Ratatype.com is an online touch typing tutor and a great website for people who want to type better.

Also, Ratatype has different language versions:
Ratatype.es — Spanish
Ratatype.fr — French
Ratatype.ua — Ukrainian
Ratatype.ru — Russian

Operating as usual


🎉 Happy 11th Birthday, Ratatype! 🚀🎂 Another year of keyboard learning, fun, and adventures! 🌟 This year, we did a glow-up with a total website makeover – because why not, right? 🎨 ⌨️ We even added Turkish 🇹🇷 and Dutch 🇳🇱 to our language repertoire. Oh, and meet our newest team member, the Bunny 🐰 — the fluffiest game hero ever!

👩‍🏫 We've been on a roll, making teachers' lives easier with upgraded features and creating more mind-blowing courses. Our software got a facelift too – it's like Ratatype got a spa day! 💆‍♂️

🙌 Big thanks to YOU, our awesome community, for being part of this wild ride. Your love and support make every click, tap, and keystroke worth it. Here's to more fun, learning, and typing triumphs in the comming years! 🥳🎉


Exciting news! We've just given our Ratatype website a fantastic makeover. 🚀

We can't wait to share with you the awesome updates we've made:

🎨 Fresh New Look: Our website has undergone a modern transformation, offering a sleek and contemporary design that enhances your learning experience.

📱 Mobile Accessibility: Now, our typing tutor and test are accessible on any device, making learning more convenient and flexible.

🚀 Speedy Page Loading: We've optimized our site for faster page loading, ensuring that you get to your tests and exercises quickly and efficiently.

These enhancements are all designed to elevate your experience on Ratatype and help you become even more proficient in touch typing.

Join us on our website and kickstart your journey to mastering the keyboard. Let's move forward together!


Hey, friends! We've got some exciting news to share — Ratatype is now available in Turkish! 🎉

That's right, users in Turkey and other Turkish-speaking countries can now test and improve their typing skills on our site in their native language.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Ratatype and start typing like a pro in Turkish! 🚀

P. S. Link in the comment 😏


Who has an Easter bunny? Find Bunny in the game mode!


Hello Friend!

Today, I turned 10 years old! I am happy to have such cool students like you. And now just read about Ratatype in numbers, I am sure that you will learn a lot of interesting things.

10 fingers! 👐
If you didn't know, Ratatype teaches you to type with all ten fingers. This significantly speeds up the typing speed.

9 languages 🇺🇸🇺🇦🇵🇱🇮🇹🇪🇸🇩🇪🇫🇷🇧🇷
Currently, Ratatype has 9 language versions and the 10th-anniversary version is under development!

8 million users 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
That's how many users visited our projects last year.

7 domains 💻
Ratatype.com, Ratatype.ua, Ratatype.fr, Ratatype.es, Ratatype.it, Ratatype.de, Ratatype.com.br!

6 team members 🤼‍♂️🧗‍♀⛹️‍♂️👩‍🎨🚵‍♂💃
Now we have a dream team 💙

5 million registered users 🦹🦸 ♂👼
That's how many users are registered on Ratatype.

4 courses 📙📘📗📕
Actually, Ratatype has more courses. But only for the English language, there are 4 of them!

3 tens of millions of users 💸
More precisely, 33,840,422 people from different parts of the world visited our project in 10 years.

2 paid heroes 🐤🦦
Heroes are our special love. All of them are awesome, cute, and cool. But there are 2 special ones: Solo and Beavy, they can be purchased for $1.99.

1 billion viewed pages 📃
When I saw this figure, I sat down — 1.4 billion viewed pages over the years. Just imagine. I can't 🤪

Well, now you can just wish something good in the comments and go practice!

P. S. if you want congrats to us, please, make a donation https://www.ratatype.com/donation/

Beavy — a hero that stays alive:)— Ratatype 28/12/2022

Hi there!

Excited to share updates on Ratatype! We have new cool heroes for the game mode:
🦌 Rufy is the reindeer that brings the holiday into our homes.
🦫 Beavy is a beaver friend, an indomitable optimist.

I invite you to the site, turn on the game mode and go to buy our newbies!

Beavy — a hero that stays alive:)— Ratatype You asked we did! At Ratatype, you can buy the new Beavy superhero for $1.99! He is a little funny, a little clumsy, somewhat asymmetric, but indomitable! A Beavy...

Біві — який рік, такий і герой :)— Ratatype 28/12/2022


Дуже хочу поділитися оновленнями на Ratatype! У нас зʼявилися нові класні герої для режиму гри:
🦌 Руфі — олень, що несе свято у наші будинки.
🦫 Біві — друже бобер, незламний оптиміст, якого ми створили надихнувшись історією з ROZETKA про маленького бобра.

Запрошую на сайт, вмикайте ігровий режим та гоу купувати наших новачків!

Біві — який рік, такий і герой :)— Ratatype Ви просили, ми зробили! На Ratatype можна придбати нового крутецького героя Бобрі за 1,99 $! Він — трошки смішний, трошки незграбний, десь асиметричний,...

Good evening, we are from Ukraine! Typing course — Ratatype 24/08/2022

Today is a very special day for Ukrainians — Independence Day!

Ratatype team is Ukrainians, and we are proud of our country, army, and language! That's why we've created a small course — time to practice typing your favorite songs in Ukrainian! Do not delay, but rather start :)

Good evening, we are from Ukraine! Typing course — Ratatype Type and sing your favorite songs, and improve your typing speed with free lessons on Ratatype.


Hi to everyone!

I have good news for the Poles: Ratatype now has a Polish version!
It was very interesting to learn some specific letters like Ę, Ą, Ó, Ń, Ś, Ż, Ź, Ć and make a possibility to type them on Ratatype.

So, please, go to our Polish version and speed up your typing ⌨️

P. S. Link in the comment.


Hello, Ratatype's friends!

It's a new hero for the game mode on Ratatype — Solo! We will transfer 50% of the amount to the Charitable Foundation of Ukraine, the second 50% will go to the development of Ratatype. You can buy it in the store for only $1.99. You will get a new hero, support Ratatype and Ukraine.

P.S. A link for buying is in the first comment

Free typing lessons online — Ratatype 18/08/2021

Good day!

Every day, Ratatype becomes better, and launch more and more courses. I want to tell you what courses do Ratatype has?
🌱 English layout;
🍀 Dvorak;
🌱 Spanish layout;
🌱 Portuguese layout (Brazil);
🌱 German layout;
🌱 French layout;
🌱 Ukrainian layout;
🌱 Russian layout;
🌱 Italian layout.
After registering on your personal page, you can select the needed typing course, in the "Touch typing courses" — https://www.ratatype.com/courses/ or on the typing tutor page.

Free typing lessons online — Ratatype Free typing courses from Captain Ratatype. Choose a course and take online lessons. Learn to touch type and improve your ten-finger typing skills.

How to play the game and learn typing at the same time — Ratatype 03/08/2021

Dear Ratatypers! I want to remind you about the game mode on typing tutor:
🐸 Play a game and learn touch typing!
🐸 Receive an exercise award — receive a lot of coins.
🐸 You can replace the standard Paco hero with Cato, Froga, Dragy, or Alba! :)

More details about the game mode, you can find out in our article https://www.ratatype.com/learn/gamemode/

How to play the game and learn typing at the same time — Ratatype Learn to type with a game mode: earn coins, buy new heroes. It’s fun and effective!


Hello, my friends! I have cool news for you — Ratatype created an Italian version.

Now you can learn Italian layout and be more productive 👍

Go to the Italian version — https://ratatype.it


I come to you with stunning news - gamification has appeared on Ratatype. Now you can learn to type and play at the same time. So what’s new in the typing tutor for you?

🐸 You can earn Ratacoins by completing exercises and lessons.
🐸 You can buy heroes for coins: Kato, Froga and Dragy. And there will be others soon.

Well, rather turn on the game mode, go through the exercises and choose a new hero friend.

Як навчитись сліпому набору тексту на клавіатурі 24/03/2021

Ratatype is an excellent typing tutor for both children and adults. And here is the proof! This little girl not only takes lessons but also recommends them to others 🤩

Such videos inspire us. We wish you all great speed and no typos! 🥰

Як навчитись сліпому набору тексту на клавіатурі Сліпий набір тексту на комп'ютері - дуже корисна навичка, що стане у нагоді кожному школяру, студенту і дорослій людині. Тож починаємо тренуватися якнайраніш...

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Who has an Easter bunny? Find Bunny in the game mode!