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Medical, Nursing & Pharma Quiz

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Medical related information

🔵 An infection of the gums involving margin of the teeth with the gum is known as Pyorrhoea
🔵 Drugs which reduce tension,anxiety,depression,etc. are known as Tranquillizers
🔵 A swelling of the thyroid gland is known as Goitre
🔵 Typhoid fever is caused by Salmonella typhi bacteria
🔵 Plague was also known as Black death
🔵 AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
🔵 Diseases which spread by contact are called Contagious diseases
🔵 Scarlet fever is caused by Strepto coccus
🔵 The sterilization technique carried out on men is Vasectomy
🔵 The ability of a living creature to resist the attack of diseases is known as Immunity
🔵 How many senses a human being has Five
🔵 Medical practioners without valid licence are called Quacks
🔵 In a human baby,teething process starts from the age Seven months
🔵 A method of treating cancer or tumor growth using chemicals is known as Chemotherapy
🔵 Meningitis is caused by Neisseria meningitis
Edwardtanus is caused by Clostridium tetane
🔵 Leukemia is commonly known as Blood Cancer
🔵 An area of pus formation within the lung is called Lung abscess
🔵 Meningitis is an infection of Head and spinal cord
🔵 A sudden interruption of the blood supply to the brain can cause a Stroke
🔵 A hereditary lack of pigment in the skin,hair & eyes is known as Albinism
🔵 Psoraisis is an inherited disease of Skin,nails and joints
🔵 A fungus is a Microscopic plant
🔵 A condition in which both eyes do not point in the same direction is called as Squint
🔵 Short sightdness is also known as Myopia
🔵 Short sightdness is Concave lens
🔵 Long sightdness is also known as Hypermetropia
🔵 Long sightdness is corrected by using Convex lens
🔵 A condition in which one is not able to see both near and distant objects is known as Pressbyopia
🔵 Both convex and concave lens is used to correct the eyesight of a person suffering from Pressbyopia
🔵 An inflammation of the thin membrance that covers the black part of the eye is called Conjunctivitis
🔵 Acute conjuctivitis is commonly known as black eye
🔵 How many bones an adult human body has 206
🔵 How many bones an human baby's body has 270
🔵 Blood vessels that carry blood from heart to different organs of the body are known as Arteries
🔵 Blood vessels that carry blood from different organs to the heart are known as Veins
🔵 The main artery of the body is the Arota
🔵 Skin is the sense organ for Touch
🔵 Eyes are the sense organ for Sight
🔵 Nose is the sense organ for Smell
🔵 Tongue is the sense organ for Taste
🔵 Ears are the sense organs for Hearing
🔵 Muscles of the heart are called Cardiac muscles
🔵 In a human body,about how many muscles are there 650
🔵 A break in the continuity of a bone is called a Fracture
🔵 A progressive weakening of muscles is called Muscular dystrophy
🔵 Damage to a nerve is termd as Meuropathy
🔵 Biceps are the muscles of the Arm
🔵 Malaria is transmitted by Anopheles mosquito
🔵 There are how many types of Malaria Three
🔵 BCG stands for Bacillus Calmette Guerin
🔵 BCG is a vaccine given for immunization against the disease Tuberculosis
🔵 DPT is a Triple vaccine
🔵 DPT is effective against Diphtheria,whooping cough and tetanus
🔵 DPT vaccine is given how many times to children Three
🔵 Vaccine against polio is called Poliomyelitis vaccine
🔵 Vaccine is a liquid containing Dilute or dead pathogens
🔵 The first antibiotic discovered by Penicillin
🔵 Spherical shaped bacteria are called coccus
🔵 Rod shaped bacteria are called Bacillus
🔵 Spiral shaped bacteria are called Spirillium
🔵 Comma shaped bacteria are called Vibrio
🔵 The size of a virus is about A millionth of a centimeter
🔵 Plague is caused by bacteria which is found in Fleas on the bodies of rats
🔵 Dengue fever is also known as Break-bone fever


Advance Nursing Studies and Notes

📖Important Notes :

1. Adom test - Scoliosis

2. Allen test - ABG Analysis

3. Aldehyde test - Leprosy

4. Phosphate test - Pasteurization

5. Patch test - Allergic Reaction

6. Tourniquet test - Dengue

7. Urea Breath test - H.Pylori

8. Schick test - Diphtheria

9. Dick test - Scarlet Fever

10. Rothers test - Acetone in Urine

11. Hey test - Bile Salt Urine

12. Smith test - Bile Pigment Urine

13. Benedict test - Urine Glucose

14. Kveim test - Sarcoidosis

15. Rinne & Webber test - Hearing

16. Direct Coomb test - Hemolytic Anemia

17. Ischiara test - Color Vision test

18. Snellen Chart test - Distance Vision

19. Confrontation test - Central and Peripheral Vision

20. Jegar's type Card test - Near Vision

22. Schiling test - Vitamin B12 Absorption

23. Histamine test - Leprosy

24. Roller Over test - Pre-Eclampsia

25. Fern Test or Nitrizine test - leakage of Amniotic fluid

26. VDRL test - Syphilis

27.VMA (Vanellyl Mandelic Acid) - Pheochromocytoma

28. Glucose Tolerance test - Diabetes Mellitus

29. Glycosylated Hemoglobin /Hb1AC test - Diabetes Mellitus

30. Water Deprivation test - Diabetes Insipidus

31. Treadmill / Stress test - Heart Function

32. Triple test - Down Syndrome

33. D-Dimer test - Measuring Clot formation (DVT, PE, DIC)

34. Trendelenburg test - VericoseVein

35. Phallen / Tinnel test -Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

36. Gold QuntiFeron test -Tuberculosis

37. Bangle Test - Protein Energy Malnutrition

38. Tensilon test -Myasthenia Gravis

39. Romberg test -Neurological Function / Balance or Gait

40. Knee Kiss test -Meningitis in Children

41. Tzank test - Herpes Ge***al or Vericella

42. Frie test -Lymphogranuloma inguinale

43. Widal test - Typhoid (on2ndweek)

44. Weilfelix test - Typhoidfever

45. Bonny test / Marshall test - Stress Incontinence

46. Binnet test - Intelligence Quotient

47. Sweat Chloride test - Cystic fibrosis

48. Hanging Drop test - Cholera

49. Paul Bunnel test - Epstien Barr Virus

50. Shake test / Bubble test - Surfactant and Fetal Lungs Maturity

51. Rubin test - Patency of Fallopian Tube

52. Tape test - Pin Worm

53. Ortho Tolidin test - Check Chlorine in Water

54. Dexa Scan - Bone Metabolic Disease (eg.Osteoporosis)

55. Heel to Shin test - Body Coordination Test

56. Halo test - CSF Leakage

57. Dexamethasone Suppression test - ACTH or Pituitary / Adrenal Gland Tumor

58. Arthrocentesis - Joint Inflammation and Infection

59. Holter Monitoring - 24 Hours ECG Monitoring in Dysarhythmia

60. Pulmonary Function test - Measure Lung Volume and Capacity (By-Spirometer)

61. SGOT & SGPT (AST/ALT) - Liver Function Test

62. PAP’s Smear - Cancer of Cervix

63. Creatinine Clearance test - Estimation of GFR

64. Wood's Light Examination - Superficial Infection of Skin

65. Burrow Ink test - Scabies / The Itch

66. Braden Scale - To Measure integrity of Bed Sore.

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