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This client (who cannot be named for work purposes) has busted her butt the last 4 months. We switched up her nutrition, set a good workout routine with classes bringing a variety to her fitness and still managing to live a more balanced lifestyle.

What an absolute grafter and the results just speak for themselves! I cannot wait to see you progress even further in your fitness journey. We’re all about the lifestyle balance 🙌🏽

These results were achieved through attending classes here at Elite and Online Coached by our very own Personal Trainer and Online Coach Nicola .

Don’t wait to start your fitness journey.

This challenge was our final one for the time being but you can join our classes @

Or Contact Nicola Infinity Fitness for any online coaching queries where you can get results just like these!!

T H U R S D A Y ✅ ☀️
Done in the sun!

Bootcamp 💪🏻
Zumba 💃🏻
Clubbercise 🚦

How amazing was it working out on the sun?? Our love for outdoors just grows when he has his hat on! ☀️

We weren’t glowing tonight but we were definitely sweating!! 💦

Clubbercise | Nicola Boyd | GetFit with Steven | Infinity Fitness | Steven Mahood | Vengaboys
Obsessed with this logo water bottle for Infinity Fitness!! 💜

If you haven’t already check out her page, such a fab pt with great home work outs & easy to follow recipe plans! 💪🏼✨
Here’s something to get you through your hump day - Episode 2 is finally out! Link in bio.

It’s a bit longer than the last one, so get yourself a glass of wine and a comfy seat. This week, we discuss self-care - we hope we can inspire some people to practise these methods while in lockdown, as it is so important and can be so useful.

Head over to our Instagram () to see our favourite workout & meditation accounts (we also recommend Infinity Fitness here on Facebook). Be sure to have a look at the self help books that Kiera recommends (p.s. - how cute is Amy’s letter design?! Amy Davidson Designs ).

Let us know what you think!

Once again, thank you to Morgan alilcreativemb for our logo! Check out her website.
Hey Guys!

Now you’ve established a good exercise routine with your classes, it may be worth looking at your diet to ensure it meets your needs to achieve your goals!

I’m currently following a diet plan by Infinity Fitness and it’s working great! Affordable one off cost, easy to follow and the meals are all delicious. Contact Nicola at Infinity Fitness for more info 💪🏻

Make 2020 YOUR year ♥️ x
Can you help and support us at our classathon?

You can join in any of the classes pay as you go or do as many as you can for £20 or download a sponsor form!

We are also looking for donations for a bake sale and raffle if anyone would be kind enough to help out 😀

Thanks to everyone who has shared the event ❤️

Pilates class by Natalie
DLB Fitness
Infinity Fitness
Get Fit with Steven
We are proud to announce we will be launching the first ever Funky Step classes in Scotland 🙌 congratulations to and who passed their certification today!! Well done ladies 👯‍♀️ This is an easy to follow calorie torching workout that will be on the timetable very soon!! Keep your eyes peeled! @ SW Fitness

Pilates class by Natalie
Infinity Fitness
This lovely lady is amazing at what she does yes she kills me every Monday but wouldn't have it any other way and she is with the best team in S.W Fitness 😘❤💪💪

Infinity Fitness is about empowering women. Bringing your best version, your best confidence and sel

Operating as usual

Photos from Infinity Fitness's post 26/09/2022

How can it be 3 MONTHS until christmas 🎅🏽😭

I urge you this Monday to think about how you want to spend the next three months..

It doesn’t mean you need to dive in the deep end and completely 360 degree change your lifestyle but the small habits you build on right now are the ones that stick and go the distance.

Put the work in NOW and then that after Christmas fitness rush won’t seem so difficult.

I promise you when you start to see and feel the benefits from that, you will thank yourself in months to come. 🧚🏻

I’m so ready for these next few months pushing. This is what lights the fire in my bellllyyy ❤️‍🔥

Have three becos I’m kind x



Saturday is my FAVE day of the week 👏🏼

I actually enjoy getting up before everyone, train , cardio and then my group sesh 🫶🏼

Check In day and we are FOUR & SIX weeks OUT. Like where does the time go 😫

Readyyyy for another week LFGGGG 🚀

Photos from Infinity Fitness's post 20/09/2022

CARLYYYYY B 💜 Carly Bryden

One of the hardest workers in and out the gym. From over training , under eating and a lack of routine to now proper recovery implemented and a specific training plan to focus on her own personal goals. And not to mention this girls eats to FUEL and FUNCTION.

Fitness not only can bring you results physically and mentally but it brings you great friendships along the way 🧚🏻

Carly is now on a journey where she’s switching things up and implemented CrossFit style training in and then isolation movement sessions to assist alongside this specific type of training.

Excited to watch this one’s journey , shel smash it like the champ she is ✨

V proud coach, but most importantly v proud friend ###

Photos from Infinity Fitness's post 16/09/2022

Build me some muscle? Ok den let’s goooo 🚀

When my client checked in yesterday and we had a wee look back at her first starting pictures just a year ago.. unbelievable changes. 👏🏼

Not just changes in which we can visually see here but the growth in herself, her life , her decisions, her mindset. She’s just going from strength to strength. She is the prime example of a grafter, being faced with difficult times but still stands up even stronger.

We’ve packed on some great muscle tissue whilst dropping body fat right down but all very manageable , sustainable, and enjoyable.

I am sooooo proud of my client , and now great friend 🫶🏼 The results just speak for all the effort she puts in.

A beautiful person inside and out!

Happppy fckinnnn FRIDAY 🥳

My team WILL be finishing the year STRONGER than we started 😉


Being a parent and trying to juggle everything and everyone is HARD.

It’s not selfish to take care of your own health and fitness whilst being all the job titles you hold. Infact it’s more valuable than you think or believe.

Kids are like sponges, your actions they soak it all in and then it gets mirrored by them. What you do, they believe that is the right thing to do, because your their ROLE MODEL 🧚🏻

But what I see a LOT, is women putting themselves down because they’ve maybe not achieved everything that week, they’ve had issues to face, they talk negatively about themselves, continually putting themselves down and the list will go on…

Take a step back 👣

Think if your child caught on to this type of behaviour and habits.. what could be the outcome ? How would you feel if they spoke so negatively about their bodies, the skin their in or what they’ve not managed to fit in that week.

I know that what I do today and right now, It will help to install what I personally believe the right behaviors, self love, habits and so much more , he will benefit so much from my actions and what I choose on a daily basis.

So taking care of YOURSELF is not selfish, and infact these actions still affect those around you.

Rather than focussing on the society’s image of health and fitness ‘being skinny’ ‘dropping 5 stone with juice diets’ , ‘running yourself into the ground’ .

Teach your children to be STRONG, to be EMPOWERED, to be CONFIDENT, to have SELF BELIEF. 🧚🏻✨

Trying to get a 2 year old to understand how to take a picture is v difficult 🙃


Look ahead on your own journey.

Whether it’s in fitness, in family, in business .. you get the gist. Focus on your lane and don’t steer off it. This is your lane to drive 🚗

Nobody will do the work for you. SO enjoy the FULL JOURNEY then that end goal will be even more rewarding ✨


Photos from Infinity Fitness's post 02/09/2022

Yal ain’t ready for this 🧚🏻

Here we are 34KG DOWN!!

Around 20 months of sheer graft, commitment, motivation, discipline, sacrifices and so much more. There were NO quick fixes here 👏🏼

When I first met Carol, she was super shy, lacking confidence, hiding in bagggy black clothes and NOW she’s like the positive and infectious energy that you need in your life ✨

Transitioning from fitness classes to home workouts to now a member of in which she absolutely loves and has grew so much confidence and independence with her training.

I will always be my clients biggest fans and push them into what I know their truly capable of.
Her photoshoot goal smashed , and I am so so proud of her. What a journey it’s been.. 🥳


Rachel Ross Photography

Photos from Infinity Fitness's post 01/09/2022


Absolutely stunning!

Daniele and Toni both have worked with me for a good while now and over that time we’ve built up a great relationship, building trust then building on their own specific routine keeping it as close to their lifestyle so their goals were achievable and the routine was manageable for them.

Invest in yourself for the long haul, the results you take away are priceless 🧚🏻

So proud of both these absolute HOTTTTTIES 📸

The graft. The effort. The commitment. The drive. The focus. The push.

And then we captured whilst having fun at the same time! 🥳



Honestly such an amazing day. The girls have been working hard throughout the last few months in preparation to feel their best. And despite the nerves, the anxiety, they SMASHED IT! Big thanks to for making all the girls feel at ease and even wanting a round 2.0 🤣

I am so excited to see their final pictures.. truly so proud of each and everyone of them for pushing out the comfort zones 📸

But we had an absolute BALLLLL!!

Group shoots are about showcasing your own personal work but also the empowerment of other women.. support one another and good things will happen 🧚🏻


What a team!




This smelt UNREAL. One of my fave old time recipes 🫶🏼

Watch the video to see the pasta spillage 🤣 videoing and trying to cook with one hand is not the one 😵‍💫

This portion was done to Frannys Macros and worked out at…

54G Protein
63g Carbs
21g Fats
650 calories in total

You can find tasty recipes when you join my group, I post a batch of recipes every week to provide my clients with variety of choices 🤌🏼

I have FOUR spaces to join my coaching team in September , let’s finish the year STRONG!



I hear a LOT of people saying they don’t have TIME ⌚️

When in actual fact , we all have time.. we all just choose to spend it in different ways. Whether that’s taking the kids to the park, or watching a movie after your shift at work, or going out for dinner..

We all have different goals in life. We spend our time how WE want to and what fulfills us.

You don’t need to spend hours exercising to get the body shape you desire to have. You don’t need to spend hours cooking meals and then choosing a takeaway instead.

My top tip in which I preach to my clients is having a diary and literally having your every movement in there.

I write up my daily schedule with times I need it done by. I write up exactly what that day consists of and it helps me personally stick to what I’ve set out to achieve.

Take the small steps. Organize your time better. Spend 3 x 30 minutes a week getting movement into your routine. Batch cook your meals. Involve your children. Do whatever it takes to reach your goals.




Absolutely buzzing to be involved with Sponsoring the Match Ball @ MaryMass TONIGHT⚽️

As a special thank you , I’m offering a ONE TIME ONLY offer. These don’t come about often & my ONLY offer this year.👏🏼

1-1 Online Coaching will be 50% off for the FIRST month joined. You must sign up and message before Sunday Night..

Quoting the word ‘MARYMASS’ 🧡💙

Let’s join together and LEVEL UP with my amazing team of women 🧚🏻


We had a ball yesterday doing something different with Irvine Meadow XI FC for the Marymass game happening this Friday Night⚽️

These are your last few chances to claiming your offer to work with me @ a discounted price 👑

Quote ’MARYMASS’ to get involved 🧚🏻


Absolutely buzzing to be involved with Sponsoring the Match Ball @ MaryMass this Friday night ⚽️

As a special thank you , I’m offering a ONE TIME ONLY offer. These don’t come about often & my ONLY offer this year.👏🏼

1-1 Online Coaching will be 50% off for the FIRST month joined. You must sign up and message before Sunday Night..

Quoting the word ‘MARYMASS’ 🧡💙

Irvine Victoria FC
Irvine Meadow XI FC

Let’s join together and LEVEL UP with my amazing team of women 🧚🏻


I honestly used to be so self conscious about my arms.. would forever be in a hoodie covering up.. and it’s only just recently I feel comfortable enough wearing tops like these 🫶🏼

Moral of the story..

Keep working hard.
Keep digging on the days you don’t feel like it.

It always pays off. 🧚🏻



Wowowowowow 🔥

My client Chloe who I’ve been working with for 5 months now, and things are really starting to take shape here especially in her lower half 🍑

Chloe is the perfect example of being a lifestyle transformation client.

We’ve built in a good routine in which she consistently follows, she hits all her targets , she has a balance, a life where she can still socialize and a life where she can still work towards her goals 🧚🏻 Ofcourse life can sometimes get in the way and we have to reevaluate situations but it’s about using the tools infront of you to do that.

Results speak for themselves so immma just leave it here. And it’s clear the first picture was taken by myself and the final picture has been taken by the client hence the opposite side but you can’t take away her results here.

Outstanding work , Outstanding work ethic and her efforts never go unnoticed 👏🏼

Are you ready to build a routine in which fits perfectly into YOUR LIFE, YOUR GOALS AND THE LIFESTYLE YOU WANT 💭

Photos from Infinity Fitness's post 09/08/2022

What does ONLINE COACHING really mean? 💭

Without a solid plan in place, a good routine, accountability, how do you reach those goals on your own?

Online Coaching has alll to offer with everything down to the T , specifc to YOU.

Goal Setting
and so much more 🧚🏻

The more effort you put in, the more you’re going to get out.

If this is something you’re interested in, beginner or advanced then let me help you LEVEL UP 👑

Hit the link in my bio to enquiry on working with me and let’s get chasing those GOALS 🤌🏼


Truth is , not every day motivation is gonna be there BUT it comes down to how badly you want it, how badly you want to make change, how badly you want to hit your goals.

This morning I was TIRED! after a broken sleep, it was a struggle but I knew I had to get up, get cardio done before my FIERCE! group.

These are the days you overcome. These are the ones that matter the most. And these are the ones that prove you can fckin dooooo it 🧚🏻

Photos from Infinity Fitness's post 05/08/2022


My Online Coaching client who I’ve been working with since the start of the year has achieved more than her physique here. 🧚🏻

She has more self confidence.
She has more self love.
She feels confident in her own skin.
She now trains in her local gym.
She’s built a good routine into her lifestyle.

All in which has taken time. It’s taken months. It’s taken consistent effort week in week out. It’s taken her to be accountable, to be persistent with the programme and she has nailed it 🤌🏼

She’s looking STRONG!! 🍑

Interested in working on your physique , confidence, building a routine and SO MUCH MORE..

Hit the link in my bio to enquire ✨💜


What does coaching mean to me? 💭

Coaching a client through their journey isn’t just about giving them a training plan , nutrition and sending them on their way. It’s actually WAY more than just fitness.

100% fitness is the main focus, but you need to have all other aspects in your life involved too.

It’s about BUILDING a relationship , a friendship, learn about WHO THEY ARE AS AN INDIVIDUAL.

Every single client I work with are all unique. They all have their own lifestyles, struggles, habits, behaviours, routines, goals and so much more.

As your coach, I want to get to know YOU as YOU. When you build a good trusting relationship that’s when the dominoes start to fall into place. Trusting one another is a special ingredient here. You have to trust what your coach is advising you and follow through with it.

My business and my clients are genuinely a massive part of my every day life and I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am without them.

Create your support system and YOU CAN GET THROUGH ANYTHING 👑




1st of August

Headphones ON. 🎧

World OUT. 🌎

This is your chance to FOCUS. This is your chance to make CHANGE. This is your chance to finish your year STRONG.

The longer you wait , the harder your making your return.

There is no right time. Every time is RIGHT.

There is no quick fix. There’s building for long term.

Don’t wait another month. 💥

Beginner or Advanced trainer? You can take everything to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

Join my team to take a step in your


Practice what you PREACH 🤘🏻

Walk the walk before ya talkkk the talkkk…

Go get ittttt gurlllll ✨

Photos from Infinity Fitness's post 28/07/2022

She had a goal and She SMASHED IT! 👏🏼
Chloe Summers

Chloe and I have worked on and off with one another for the last year and a half but she came to me around 8/10 weeks ago wanting to feel her best for IBIZA ✨

We implemented a structure into her life , bringing back a routine in which fitted well with her lifestyle, job and social events.

She was on HIGH food to achieve this.

She followed a consistent training plan where continually overloading week to week.

We increased her expenditure but nothing that was too extreme for a lifestyle transformation client.

Now the key here is once her holiday is done that we have the ability to transition back into routine again as this is often where people struggle.

It’s important to remember how GOOD you felt in the process leading up and on holiday so you can kick back into setting your next goals 📈

Online Coaching isn’t just for beginners, if your looking to take your training and accountability to the next level.. Join my final remaining spaces in my TEAM!



When you become a mum, nobody sets you up for how hard that s**t is. It’s bloody hard.


You watch this little person become their own, you grow them, you birth them and then you protect them for life. ✨

But sometimes when you become a mum, you feel different, you’ve changed, but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t change for the better.

I think when our responsibilities grow, it does make it harder for us to then focus on ourselves. Because now this little person takes priority.

HOWEVER it all comes down to routine. How bad you want to do it.

If you can install a good solid routine into your whole family’s every day life then over time it becomes just your every day norm. It may be hard at first but we have the ability to do it.. just often you may find that your choosing to spend your time in other ways.

The more you do something, the easier it becomes. The easier it becomes to drill in.

I am so much happier and a better mum when I have that release and for me personally that’s the gym.

Does it make me a bad mum admitting that? HELL NO. Because that job is STRESSFUL.



How many of you get that notification at the end of the week telling you your screen time? 🫣

Jeeeez it’s A LOT of hours a day you most likely spend scrolling. Scrolling through what everyone else is upto, or who’s causing drama, what the latest gossip is or just scrolling through pointless s**t.

It’s true, we all do it , we’re all guilty for wasting time in ways we could make more value for it.

It causes major anxiety in people as then we tend to compare. Compare what someone else is doing or achieving.. when everyone has the ability to achieve in what their passionate about.

Instead of saying ‘I wish I had your motivation’ , you create your very own.
Your just choosing to do other things.

Your not always motivated to go to work BUT you need to show up to be paid.

Treat your own needs the same.

You don’t need to spend hours upon hours training or meal prepping.

Schedule your week better.

Make it specific to what YOU CAN ACHIEVE 💜

Photos from Infinity Fitness's post 24/07/2022

‘Lifting weights will make you manly’


Lifting weights makes you strong, it allows you to continue to push past boundaries, it creates shape, to feel damn good and confident about the body your continuing to build.

From endless amounts of cardio to now a structured and consistent training programme.

It’s just like saying “I don’t want to swim incase I turn into Michael Phelps”.

𝐍𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐠𝐨𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐨 𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐞𝐧.

Sooooo GIRLS grab the weights , feel empowered and build that confidence from there 👑

Louise Taylor McDerment


The loveeee just keeps on growinnnn 🔥

The things that you do should not feel like a chore. They should excite you. They should bring you passion. They should light up that fire. They should fuel you to be better.

Now not everyone shares the same passions or interest but if you support those around you, that’s more you can ask for.

Bring the energy. Bring the HYPE.

This is my passion. This is what I truly love.

The end x




Check this gurllll OUT 👀

The social butterfly , the girl who grafts, the girl who does both, the girl who knew something needed to change and TOOK THE ACTION.

Currently we’re on a mini cut for a photoshoot where a bunch of my clients are ready to capture their hard work ⚡️ Even though we’re hitting a mini cut at the moment , Toni’s social life is ever growing 🤣 so it was crucial we hit everything outside it with 100% effort.

From someone who was feart from a gym environment and anxiety crept in at the thought to now she comes in on her own and gets IT DONE!!

If you know you need to make some changes.. don’t wait about , be like Toni and take the action ✨

Wait until you see this transformation in her shoooot 📸

Toni Bradford


The chances you take and the choices make define who you are ✨

The leaps you take in life will always take you to where you need to be.. think where you could be in 12 months time?

Those months are going to fly by anyway so you might aswell take the chances in creating better. Goes for anything in life.. you want a promotion in work and know by investing in your career is potentially going to help? Then youl do what it takes to get there.

Be confident in your choices and take YOUR chances.

Confidence is like growing a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it will be ⚡️

Want to build on your confidence? Want to create better habits?

Let me help you 💜

Follow the link in my bio…

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