Special Needs Education kenyatta university

Special Needs Education kenyatta university

Disability is not inability but a special ability to do something...


*In the jungle which animal is the biggest .......I heard you say ,........ elephant.

*In the jungle which animal is the tallest...... I heard you say ......Giraffe.

*In the jungle which animal is the wisest.......I heard you say.......... Tortoise

*In the jungle which animal is the fastest ........ I heard you say ....... Cheetahs.

*Uhmm. Among all these wonderful qualities mentioned...... Where is the Lion in the picture.

*Yet you say the Lion is the king of the jungle even without any of these qualities.

*But I discovered something fascinating about the Lion.

*_The Lion is Courageous_

*_The Lion is very bold_

*_The Lion is always ready to face any mountain, any challenges, any barrier that crosses his part, no matter how big they are._

*_The Lion walks with confidence._

*_The Lion dares anything and it's never afraid_

*_The Lion believes he is unstoppable._

*_The Lion is a risk taker_

*_The Lion believes any animal is food for him_

*_The Lion believes any opportunity is worth giving a trial and never allows it slip from his hands._

*_The Lion has charisma._

*_What is it that we get to learn from here ....

_*• You don't need to be the fastest._*
_*• You don't need to be the wisest_*
_*• You don't need to be the smartest_*
_*• You dont need to be the most brilliant._*
_*• You don't need to be generally accepted to become your dreams and be great in life._*

• All you need is courage_*
_*• All you need is boldness_*
_*• All you need is the will to try_*
_*• All you need is the faith to believe it is possible_*
_*• All you need is to believe in yourself that you can do it.

Limitations Live Only In Our Minds.....But, If We Use Our Imaginations, Our Possibilities Become Limitless...

Do Not Lower Your Goals To The Level Of Your Abilities...Instead, Raise Your Abilities To The Height Of Your Goals....🙏🏾



The spate of school unrest across the country is a pointer to things that will almost become a 'norm' in public schools, *unless radical changes are urgently effected.*

*When Parliament passed laws to:*
❤ 'protect' the Kenyan child,
❤teachers' hands were inadvertently tied, and
❤ the erstwhile custodian of discipline among adolescents have remained exposed.

When one carefully looks at the Children's Act, 2001 and the Education Act, 2013, it is obvious that *these laws did not consider the important role teachers play in moulding the children under their care.*

The discipline that was held supreme before the Children's Act, 2001 was passed has gone to the dogs. *IMAGINING THAT TEENS WILL LISTEN TO COUNSEL WITHOUT THE THREAT OF SOME PAIN IS A BLATANT LIE*

The discipline of our nation has been entrusted to non-existent departments in our schools, and which has been taken up very quickly by the entrepreneurial so-called motivational speakers.

*What teachers offered for free is now being paid for and the results are the burning of dormitories* because, the conduct of students for the whole term cannot be pegged on a one-day event.

*The relegation of the teacher to some simple appendage in the education system has helped create a robot who is always reminded that he is paid to only teach*, and whatever else he does is not considered useful.

*💓He is neither trained nor paid to handle indiscipline and disorder in school,* because that is the work of the police.
*💓The teacher is neither trained nor paid to counsel the students* because that is the work psychiatrists.
*💓The teacher is neither trained nor paid to nurture the youth* because that is the work of the parents.
There are so many other roles that the teacher has been doing dutifully but he is constantly reminded that he is supposed to be teaching and making learners get some set grades.

This is the only measure that is currently used to determine the worth of a teacher. So sad.

Of late, the now famous visits to schools by Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi have created fodder for *the media who have been unforgiving to the school administrators and teachers.*

The problems in schools will be addressed better if teachers are involved in every aspect, and their input valued. Unless this is done, *Dr Matiangi should brace himself for more fires and destruction.*

That a school principal from a county school in Narok had to undergo surgery because of internal bleeding, after a student hit him with a stone, is the sad reality of where our nation is heading to.

This is just one of the many incidents where teachers have been exposed to ridicule and harassment by the same students they are supposed to be taking care of.

*💖Written and verbal abuses targeting the teacher* are becoming a norm in our schools.
*💖Sexual harassment of teachers by the same students* is common, and whenever the same students go on the rampage, teachers are physically assaulted.

And in all these cases, *the teacher is always blamed while the students' behaviour is almost justified.*

The education officers who visit such schools go straight to the learner to hear their grievances. *Whatever these rowdy youths tell them is taken as the gospel truth, and in almost all instances, the students blame the teacher for everything*.

A case in point is a school in Bomet County that has had three fire incidences in one month and no teacher has been asked for any information concerning the same.

*💜Teaching and going home early*
*💜Not taking up extra, charitable, roles*
*💜Reporting and leaving school at stipulated times*

the prize for despising teachers.


Any tutor who violates provisions of the new code will be subjected to stern disciplinary measures.

Teachers will now be required to declare the source of their wealth and have their accounts subjected to audits immediately they quit service.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) also says no teacher shall act as an agent of any political party or as a contestant.

The tough new rules are contained in the revised Teachers Code of Conduct and Ethics that also seeks to w**d out the s*x pests among teachers who prey and abuse pupils.

No teacher shall make a request to, or exert pressure on a learner for s*xual activity or favour; or flirt with a learner, according to the new rules.

This means that pupils and students will never be sent to teachers living quarters for whatever reason.

Teachers must also not send any child away from school earlier than 6am or later than 12pm except in cases of emergency.

The new rules also warn teachers against supporting or opposing any political party during elections, and vouches for fair and honest staff who will observe Chapter Six of the Constitution.

No teacher shall engage in any political activity or campaigns that may compromise or be seen to compromise the dignity of his or her office; or use public or institutional re ources for the furtherance of any project for the purpose of supporting a candidate or political party,” reads the document.

Those who dip their fingers in public coffers or accept gifts to enrich themselves now have their days numbered.

Those who absent themselves from work to run their businesses have been warned.

The Education and Health Services in Kenya - Data for
Results and Accountability by World Bank in 2013 cited teachers’ absenteeism as one of the problems in the sector.

In the revised code, teachers will now have to account for every hour they spend in schools. They are required to spend all the working hours doing school work and not sneak out to run their businesses.

The document to be launched today during this year’s secondary school heads meeting in Mombasa wants all teachers engaged in public service to submit a declaration of their income and assets and liabilities within 30 days of employment.


And a final declaration will also be required by the employer within 30 days after a teacher leaves employment. In the document, TSC warns teachers against using their office to improperly enrich themselves and sets new terms for accepting gifts and donations.

“A teacher shall neither ask for nor accept any property or benefit of any kind, for himself or for any person, on account of anything to be done, done or omitted to be done, by the teacher in the discharge of his or her duties or by virtue of his or her official position,” reads the document.

It further says teachers shall not directly or through family members, solicit or accept any gifts, gratuity, hospitality, free passages from any person or any corporate that might reasonably be thought to influence the teacher in the performance of his or her duties.

Teachers unions have, however, dismissed the proposals as overtaken by events and cautioned the employer against micromanaging teachers.


Quote of The Day

Experience is the Best Teacher, But if you fail to learn From other people's mistakes, you cannot learn even from your own experience!



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