Think Metric

Think Metric

It's time for the USA to switch to the metric system. All medicine and science already uses metric u There's no time like the present to switch. That's it.

The United States is one of only three nations on earth not to have adopted the metric system, SI, as its standard. Currently, all other nations, even Iran and North Korea, but also all of Europe, most Asian countries, Australia and Oceana, South America and our North American neighbors all use metric units. Burma and Liberia are the only other nations, and they have good excuses (if you consider


Still hoping..

Windy as forecasted 20/01/2022

Lowest temp in Bermuda this week is 17º. I'm booking a flight.😁

Windy as forecasted Wind map and weather forecast


Dune used meters and feet. So when someone mentioned it was 90 degrees on Arrakis...


It seems a cow's body temp is about 38º, but milk must be stored at around 4º


It's 19º and sunny in Texas. Winter? Oh yeah, stick around.

Why The Speed Of Light Is Unmeasurable 30/11/2020

Why The Speed Of Light Is Unmeasurable Physics students learn the speed of light, c, is the same for all inertial observers but no one has ever actually measured it in one direction. Thanks to Kiw...


Thank you, Rick Berman and Brannon Braga, for promoting SI


It's funny how the rest of the galaxy uses SI, according to Star Trek. Still waiting.


Was watching Star Trek: Enterprise where someone gave the temp in Centigrade.

Midwest: Coronavirus-Related Restrictions By State 02/05/2020

2 Meters, but it's still important to keep one's distance.

Midwest: Coronavirus-Related Restrictions By State Get the latest on coronavirus-related restrictions in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin.


Now would be a good time to put Americans to work replacing outdated highway signs.


It is completely doable to print "Exit 400m" along side "1/4 mi." on highway signs.


Remember to remain at least two meters apart when talking to someone.


I'm glad I don't live in Omaha, NE. -22C tomorrow night!




U.S. National Weather Service (NWS) please stop trying to convert. Just stop.


"Americans will never accept the metric system."


I know I get on people's nerves when I express temps and distances in metric units. Change is painful. Ask anyone who's trained for a marathon (42.2 km, by the way.)


I'm waiting for Lost in Space to return to Netflix. Hopefully they're going metric next season.


Someone asked, "38? What's that?"
I said, "go outside and feel for yourself."

The real reasons the US refuses to go metric 14/07/2019

It's happening.

The real reasons the US refuses to go metric In 1975, the US had their shot at going metric... but we blew it. Over 40 years later, we’re still entangled in mass confusion. In this video, we take a look...


The Orville is frustrating to watch. In one episode they used meters and miles.


A few years ago I configured my smart phone to use International Units. Easy!


So sorry, midwesterners. It would feel like summer if you were in Texas.


Thanks, Philip DeFranco, for going SI!

Timeline photos 10/12/2018

Would it kill them to just say 1kg?!


Hey, it's gonna be cold in the South! Zero is the thing!


Somebody (perhaps jokingly) called me a co**ie. I wonder if they ever heard of Canada

Is America Actually Metric? 25/09/2018

I told you so!!!

Is America Actually Metric? The US signed the metre convention and bases all customary units on SI standards. As an aside, the Utah constitution from 1895 required the metric system to ...


In order for Siri to give metric units I had to tell my phone it's in Canada.

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