Dinosaurs (fossils of course)

Dinosaurs (fossils of course)

Dinos soared, dinos ran and dinos swam. New information is being revealed as technology assists in the
exploration into the history of dinosaurs.

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During the Husker Spring game, no parking will be available in the lot outside Morrill Hall. Visitors may pay a fee to park in other publicly available lots on campus or in parking garages and meters surrounding campus.

The ADA parking stalls to the East of Morrill Hall will remain available, but visitors will be charged the UNL Parking & Transit Services' game day parking fee.

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Ancient, 30-foot relative of great white shark unearthed in Mexico quarry.

“Exceptionally preserved” fossils of an ancient shark that lived alongside the dinosaurs has finally revealed what the predator looked like — and why it may have gone extinct.

📸: Vullo et al/Proceedings B


fossilized ammonite shell

ammonites were abundant in the cambrian period. known for coiled spiraling shells the sea creatures lived above seafloor and evolved quickly.

Photos from University of Nebraska State Museum - Morrill Hall's post 16/04/2024

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Monarch butterflies as a species are not currently at risk of extinction, but the subspecies that migrates through North America is considered vulnerable by IUCN. Their overwinter and summer breeding habitats have both faced destruction from agricultural development. This includes the use of herbicides that kill milkweed, the host plant of monarchs. Conservation efforts to protect monarchs include protecting their overwintering sites and planting milkweed in gardens. Monarch butterflies are one of the many species you can learn about in the Photo Ark exhibit opening this Friday.



a coprolite is considered a trace fossil.
a coprolite is fossilized animal excrement.
a trace fossil is an geological indicator of biological activity for plant and animal life during prehistoric time.


derived fossilized horse (equus) tooth, pleistocene, found in southeastern north america

antarctica and australia are the only continents horse fossils are not found.

grazing horses are synonymous with the american west and can be traced back to the last ice age.

however, horses were around millions of years before the pleistocene and shared a common ancestor.

Timeline photos 23/02/2024

gastropod fossilized shell comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. largest class of mollusks and appeared first during the late cambrian period. carnivorous or herbivorous invertebrate animals.

Timeline photos 23/02/2024

gastropod shell of cenozoic


metazoan fossil

picture of extinct fossilized
marine bryozoan (zoecium)

actually the order of pictured bryozoan appeared in monticular colonies during the ordovician.

Timeline photos 19/02/2024

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