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Hello and welcome to YonSehat! –A new s*x education tool for India. A place where you will find information you need to maintain overall good s*xual health. Some of the topics covered here are S*xually transmitted diseases, Pregnancy, Contraception Men’s health, Women’s health and much more. In India we don’t hesitate to have s*x (population 1.2 billion and counting) but it’s against are culture t

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Timeline photos 16/04/2016
Chlamydia 25/10/2015

World's most common STD - YS Team

Chlamydia Chlamydia is by far one of the most common s*xually transmitted infections in the world. It is most common in people under 25 years of age.

Why P**n is Not the answer for S*x Education - Yonsehat 15/10/2015

Six reasons why p**n is NOT the answer for S*x-Education - YS Team

Why P**n is Not the answer for S*x Education - Yonsehat With lack of reliable and ‘easy to understand’ resources available offline and online, teens and young adults usually turn to p**n to learn about ‘how to do it right’.

Timeline photos 02/09/2015

Something to think about regarding growing concerns of the population - YS Team

Interesting facts about the p***s 02/09/2015

10 interesting facts you didn't know about the p***s before- YS Team

Interesting facts about the p***s Did you know that humans are the only primate species that don’t have bone(s) in their p***s? It must be difficult dealing with erections with bones.

Timeline photos 01/09/2015

Let us know in the comment section - YS Team

S*xual Health in Men 01/09/2015

Puberty and S*xual health for young guys explained - YS Team

S*xual Health in Men Puberty is that phase of your life where your body starts to mature s*xually and your reproductive organs, in this case, the p***s and testicles, become functional.

P***s Shape & Size 31/08/2015

Right shape and size of the p***s. - YS Team

P***s Shape & Size Remove one misconception once and for all from your mind that there is an ‘ideal’ or ‘normal’ size for the p***s. You may have heard that a 6 inch p***s is ideal but then again, each person is different with differing p***s sizes and shapes.

Taking a Pregnancy test - Yonsehat 29/08/2015

Single, Unmarried and thought she could be pregnant...This is what Neelam did next. - YS Team

Taking a Pregnancy test - Yonsehat Have you ever worried about what would you do if you thought you might be pregnant? Who would you talk to, and how would you know for sure?

S*xually transmitted infections (STIs) 26/08/2015

Millions are affected by it but how much do you know about them? - YS Team

S*xually transmitted infections (STIs) S*xually transmitted infections (STIs), also known as STDs (s*xually transmitted diseases) can be contracted during ge***al contact and s*xual in*******se, whether a**l, oral, or va**nal.


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YonSehat YonSehat - A new s*x education tool for everyone. It provides Safe, Non-Judgmental & Evidence based i

Periods - YonSehat 20/08/2015

Menstruation cycle explained for the young teen girls. - YS Team

Periods - YonSehat Shortly after hitting puberty and developing breasts, girls will start their menstruation cycle, otherwise known as periods.

To End or Not to End 19/08/2015

These 5 points MUST be considered before you break-up with someone. - YS Team

To End or Not to End Let’s be realistic – no relationship is perfect. But how do you know when it’s beyond repair? If any of these signs are familiar, it could be time to rethink whether you’re with the right person. 1. You don’t trust each other Trust is fundamental between partners, whether it’s about money, lifestyle…

S*x education in India Surveys - YonSehat 18/08/2015

Please help us by doing these two surveys to help us improve. Your individual identity will not be compromised. Thanks very much.
-YS Team

S*x education in India Surveys - YonSehat If you like what we do and want to help us in bringing more relevant content on s*x education in India, help us by filling in these surveys.

Men and Relationships - YonSehat 17/08/2015

She already has a boss at work, She doesn't need another one at home. - YS Team

Men and Relationships - YonSehat So you finally got the courage to talk to that girl. You went on a few dates, shared some intimacy, and now things are looking more long term. The hard part's done, right? Wrong.

Becoming a Parent 15/08/2015

It's easy to become a mother or a father but never easy to become a parent. - YS Team

Becoming a Parent In all fairness, it is easy to become a father or mother, but never that easy to become a parent. Becoming a parent is as exciting and wonderful as it is challenging and demanding.

Choosing a Contraceptive Method - YonSehat 14/08/2015

5 Questions to ask yourself to help choose the right contraceptive method for you. - YS Team

Choosing a Contraceptive Method - YonSehat Choosing the best contraceptive method will depend on various factors, including any health conditions, fertility rate, and other circumstances. The goal of contraception is to prevent the s***m from reaching the ova.

Myths and Facts About Contraception - YonSehat 13/08/2015

3 of the biggest myths about contraception many previously believed to be true. - YS Team

Myths and Facts About Contraception - YonSehat There are many myths regarding contraception, some of which are rather far-fetched while others are completely delusional. For instance, many women claim that you don’t need contraception when you’re

Available Options - YonSehat 12/08/2015

5 Available contraception options everyone should know about. - YS Team

Available Options - YonSehat There is a wide variety of contraceptive methods available across the world and also in India. The essential role of contraception is to stop reproduction by preventing semen to enter the va**na or killing the s***m cells after unprotected s*xual in*******se.

Introduction to contraception 11/08/2015

Contraception! - One of the least favourite (yet incredibly important) topic of discussion between couples today. - YS Team

Introduction to contraception Contraception is the planned use of artificial techniques, methods, and medications to prevent chances of pregnancy as a result of s*xual in*******se.

Embracing the woman in you 10/08/2015

Puberty explained for young teenage girls in the most simplistic manner! - YS Team

Embracing the woman in you One of these days you’ll look into a mirror and notice that you’ve gotten taller and rounder overnight. When you take a keen look, you notice that you have bigger breasts all of a sudden.

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