Spanish Language at Sholing Junior

Spanish Language at Sholing Junior

These pages are for parents of children attending Spanish Language lessons @ Sholing Junior School -

Operating as usual


Dear Parents

These are very difficult times and my hands are tied until the School decides to restart their afterschool clubs. Lessons have continued during the school closure and throughout the summer with the ZOOM platform. Some parents have taken up the offer of two individual lessons for free in exchange for the two lessons still outstanding from last term.
I will be contacting the school again to enquire when the Language club would be likely to restart.

The Spanish club will commence in other schools after the half-term but this is very much down to each school’s discretion, as the Spanish club has a small number of students making it possible to comply with the school regulations for COVID-19.

I will contact all previous student by email or, if you would like to talk to me, please feel free to send me a message or call using the number in the page.

Please do pass on the message to other parents who would like their child to attend the Spanish Language Club.


Dear Parents

Due to the Corona virus, the school- following guidance from Hamwic Education Trust,- has decided to cancel all after school clubs until further notice.I will be contacting each parent individually to discuss some choices.

Keep safe


Dear Parents

After a well deserved break and Hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas, the Spanish Club wishes you the very best for the New Year.

The new term will commence next Monday 13th at 3.15pm.
The cost for this term is £60.50. This is for 11 lessons from 13th January to March 30th. Half term and Insert day have not been charged.

We are starting a new theme and every child wishing to start can join as he/ she will learn at the same pace as everyone else Please fell free to come to the lessons.

If you would like to have a chat, just send me a message or call me at 07768637912.


Dear Parents

As next Monday 16th is the last class on this term, all parents are invited to the Spanish club as your children have prepared a short presentation for you.

All of them have worked very hard at learning their nationalities, jobs and other personal descriptions. As next Monday is our last class, I will be taking some nibbles. If any child has any allergy please let me know and feel free if you would like to contribute and send your children with some nibbles, more so if he or her has some allergies.

Best Wishes to you all.


Dear Parents

The Spanish club will start from the 9th of September. If you would like your child to join, just come along. Lesson will take place in Classroom 3W. This first term we will learn about countries, nationalities and professions.

learning is interactive with videos, music and activities. It will be fun.Fancy trying? Just come along. We gather every Monday after School. If you need more information, send me a message.


Dear Parents

As already stated, due to unforeseen circumstances, the lesson on Monday 24th June is cancelled. Lessons will restart on the 1st July.

Sorry for the inconvenience.



Dear parents, Spanish lessons will commence on Monday the 29th. Let me remind you that lessons are payable on the first day of the term and some parents are well overdue on the previous term.
I thank you all for your commitment to the language club.




Dear Parents

Thank you very much for attending to the last lesson. All your children have worked and all of them deserved a prize. Well done to you all.


Dear Parents:

Happy New Year to you all. After a well-deserved break. I hope you had a fantastic holiday and I wish you and your family the very best for 2019.

The Spanish lessons will start on the 14th at 3.13pm. This term will commence on the 14th January and it will finish on the 1st April
There are 11 weeks of tuition this term making the total cost £60.50. Any new students are welcome.

If you have any questions, just send me a message


Dear parents
Tomorrow 10th December we will have a chocolate cake to celebrate some of the students birthday. If your child cannot have a piece, please let me know.

Kind regards


Enjoy it


Dear Parents

I am receiving emails asking if there is any space left in the Spanish Club. Ask your child to come along to the lessons. The club is starting and it is early days. Don't forget that the club provides two weeks of trial period. There will be videos, songs and lessons are interactive. It will be fun for learning.


Dear Parents

Thank you very much for your emails. I confirm that lessons will restart next Monday 10th. There are 14 lessons during the first term which will take us right to December 17th. The term will be £77 total. For those parent who already requested an invoice it will be sent today.

For those parents who are thinking in joining the club,the club offers a two week cooling period for £11.

Thank you for your trust and for sending your children to the Spanish club.


Dear Parents:

The Spanish after school club will re-start next Monday 10th September.We will gather at the school at 3.15pm (same classroom, unless we are told differently). Please feel free to tell everyone. As before, there are two weeks trial period for your child to taste and have a flavour of the lessons.If you need to contact me, just send me a message. Don't forget to fill your joining form.

Spanish Language at Sholing Junior These pages are for parents of children attending Spanish Language lessons @ Sholing Junior School -


Dear Parents. Lessons will restart on the 4th June. There are still some parent who has not settled their account. As a matter of urgency, please pay by bank transference, cheque or cash.
Thank you


Dear Parents. Lessons starts TODAY 16th April. I sent an email to all parents but I have just been told that some of you may not have received it. I will see you all today.


Spanish Lessons:
The club will start again on the 16th of April and it will run for 12 weeks. It is open to everyone who attends to Sholing Junior School. The nature of the teaching helps all students to pick up very quickly.
It is fun, enjoyable and interactive with the students. if you wish your child to start, Just ask for a joining form and come along.


Dear Parents, The Spanish lessons will start next Monday 16th April.The new semester will run from 18th April to 16th July. The total price for this semester is £60. Payments are either bank transference,check or cash. For those parents who wish to pay cash, please place the money in an envelop with your child name and year and bring it along to the lesson.


Wow. What a Brilliant lesson we had today. Thank you very much for such a wonderful hour. It was good, witty and fun. All of you were very good and show me how much you would like to learn Spanish. I will see you all next Monday with more fun activities.

Thank you to all parents for patience, being on time and signing your child out.


Dear Parents
The Spanish Club will start next Tuesday 27th Feb. Please bring along your joining form and £25. If you don't have a form, the club will provide one. Lessons start at 3.15 and will end at 4.15. Please be on time. If you decide to bring £10. I will invoice you and deduct the £10. All lessons MUST be paid by 12th March before the student is allowed into the lesson. Theses measurements are taken to ensure the integrity of the lessons and the safe continuation of the club.

Timeline photos 19/02/2018

If you would like your child to join the Spanish Club please print this form or request one by email, fill it in and either return an scanned version to me or bring it with you to the first lesson.

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