Transformational Education

Transformational Education

We're creating and open source and free-shared Education for Life program: http://www.onecommunityran


Create and open source free-share a holistic Highest Good of All education model applicable to both children and adults, with built in objectives and collaborative tools to assess and evolve all components, allowing student to advance according to their ability and exceed boundaries and expectations of traditional education models.

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Transformational Education

One Community is developing an open source and free-shared all-ages Highest Good education® program we call The Education for Life Program. Free-sharing this new-paradigm holistic education model, applicable to both children and adults, is a foundation of our approach to positive and permanent global transformation. It is important because we feel parents, students, and teachers deserve an education program that is usable in any environment, more fun, individualizes the learning experience through collaborative tools to assess and evolve all components, and allows students to advance according to their ability. Providing this globally through the One Community self-replicating teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities will maximize real-world options for all participants and prepare people of all ages, through both the education and application process, to be leaders and influential contributors to what we believe is the beginning of a new Golden Age of innovation, collaboration, creativity, and people living and working together for The Highest Good of All.

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