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Hello friends, fans and supporters, this is Jared Biunno here with a New Years message. I'd like to say how appreciative I am of all of your encouragement over these past four years of BFI's history. I'm also regrettably posting to say that starting 2018 (that's today) I'll be abandoning my post as the social media guy and our team will be leaving the Binghamton Film Initiative name to a new group of students come the Spring semester. We will still be making films and sharing our work, but our Binghamton days are behind us and we're moving on to new chapters. It's been our absolute pleasure creating art under the Binghamton Film Initiative name because the name explains perfectly what we wanted to accomplish: initiate moviemaking at Binghamton University, and we believe we were pretty successful at doing so. We've made over 25 original short films under the BFI label and we couldn't be more proud of what we've accomplished together. Thank you, again, for your love and support, it has meant the world to us. Happy New Year and Happy Filmmaking!


Wow! A huge congratulations to one of BFI's best Josh Wallner for his engagement today!


BFI’er Nicholas Maciarz at the helm today

Tom Misch - Movie (Official Video) - YouTube 19/12/2017

♫ Remember me
Fresh out a black and white movie, movie
On every screen
What would you realize
What you meant to me, or was it mystery ♫

Tom Misch - Movie (Official Video) - YouTube Directed by Joshua Osborne The video features my sister Polly and footage of my grandparents Margriet & Klaus from 1945. Make up by Carol Misch Listen to...


On this holy day 25 years ago, a baby was born. That babys first words were “Adobe Premiere", he learned how to walk by using C-Stands as support, and for Christmas when he was 4 he asked Santa for an LED light. This baby, of course, was our fearless leader Jared Biunno. Happy birthday brother, thank you for all you have done to make what we do possible. Love you!

-The rest of BFI


Be sure to check out Prospect Mountain Pictures, a production company for photo and video led by the very talented Michael J Rudolph!

Prospect Mountain Pictures My name is Michael J. Rudolph and Prospect Mountain Pictures is my new journey.
It all started in my teens, I would capture family moments in my back yard with an over the shoulder vhs camera attached to an extension cord, over the years the technology changed, but my obsession with standing behind a camera filming never changed. Today I have worked in both the independent film industry as a Cinematographer, and in my own photography studio capturing moments that last a lifetime. Feel free to follow my visual journey through this page. I will post Commercial work, Short Films, Photography and Music videos and more. If we've ever worked together, or you plan to in the future, please feel free to like this page/ leave a review and tune in every now and again to see what I'm up to.


Titanic (1997)
Director: James Cameron
Cinematography: Russell Carpenter
Photo by: Merie W. Wallace


According to Warner Brothers, it cost approximately $25 million to digitally remove Henry Cavill's mustache from Justice League. According to the Binghamton Film Initiative, that money could've funded the production of approximately 10,000 of our short films.


Dunkirk (2017)
Director: Christopher Nolan
Cinematography: Hoyte Van Hoytema
Photo: Melinda Sue Gordon

MoviePass Cuts Prices, Offers $6.95 a Month Plan for Unlimited Movies 17/11/2017

For those of you that don't know what MoviePass is, you should. This is not a gimmick, there is no catch, you pay $6.95 per month and you can see one movie for free every 24 hours. Allow us to say that again: seven bucks a month for unlimited movies. Yes, it's real, and yes you need to sign up.

MoviePass Cuts Prices, Offers $6.95 a Month Plan for Unlimited Movies MoviePass is offering a limited-time subscription that will allow users to pay $6.95 a month to watch a movie a day for a year. The service typically costs $9.95 a month, but the new deal comes wit…


Congratulations to this years winners of the SUNYWide Film Festival!

Congratulations to all of our SWFF8 Award Winners!

Grand Jury Award: Torin Murphy, other real

Winner: Anthony Riso, Fraud
Honorable Mention: Vincent DiVirgilio, Beyond the Sea

Winner: Heather Bey, The Fierce Five Percent: Women in the Sound Industry
Honorable Mention: Heather Mezynski, Silver

Winner: Sarah Gaygen, Kamunyak
Honorable Mention: Mattea Guldy, La Luz

Winner: Quinn Lachler, Losing It
Honorable Mention: Sam Eisenbaum, Ode to You and I

Audience Choice Award: Jordan Tetewsky, Bolue Vience


Bonus points for quotes from BFI movies.


Throwback to our official selections to the 2014 Centrally Isolated Film Festival three years ago! Spare Change, Dead Meat and The Bag, true BFI classics.

Photos from Binghamton Film Initiative's post 10/11/2017

Hey, check us out! We had a great time at the New York Short Film Festival this week for the official Big Apple premiere of our original short film NOMADIC. Here's star Emily Batsford and the BFI gang on opening night. Here's to many more successes for NOMADIC!


YOU MUST CHECK THIS OUT. This awesome video was created entirely by our BFI veteran Nicholas Maciarz. This is some seriously good stuff. Congrats Nick!


Roll out.


Here's to lookin at you kid


Be sure to check out Studio 271 Productions, led by Binghamtonian Kate Murray, for all of your production needs in the upstate area!

Here's a bit about the company:
We provide all artistic and technical expertise needed when it comes to photo shoots, web videos, stage productions, television shows and films. STUDIO 271 is made up of writers, photographers, video/cinematographers, producers, directors, technicians and performers. Allow us to provide marketing or content or support for your on-line or live production. We also offer acting and arts business coaching to from ages 12-112.

Kate Murray Studios STUDIO 271 is a visual and performing arts production company.


You're not a real filmmaker until you drink your coffee out of a Canon 28-135mm EF lens mug


Robert DeNiro and Ray Liotta on the set of Goodfellas, circa 1989


Happy Halloween from your friends at BFI!

Wes Anderson / Color 27/10/2017

Wes Anderson, master of color.

Wes Anderson / Color Video essay showing color palettes of Wes Anderson's movies Made only for educational purposes. List of films used: - The Grand Budapest Hotel - The…

(rough cut) 27/10/2017

In light of the s*xual harassment allegations coming forward in the industry right now, we think it's a good idea to watch this 2-minute short film.

(rough cut) A director pressures an actress into full nudity on the morning of her first s*x scene. Short Film | 2:30 | 2016 | World Premiere - TIFF 2016 See more at Director:…


Too good. We need to do this for our directors. Brenden Gregory, Ethan Alexis Scarduzio, Anthony Gabriele.


How do you move a train that can't move? Simple, move the people instead. Check out this ingenious rigging.


What a beautiful display of the talent coming out of the Binghamton University Theatre Department. Here are Bing alums performing a cabaret in New York City tonight. Congratulations to these fine bearcats.

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Last post about Oliver Lau and Nicholas Maciarz, we swear! Congrats boys, welcome to the post grad life! 🎉🎊
Hey Oliver Lau and Nicholas Maciarz, from all of us here at The Binghamton Film Initiative, CONGRATULATIONS!
Live from the Mime 2 set!
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