Inspire to Innovate. Dates: 4 5 6 August 2015
Venue: Beaconhouse School System, Margalla Campus, Isl

The second installment to last year's successful event, the Beaconhouse Diplomats' Conference is back to deliver debaters around the nation an extraordinary experience and one that will be unparalleled to all others.

Photos from Falak shabir's post 18/08/2015
Timeline photos 17/08/2015

We would like to thank PTCL for proudly sponsoring our event BMIDC'15.


Pictures of the event have started being uploaded on the official media page. Albums will be regularly updated from today onwards.

BMIDC'15 Media Page The official media page for Beaconhouse Margalla Campus Islamabad Diplomats' Conference.


Participation certificates for BMIDC '15 may be collected from the Beaconhouse Margalla Campus once school season starts, i.e. from the 1st of September.


Details regarding collection of participation certificates will be intimated soon.


And thus, tonight marks the end of the Beaconhouse Margalla Islamabad Diplomats Conference'15. Our event could not have been so memorable without your participation, and so we would like to thank each and every one of you who attended the conference and for letting us be your hosts. We hope you had a very enjoyable experience with us during these three days. Congratulations to all those delegates who won awards from their respective committees and the COD Session. You deserved it.
We hope we were able to meet, and possibly exceed, your expectations as we worked tirelessly for months to make this event possible.

Inspire to Innovate.

Host Team, BMIDC '15


Concert tickets (For BMI-B and BMI-G only) will NOT be sold after 12pm today. There is absolutely no on-spot ticket sale and failure to get them in time will only result in you not attending the concert.

Countries/Personalities Lists (Fixed) 03/08/2015

Here are the final countries and personalities lists for all nine committees of BMIDC '15, with errors fixed.

No more changes will be made under any circumstances whatsoever.

Delegations have been assigned a default country/personality for all committees except for:
1. The European Parliament (EP)
2. Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)
3. United Nations Security Council (UNSC)
4. ICAC (Only in one case).

The red highlights for the country list of UNSC indicate countries with the right to vote.

NOTE, for the European Parliament:
Topic Area A is Greece
Topic Area B is Ukraine


Respected Participants,

The guide to making a Position Paper has been uploaded on the conference page of our website,

Registrations Department

Timeline photos 02/08/2015

Following are the countries/personalities list changes that, as of this very moment, have been put into effect.

Lists will be updated with specified entries removed, added and replaced soon.

Note: These changes have been made only for the sole purpose of fixing unintentional errors. No country, personality or committee has or will be changed for reasons other.


Respected Delegates,
The country/personality list for each committee has been uploaded.

For all the Delegations, The Cultural Fest on Day 1 is a mandatory event. Each delegation has to set up a stall representing their country (and preferably with it's cuisine aswell - as that gets you extra points). Then at least 2 and a maximum of 4 people from each delegation will have to walk the ramp, dressed in their COUNTRY'S ATTIRE. Please send us the music/song that you want us to play during your walk at [email protected] by no later than tonight.

The winning delegations will receive a Coveted shield, concert backstage passes+ merchandise, and cashable vouchers (courtesy McDonalds).

If you have any queries, please send them to the above mentioned email.

All members of FIFA, EU and UNSC: your countries may be different than the country your delegations have been assigned, however you will still be representing whatever country your delegation as a whole has been given.

Furthermore if any individual wants to participate aswell, they need to send in their name, committee and country at the above mentioned email as soon as possible.

Social Events Department


Due to an unexpectedly large turn-out, the countries/personalities list for delegates is suffering a delay.

We verily apologize for the inconvenience, but promise that it will be up and running no later than today.

Registrations Department


Unfortunately we will not be selling the concert tickets on Saturday, 1st August. You can get them from the campus on the 3rd and 4th of August, between 10am and 1pm.
As mentioned before, the ticket is ONLY available for the students of BMI and is priced at Rs 800/-

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Mobile uploads 31/07/2015

The stress of the conference taking its toll on you? All those arguments hurting your head? Need not worry because Falak Shabir is ready to take centre stage and bring out the spirit of the night. Add brownie points to that with sick beats and killer drops as BMI's very own 'Wanderlust' help you dance your way through. Revel in the sounds and symphonies, get your groove on and let the rhythm wash you away this 5th of August!

Separate concert tickets are available ONLY for the students of BMI and go on sale from Friday,31st July to Tuesday,4th August (excluding Sunday, 2nd August).
Ticket price is 800/- and can be collected at the campus from 10AM-1PM.


Respected Participants,

As per completion of payment, please forward pictures for your ID cards to [email protected] before 4 PM, Friday the 31st of July.

We will not be held responsible for your failure of submission in a timely manner, in the case of which you will be provided with a blank ID card the day of the event.

Picture Requirements:

If Delegation:
The Head Delegate is to forward the pictures.
Each respective delegate's picture’s file name should be the delegate’s full name followed by his/her committee, e.g. “Hassan Khan UNHRC.jpg".

If Delegate:
The picture’s file name should be your full name followed by your respective committee, e.g. “Hassan Khan UNHRC.jpg”.

If Observer:
The picture’s file name should be your full name, e.g. “Hassan Khan.jpg”.

Further details alongside confirmation of completion have been forwarded to specified addresses.

Registrations Department


Like the official media page for BMIDC '15 and keep yourself updated with the official pictorial coverage of the event!

BMIDC'15 Media Page The official media page for Beaconhouse Margalla Campus Islamabad Diplomats' Conference.


A reminder to all, today is the last day to register yourself for the Conference. No registrations after midnight shall be accepted so if you wish to be a part of the event, get yourself registered ASAP.

That said, tomorrow marks the final day to make payments to finalise your spot at BMIDC. The time period will remain the same, 10 AM - 1 PM.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this exclusive and remarkable Conference.

BMIDC Host Team


As usual, the time period for accepting payments remains the same for tomorrow, 10 AM - 1 PM.

The time for payments is drawing to a close with only two days remaining till the deadline. Make sure you do pay either tomorrow or the day after for an ensured place in the Conference.


Two days remain till the payments deadline.
One remains till the registrations'.

Every passing moment is your last chance to participate in the Beaconhouse Margalla Islamabad Diplomats' Conference 2015.

Register and pay up NOW if you have not already.

The Host Team


As of today, Monday the 27th, the maximum limit for observer participation has been reached.


Please do not attempt making payment as observer neither tomorrow nor any of the following days - it will not be accepted.

You may re-register yourself as a delegate for a chance to still participate in the event.

Registrations Department


Tomorrow, Monday the 27th of July marks the beginning of the last week we accept payments.

The payments deadline is Friday, the 31st of July of the same week.

No payments and no new registrations whatsoever will be accepted past the above given date. It is now strictly advised that you complete registration as soon as possible to ensure your place at the conference.

Payments can be made by cash at our registrations desk at Gate 4 of Beaconhouse School System Margalla Campus, Pitras Bokhari Road, H-8/4 Islamabad every day from Monday to Friday, 10 AM - 1 PM.


It is highly recommended you complete your registration as observer for a last-resort chance to participate in the event and as a delegate for better likelihood of obtaining the specified country/personality preference no later than tomorrow, Monday the 27th of July.

Registrations Department


The research guides have been uploaded on the website. The country list and event schedule will be uploaded soon.

5 days left before registrations close.


Participants who have completed their registration via payment:

Please email your ID Card pictures to [email protected] with:

1. the name (names if delegation) you registered with;
2. your registration type (Individual Delegate/Observer/Head Delegate of Delegation); and
3. your committee, if a delegate or committees of each delegate if delegation.

For delegations, please change each of the file names of your delegation's delegates' pictures to their respective committees so we know how to differentiate one delegate from another.

As for participants awaiting emails, be it confirmation of registrations or payments, the next batch will be forwarded before this weekend ends.

Registrations Department

Timeline photos 25/07/2015

30th July is the official registrations deadline.

The registration page on our website will no longer be accessible past this date. If you haven't registered already, do so now for a chance to participate in the most prestigious debating conference in Islamabad.

The Beaconhouse Margalla Islamabad Diplomats' Conference, 2015!


Looking for something to ease up all the stress from those debates? Want to unwind and relax?
Then we have just the thing for you with three days of highly entertaining Social Events that'll make the whole experience at BMIDC a worthwhile and memorable one!
The deadline looms with 5 days till registrations close, so don't miss out on what will be a once in a lifetime experience.
Visit our website at for more details.


Respected Participants,

Keeping in view the Friday prayer, the time period between which we accept payments tomorrow, and only tomorrow, Friday the 24th is 10AM-12PM.

Participants who registered yesterday or any time after with complaints regarding not having received confirmation emails: Know that your registrations have been confirmed, there has simply been a delay in forwarding the next batch of confirmation emails from our side.

If you choose to make payment tomorrow irrespective of a confirmation email, your registration will still be considered complete.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Participants who registered the days prior to yesterday, your confirmation emails have been forwarded. If you do not find them in your primary inbox, we once again request you to check your spam/junk folders before filing a complaint.

Registrations Department

Timeline photos 22/07/2015

Omer Azhar; Committee Director FIFA

Hello Dear Delegates,
What are Model United Nations? MUN's for me are for expressing thoughts, beliefs and an avenue for learning how to further a country's interest amongst other nations. In a nutshell, they are the art of diplomacy and that is what makes me very passionate about them. I can safely that FIFA will be the most thrilling committee at BMIDC because every committee I have been to in my MUN career ended up having amazing entertainment sessions because that too has been my specialty alongside winning.

But having said that, I sincerely hope that each and everyone of you shows up at the committee with adequate research on the relevant topics. As a chair, I strongly believe that all of you should be well prepared so that a competitive committee is in order, something that I'd love to see.

FIFA encapsulates technicalities and problems deeply associated with football and significant issues rampant throughout the world. The committee has played a pivotal role in establishing mechanisms for eradicating corruption, tackling stagnation in the game itself and ensuring top standards to make football more entertaining.

The committee's work and topics
of discussions make it extremely significant as it affects the lives of billions of fans across the face of this planet. Hence each and everyone of you is expected to speak.

Having won numerous MUN's, I can safely say that MUN's aren't about going back home with a trophy because a couple of months down the road, one usually forgets the accolades but the memories and moments experienced. I will do everything possible to make sure that this is one of the best experiences of your life. Lastly, I hope that you win whatever you wish to at this MUN and make this a proud committee of the of the biggest MUN in the country.

Your chair,
Omer Azhar.


Payments for BMIDC '15 resume tomorrow, Wednesday the 22nd of July.

Due to impracticalities, the deadline is no longer the 27th of July, but has rather been extended till the 31st.

We are also pleased to inform that despite of the large number of payments made prior to Eid holidays, observer passes still remain and confirmed participants may still complete their registrations as observers.

As promised, an extension to the time period between which we are accepting payments has been made, which is now from 10AM to 1PM every working day till the 31st of July (excluding weekends).

The Eid holidays have concluded. Overdue confirmation emails alongside responses to all queries made via email will, as of today, once again start being forwarded.

Thank you.

Registrations Department

Mobile uploads 19/07/2015

Sobha Ahmed Gadi; Committee Director FIFA

Hello delegates, It is an honor and a privilege to be your committee director at this years BMIDC. My experience with public speaking is rather varied and I’ve particiapted in both MUNs and in Parliamentary Style Debates, . I’ve chaired previously and rest assured, you are in good hands. I expect this committee to maintain a very high standard of debate but this does not mean that we can't have our fun in the entertainment sessions. I urge all of you to approach me with any problems you have both before and during the MUN. You can reach me at [email protected] in case of any queries.

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