 days and Winsford Community Grocery for providing some snacks, food and drinks

Thank you to everybody who came today and took uniform and dropped some change into the buckets. We raised £200.07!!! That's amazing. I will be paying £150 to The Bone Cancer Research Trust as that was our target. We have already raised £155 separately for Teenage Cancer Trust via my husband doing the '100 miles in a month' challenge.

The extra £50.07 will be kept for use for 'emergency purchases' of uniform items.
There is a link to donate directly to Uniform Exchange online, or there is a link on the previous post to donate directly to Bone Cancer fundraiser.

Once again THANK YOU all. You're amazing, I hope you all managed to get something to help you out. Special thanks to whoever left me a bottle and the lady who bought us snacks :).

I am now having a take away tea, a drink and a bath! Signing off for a few days, tired but happy.


Emma x

gofundme.com Raising money for emergency purchases of School Uniform/Shoes etc in our local community. Uniform… Emma Ball needs your support for Uniform Exchange Winsford

Receptionist Emily

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