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Electrical Industry Network is for those currently in, or seeking to be in, Leadership & management!

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Do you want to be a leader in our industry?
Here are 9 tips that will help you on your journey.


he Power of Legacy: Leading the Charge for Future Electricians

In the vast and dynamic world of electrical construction, maintenance, and service, the impact of leadership extends far beyond the wirings and circuits we navigate daily. As veterans in the industry, we carry not just tools and equipment but a profound responsibility to inspire, guide, and shape the electricians who will follow in our footsteps. The concept of leaving a leadership legacy is not just about what we achieve but how we influence the industry and its perception for generations to come.


20 reasons why someone might want to become a leader in managing people and projects:

Influence Change: To have a direct impact on the direction and success of projects and teams.

Personal Growth: Leadership roles challenge individuals to grow, learn, and develop new skills.

Professional Development: To advance in their career and open up new opportunities for progression.

Mentorship: To guide and mentor others, sharing knowledge and experience to help them grow.

Problem-Solving: Leaders often tackle complex problems, offering a chance to innovate and find creative solutions.

Vision Realization: To turn vision into reality, leading projects that align with personal or organizational goals.

Team Building: To create and nurture a team culture that is productive, collaborative, and motivated.

Recognition: Leadership roles come with recognition for success, both from within and outside the organization.

Impact on Success: Directly contributing to the project's and organization's success and profitability.

Decision Making: Having a significant say in decisions that affect the team, project, and organization.

Networking: To expand professional networks, connecting with other leaders and professionals.

Financial Rewards: Leadership positions often come with higher compensation and financial benefits.

Challenge: Enjoying the challenge of managing complex projects and leading diverse teams.

Empowerment: Empowering others to succeed and contribute to their fullest potential.

Innovation: Driving innovation within teams and projects to stay competitive and relevant.

Legacy: To leave a lasting impact on the organization and the people mentored.

Culture Shaping: Influencing and shaping the workplace culture to be more inclusive, ethical, and supportive.

Responsibility: Thriving on the responsibility that comes with managing projects and leading teams.

Learning Opportunities: Continuous learning from experiences, challenges, and the people around them.

Personal Satisfaction: The personal fulfillment that comes from achieving goals and helping others succeed.

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Advance Your Electrical Career: A Program for Personal and Professional Development
Are you prepared to elevate your career trajectory within the electrical industry? We are in the process of developing a bespoke program designed to enhance your personal and professional capabilities, and your insights are vital for its refinement. Participating in our brief survey will not only help you gain insight into your career aspirations and obstacles but also contribute to an industry-wide initiative aimed at redefining leadership in the electrical field. Your feedback will be instrumental in creating a program that meets your needs, supports your ambitions, and equips you for future challenges.

Engage with our survey by providing your responses in the comments, and join us in shaping the future of the electrical industry. Your path to becoming a more adept, confident, and visionary professional begins today.

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Effective communication is essential for electricians working in a team environment. By actively listening, promoting open communication, being clear and concise, checking in regularly, and documenting and sharing information, electricians can work together more effectively and efficiently.


What motivates you at work?
Do any of these resonate with you?Let us know in the comments.

Challenging and meaningful work: the opportunity to do work that is fulfilling and aligns with personal interests and strengths.

Recognition and rewards: such as bonuses, promotions, and positive feedback from supervisors and colleagues.

Opportunities for growth and development: such as training and professional development programs, and opportunities for advancement.

A positive work environment: such as a supportive team and a culture of collaboration, fairness, and open communication.

A sense of purpose: such as feeling that the work they are doing makes a positive impact on others or contributes to a larger mission or cause.

Ultimately, what motivates an individual at work can vary greatly depending on their individual circumstances, personality, and priorities, and may change over time.


What are some soft skills of a good
leader or manager?

1. Communication: Good managers can clearly and effectively communicate their expectations, goals, and feedback to their team.

2. Emotional intelligence: The ability to understand and manage one's own emotions, as well as the emotions of others, is crucial for building trust and fostering a positive work environment.

3. Conflict resolution: Effective managers can mediate disagreements and find mutually beneficial solutions to conflicts within the team.

4. Problem-solving: Good managers can identify and analyze problems and develop practical, efficient solutions.

5. Mentorship: Successful managers can guide, support, and develop their team members, helping them reach their full potential.

These skills should be practiced daily until you do it instinctively or habitually.

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Do you need help in a specific area of your career?

Do you have something to offer?

Join our network of like-minded people that are willing to help others and help yourself too!


If you're working on something and struggling to figure out how to do it, Don't give up. Put the word YET in your thoughts. This implies that you will figure it out..


I could spend all day advising people on how to conduct themselves, or I could demonstrate it by working alongside them.

However, there isn't enough time, so individuals wouldn't learn how to reason and act independently.

I'm going to share all the little things I know that you don't that, over time, could have a significant impact on your career.

My work focuses on the challenges I've faced and other electricians that have successfully overcome them through trial and error.

By offering shortcuts you can try and customize to your own needs, my goal is to aid you in navigating your career.


Have you heard the phrase,
"If this helps just one person, then I'll be happy."

While that is a noble feat, I don't want to IMPACT just one person, I want to help all individuals that are looking for meaning and purpose in their work lives through personal & professional development!.

It may take some time, but that's my vision moving forward.
Even If all you want to do is go to work and earn a paycheck, then this material will be beneficial to you too. However, keep in mind that as life changes, so will your desires. Perhaps someday you'll want more than just a job!

If you want to keep learning and advancing, stick around for personal and professional strategies to guarantee a more fulfilling and purposeful career.

This may be a bold achievement on my part, but I'm willing to put in the work. Are you?


Happy Sunday. I am sitting back and relaxing with my morning coffee. How about you? Whatever you're doing I hope it'll be a great day


Take the first step in moving forward in your career. If all you do is wait for things to change by themselves, you will stay where you are. Take action towards your goals, and gain momentum. When you gain a little, go after more. Owners, foremen, and superintendents look for go-getters! Deciding what you want to do is easy,doing it is a different story.


Sometimes when faced with a challenging project we tend to overanalyze the crap out of it when the best course of action is to just get in there and do it. Overanalyzing leads to un-needed stress, cost, and time.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?

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I could spend all day advising people on how to conduct themselves, or I could demonstrate it by working alongside them....
Take the first step in moving forward in your career. If all you do is wait for things to change by themselves, you will...
Sometimes when faced with a challenging project we tend to overanalyze the crap out of it when the best course of action...
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